in search of a hero

Where have you gone, old friend?

It’s been years since I’ve seen your face. Did you know that things have changed since you left us? Yes. They have changed for the worse, I’m sad to say.

What happened? You were such a bright, promising young man. You lead the masses with your voice. You taught us that no matter what happens, you must – you must keep on rocking.

Today everything is different. There’s no one to guide our children. If I ever have children, who will my young boy listen to? Hannah Montana? The very thought makes me cringe.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I miss you, and I need you.

The world needs you.

You spoke from your heart. You made others uncomfortable with your unnecessary alcohol consumption. You never cared that you were someones guest and it was seven in the morning – you were drinking – because that’s who you were.

When someone didn’t agree with you, did you back down? No. You’d challenge them publicly to a fight.

Kurt Cobain? He was nothing to you after he spoke ill of you and your friends. Tommy Hilfiger? Well, lets just say that you showed us that you are also capable of great restraint by not completely destroying this man.

This is what the world is missing now.

It is crying out for you. It needs you to teach the youth like you taught me and so many like myself.

Come back to us old friend.

Because a world without Axl, is not a world I would like to know.



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30 responses to “in search of a hero

  1. you know I have never listened to a guns n roses song ever. …as long as I have been into rock, I have never listened to them. with that being said I def. know that anything is better than hannah montana. great entry

  2. You. Are. Special.


    I don’t even have a witty comment for all that.

  3. Haha … I dunno about letting my kids listening to Axl before middle school …

  4. GNR makes me pass gas. I mean fart. But in a good way. I wish Axl would get off the crazy train and get back to work, but I have a sad feeling that he’s got a one way ticket. Thank goodness we were left with such a brilliant body of work and that we’re so much better off than the misguided kids of today.

  5. well, you know…Chinese Democracy is SUPPOSED to be out this summer. As indicated here:

    And wow, yeah, freaky how in tuned our net-wavelengths are. Although, I side with Cobain. Sorry…

  6. ride5000

    Do not be forlorn my friend!
    The youth of today DO know about Axl!
    My daugther has a GNR Sweet Child of Mine tee shirt. She wears it with her jeans and Chuck Taylor sneakers.
    Her father will school her when she’s ready.
    He’s on a mission to bring it back one two-year-old at a time.

  7. Shit. The above post was me. Sorry…I dunno why I was logged in under my old account…

  8. well not the “ride500” one…the Barry one…my secret is out!

  9. Sorry! I’m ride5000. I was accidentally logged in under my husband’s account. Don’t mean to be so schitzy…crissyspage…kristen…who am I anyway?

  10. My mother confiscated my Appetite for Destruction tape when I was in elementary school.
    She also took away Def Leppard, Motley Crue, and the parts on the Golden Girls when Blanche was talking.

    I miss Axl too. The old, pre-Serena Williams-style bead hair Axl.

  11. I am hungover.

    This has nothing to do with your post, sorry.

    I like Guns and Roses.

    I would like some nachos please.

  12. wellhmm – Never??? Oh. My. God. You are in serious trouble.

    deutlich – Hahaha – thanks, you are too kind.

    brooklyn – You gotta let them rock out man!

    noelle – Yes. He’s been in hiding or something, it’s very odd.

    birdwatching – Yeah, I got that. No way man, Cobain was being a punk.

    kristen – I can never keep track of you. It worries me.

    j-money – That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. And yes, those braids make me think that maybe Axl’s not so cool anymore. But then I remember he is.

    kiala – Nachos are on their way. French fries will follow shortly after that.

  13. Ever seen ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’? You know that kid that rocks out to ‘Paradise City’ and wants to be Axl soooo bad? Yeah, that was me. And still is.

  14. VH1 really needs to do “Where are they now” Axl

  15. Marcos

    I’m pretty sure Axl has a vagina and most likely uses lavender shampoo. I’ll take Metallica any day over GNR.

  16. oh i forgot all about the bead-hair Axl.

    those were the good old days: coming home from school, eating a snack, and watching November Rain on MTV.


  18. idontliketoread

    dude I was w/u till you started in on Kurt.

  19. Just… shot… latte… out… my… nose…

  20. Barry- I can’t believe you invoked the name of Chinese Democracy. It’s a myth. Don’t let them fool you.

    I once heard someone say that GN f’n R were the last real rock band, and it struck me as being a completely valid point. They were the last in a long line of bands that you would watch simply because you didn’t know what they were going to do next, but whatever it was, it was gonna rock.

    Axl is the rock-star prototype, even when he was wearing catcher’s gear and bike shorts in that one video.

  21. J

    I always used to think Axl was so freaking hot.

    I never analyzed the fact that he kind of looks like a girl…

  22. meghan – That’s one of Ari’s favorite movies. Yes, she’s still 16. Not really, I’m not weird or anything.

    dutchess – They couldn’t. Axl would kick their asses.

    marcos – You forget that Metallica totally wussed out at the end of their career dude. You ever here of “Some Kind of Monster?” It’s a documentary all about them going to therapy and crying about relationships. Axl would never pull some punk ass shit like that.

    erin – November Rain playing on my iPhone this morning was the inspiration for this post. It’s a great song now that it’s not played a million times a day.

    kiala – Hope you feel better!

    idon’t – I was waiting for you to say something about that.

    melissa – Hahaha – I hope you didn’t hit anyone.

    mickey – Exactly. I totally agree with everything you said. There will never be a rock band/front man like that again.

    j – Yeah, there is that.

  23. strangehappypeople

    I’m glad I’m a child of the 90s,

    and pfft, Cobain would scoff at Axl. :-p

  24. I’m with you on Axl…but it’s got to be vintage Axl (circa 1987)…have you seen nouveau Axl?? With his extentions and face lift…not good times…

  25. I’m with boogie — no Axl of today. Too scary. The cheek implants? Ugh.

    I had a GnR t-shirt in Junior High. I loved Appetite. I can call it Appetite because I’m that old skool and cool. I also say Depeche and Duran. And Frisco and I abbreviate everything I can. TTFN.

  26. FRM

    I swear I thought you were talking about Snuff-a-luff-a-gus…. It brought a tear to my eye.

  27. Um, awesome. I was playing Rock Band last night, because I’m cool like that, and I was wondering… where is the GnR song? What’s a Rock Band with out Guns and Roses? But then I remembered that there is no Zeppelin or Floyd or Beatles, and I stopped thinking after that and got to the jammin’. Like you’re ‘spose to!

    Aaannnd, I need to get back to paper writing.

  28. Leather pants, and that little swaying dance of his can save the world.

  29. strangehappy – No way. Axl would’ve pummeled Cobain, he was some scrawny little dude, while Axl was a crazy drunk.

    boogie – Yes, of course vintage Axl.

    melissa – You are soooo cool.

    frm – Hahaha – I wish I was now that you said something.

    poodlegoose – It’s probably because all the Really Cool Bands said “no way bro” or something cool like that.

    bigtime – You said it.

  30. I realize I am a month late, but I just had to comment…

    I fell in love with GNR when I was just a wee one, because my older (more rockin’) boy cousins thought they were cool and I wanted to be as cool as they were… they always talk about the Guns N Metallica shows they went to, and lent me their tapes (cassettes! yeah!), and let me wear their concert Tshirts with my jeans and flannel… it was a cooler time.

    A couple summers ago, I got to go to a concert where “Guns N Roses” were headlining– they should have just called it “Axl N Friends,” because it wasn’t the same. Still a good show, and probably as close as I’m going to get, but just not the same band… now that Velvet Revolver kicked Scott Wyland out, maybe they can all get back together and play nice? (I hear this is happening but skepticism runs deep…)

    I want my kids to know GNR as more than just a Guitar Hero song.

    (I know this is super long, but you may have hit on one of my hot spots, lol!)
    (P.S. I don’t remember how I found you– Tia? Mindy? Hollywood Sucker?– but I LOVE your blog and I’m reading ALL of your posts, and you are on my blogroll, and I am excited about it.)
    (Yay!) 🙂

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