alright texas and ohio

Don’t fuck this up.


That goes for you too Rhode Island and Vermont.


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19 responses to “alright texas and ohio

  1. agreed.

    and that’s gotta be the coolest picture of barack i’ve seen yet.

  2. Fuck that shit. McCain all the way!

    (You didn’t see that coming, did you? That’s because I’m lying. Obama ’08.)

  3. tiff

    have you seen the pic of him on the bumper cars? The sheer joy! I’ll find it just in case.

  4. True stories, all. Great pic, man.

  5. idontliketoread


  6. hahaha…now they need one of Hillary posing in front of a statue of The Invisible Woman. And maybe Ron Paul (yes, he’s still around) in front of one of Professor X.

  7. jamie – Yes.

    deutlich – Hahaha – Yeah, it’s great isn’t it?

    mickey – I was so close to removing you from my blogroll and shunning you.

    tiff – Hahaha – thanks for that.

    brooklyn – Yup.

    boogiemonsta – Thanks.

    idontlike – Nice pic bro!

    birdwatching – Fucking Ron Paul is an idiot.

  8. Apollo…

    as is Hillary. I was just making some ha-has. I left out McCain tho…we can just put him in front of ANY statue, so long as it is in the process of falling…

  9. arielle

    that’s awesome.

  10. Marcos

    Vermont has never fucked anything up in all of history. Check it.

  11. birdwatching – Oh yeah I got you.

    ari – Yes.

    marcos – It seems VT is the ONLY state that didn’t fuck up yesterday.

    heidi – Are you sad like me this morning?

  12. …and they fucked up…BASTARDS!

  13. Is it okay that I feel like razing Texas and Ohio?

  14. boogie monsta – I know. Fucking idiots.

    Lisa – Yes.

  15. I’m an undecided Texas voter. You’ve really put the pressure on me dude.

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