be mine

I wasn’t gonna write about Valentine’s Day, but fuck it, because today is everyone’s favorite day to whine about. It’s really a lose – lose situation too.

Think about it.

If you’re single, you feel awkward all day long about not having that special someone to cuddle/do it with. Some people feel this way more than others, but every single person does feel it. If you know someone who is single and says they don’t care about today – they’re lying.

If you’re in a relationship you have to act like you care about it and do something special to make your girl happy. You’d really rather watch the game tonight or do anything else, but you have to Figure Something Out. Even if you have a girlfriend who doesn’t stress about it (like mine) you have to do something, and that involves thinking, and thinking can suck sometimes.

The single person and the relationship person both hate today, just for different reasons. So lets give each other a hand for making it through another day that makes us want to drink a bottle of red and tell people what we really think.

We deserve it.


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7 responses to “be mine

  1. tiff

    same post title! Jinx!

    Single or not, we made it through. Cheers to that, indeed.

  2. tiff – we are both clearly superior bloggers.

  3. Valentines Day should be called what it really is.

    Here Are Some Flowers, Now Let’s Get Drunk and Have Acrobat Sex Day

  4. I’m having a low key Valentine’s Day with my boy. We’re not trying to go out and fight the masses for a table at an expensive place or buy each other crazy gifts. Just Lost and some cuddles are all I need.

  5. birdwatching – Yes. I was gonna say something about getting wasted and having sex, but I didn’t. I’m glad you did though. You are a wise person.

    jamie – cuddles and…

  6. jamie – okay! I think I’ll take that as a “yes.” hahaha

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