things that matter

I love 80’s crap.

So this morning, when I was getting ready to walk my puppy (and hoping that he doesn’t eat more dirty Kleenexs along the way) I got an old song from a cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid stuck in my head.

Denver the Last Dinosaur.

Even if you’ve never heard of this cartoon – judging solely by the title – you can surmise that it was the work of pure genius.

The only thing I remember about it was the theme song. For some reason, I swear, for as long as I live I’ll remember it – and probably nothing else.

I’ll be 87 with no teeth and skin sagging.

More cynical and grumpy than ever.

Referring to my kids as, “Whatever the fuck your name is.”

And still, somehow the only clear thought in my old, decrepit mind will be “Denver, the last dinosaur, he’s my friend and a whole lot more!”


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13 responses to “things that matter

  1. Surprisingly I don’t remember Denver.
    I was a child of the late sixties and early seventies, so it was HR Puffinstuff, Batman with Adam West & the Flintstones after school:)

  2. Frances – LOVED the old Batman! Maybe “Denver” wasn’t as cool a show as I thought it was…

  3. Me gusta dinosaurs!!!

    What kind of puppy do you have?

  4. I remember that old cartoon.

    My favourite cartoon theme tune was Cities of Gold.

  5. j-money – who doesn’t live dinosaurs??? He’s a pit-bull/lab mix, and he’s a little ball of hell. Actually, I should post a picture of him on here…

    the boy – Finally someone remembers this!

  6. I used to love this show!

  7. pink – yes! The fans are slowly coming out of the woodwork.

    How weird was this show by the way? A dinosaur who just happened to rock out? I feel like dinosaurs were probably pretty boring dudes.

    Except for t-rex. He was a party animal for sure.

  8. pink – I think you’re right.

  9. You took me back to the days of eating 3 oreos and ovaltine as an afternoon snack. Nice.

    Wandered over from another blog. I really like your posts.

  10. Coop – Thanks. Nothing like a snack and a good cartoon.

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  12. Reagan

    Thank you thank you thank you! NO ONE ELSE has known what I was talking about when I mentioned Denver! OH, life is good! 🙂

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