try harder

I go to the gym 5 days a week, so a lot of my posts I’m sure will have some hate for the people I encounter there.  Today I ended up being next to one of those people – the dreaded Treadmill Walker.

So I’m just doing my thing and running on a treadmill, trying to stay focused on something other than the fact that I actually hate running and only do it so I don’t get a huge gut that would require I get a nickname like “Buddha-belly” or “Porky,” when this guy gets on the empty treadmill next to me.  I’m stupidly-competitive, so naturally I check to see what speed he has going.

It’s 2.5.

Okay.  I think, “Oh, he must just be warming up.”  I wait for another 12 minutes.  Nothing changes.

This is where I lose it.

I don’t understand people who use the treadmill for walking.  If you’re gonna come to the gym, do something.  Do something that makes you sweat.  Yes!  Sweat!  That’s what you should be doing – you should be sweating.  And walking on the treadmill is not the way to do that.  If at any time you come to the gym and think, “Hmm, today seems like a nice 20 minute walk on the treadmill kinda day,” Just turn around and go home.  Because the amount of calories it takes for you to walk to the train and then walk home from the train, is probably the same you’d be burning while here taking up a treadmill for people who actually want to exercise.

I wanted so badly to reach over, tap him on the shoulder, and explain this concept to him – but I didn’t.

I let it slide.

Because I’m an understanding dude.


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17 responses to “try harder

  1. I’m so one of those people. Don’t hit me! 🙂 Honestly I’m just lazy, and I am NOT a runner, so walking it is for me, while the boyfriend sweats and pants his way through his run.

  2. As someone who is forbidden from running due to knee problems, I resent that sentiment! Sometimes you don’t want to walk around outside (helloo, 5 degree weather?) and the treadmill is easier on your knees than the sidewalks are anyway. So don’t hate!

  3. Lacey – Boooo! No excuses for you, c’mon, you’ve got to run. I bet your boyfriend can’t stand it that you just walk while he runs. hahaha

    Arielle – Okay, you’ve got me. You’ll notice that I tend to hate on people a lot without actually giving much thought to their situation. I’m kind of an ass that way. But I’m really a nice guy, I swear it.

    Keep reading? Please?

  4. youbetterbelievefit

    haha, I was about to yell at you to be more understanding but then i realized you were a guy, so i understand. Just kidding.
    Im a personal trainer and its recommended that you warm up before you do anything; lift, stretch, move to a different cardio machine, etc. I always walk for 10 minutes (albiet, a little harder than 2.5) then get off and stretech. Maybe thats what he is doing.
    You know what bothers me more? ( i can say this because I dont work in a gym so im not ragging on any of my clients) when people put the incline to about 20, walk, and hold onto the front of the treadmill while trying to read a magazine. REALLY?! do you think that is doing anything for you? Just because the number says a high incline doesnt mean you are working that hard when you are doing half to ework but hanging on for dear life.
    Phew- thanks for the rant.
    I will still read, i enjoy your passion, lol.

  5. I’m sorry to disappoint, but I so do not run. I don’t know what it is, my body just rejects running. I can get on the elliptical and sweat my ass off and be on like 10 with an insane incline but put me on the treadmill and I’d rather die.

  6. youbetter – oh man, I hate those people too. Let go of the damn bar! You’ll be okay! Thanks for reading.

    Dutchess – I know how you feel, I hate running too. But something about the elliptical seems unmanly to me. Is there something weird about that?

  7. First off I give you kudos for going to the gym 5 days a week. Seriously, that is not possible for me. You officially rock.

    If I belonged to the gym, I’d be one of those walkers on treadmills you loathe. I couldn’t run for the life of me.

    P.S. Hi, found you in 20sb!

  8. I’m with you. The worst is when all of the treadmills are booked (thank you, January joiners!) and half of them are occupied by women wearing Keds and thumbing through a copy of Redbook.

  9. What you should of done is set up a tiny treadmill right behing him and put on it a vicious yappy dog chasing him. That would of made him run.

  10. Jamie – thanks for the dap, but it’s always a struggle getting my ass in there, believe me.

    J-Money – Yes. Don’t fret though, the January Joiners (love that phrase btw) will start dropping like flies any time now.

    And people still read Redbook?

    The Boy – Good idea. Think I can find one of those treadmills at I’m thinking quantity over quality.

  11. I hate running too, but I do it anyway. I did hurt my foot last week however (not at the gym) so instead of being a total lazy-ass, I walked on the treadmill. But normally, I hate the people who walk because I’m jealous.

  12. brooklyn gal – Don’t be jealous of them, they’ll be fat soon enough. Man, I’m mean.

  13. I feel the same way about girls who read on the elliptical for like 15 minutes and then stretch for a half an hour. And these girls always seem to weigh about 9 pounds.

    I confess I’m not a runner but I crank up the treadmill to 3.9 and the incline to like, 14. I burn just as many calories as Dane does.

    Then we go get mexican food and sit on the couch.

  14. Oh. I just realized a million people already said what I just said.


  15. kiala – hey at least you try. I think I seriously have a problem with people at the gym. I swear I feel like I could write an entire blog just on that subject.

    Perhaps there’s something wrong with me…

    Nope! I’m perfect!

  16. For the folks who, like me, hate running:

    Might I suggest the purchase of a bicycle, like one which you ride on the road. I find that riding a bike is actually fun and it accomplishes pretty much the same thing.

  17. ryan – very good idea.

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