annie leibovitz – call me

Last night Ari and I went out with some friends and ate some Thai.  After this some of the people we were with wanted to go to a comedy club.  Since we didn’t want to listen to some late-thirties dudes who still live with their parents make semi-funny jokes for an hour, Ari and I headed back to our apartment.

The problem with this unexpected end to our night, was that I was still hammered.  Because who doesn’t get wasted when eating dinner? You’re right, probably Republicans.


After giving the cabbie an 80% tip (my brain likes math when clouded with alcohol), we were back at our apartment and needed a way to entertain ourselves.

Drunk pictures with an uninterested/hardly impressed dog? Perfect.

Strike a pose.


There’s nothing to it.





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24 responses to “annie leibovitz – call me

  1. Eating dinner sober is for the Poor.

    Your dog is awesome.

  2. His ears! I can’t get enough of the puppeh ears!

    And umm, yeah, your ears are cool too. hahah

  3. deutlich – Uh, yes.

    kiala – The Poor eat dinner??? And thanks.

    jamie – Thanks. I’ve been trying to make them more attractive, and I was wondering if anyone noticed.

  4. sid

    Think the dog might have enjoyed the pictures more if he were under the influence of alcohol.

  5. J

    I love Thai. I could eat Thai every SINGLE night of the week.

  6. crissyspage

    That is one cute doggie!
    I freaking live for Thai food!
    I was hammered last night too, and if it’s even possible, I think I’m STILL drunk. Did you know that eggs are supposed to be a great cure for a hangover?

  7. wellhmmyep

    I wish I was the cab driver right about now…your dog is so cute.

    oh and you know I am highly jealous of you going to see jay and mary.

  8. callmekp

    Annie would be impressed. And those poses are fierce. Here comes Tyra…


  9. Where’d you eat? And were you referring to Zanies?

  10. sid – I think you’re right.

    j – Me too.

    kristen – Hahaha – it sure sounds like you’re still drunk. And I didn’t know that, but eggs gross me the fuck out. You’re eating babies. Nasty.

    wellhmmyep – I seriously think that it will be the best day of my life when I go to this show.

    kp – I don’t think I’d run from Tyra, I think I’d do lots of things to Tyra, but running from her isn’t one of them.

    dan – A place called Galanga on west 4th. Is Zanies a comedy club? I have no idea what that is.

  11. I like the middle picture. I call it, “Hey I’m on a sitcom! About a dog! With floppy ears!” Chaos and humor ensues.

  12. You’re funny. That dog is looking like wtf is going on.

  13. The dog’s totally humoring you.

  14. tiff

    I dunno, the puppy seems waaaay more into this photo shoot than you. Where is the dedication Chris? Show the camera you want it.

  15. Jo

    What’s wrong with your dogs ears? Or was there an industrial strength fan blowing from the side?

  16. melissa – Hahaha – I think Fox would love that idea.

    lisa – Yeah, he was sound asleep when we got home. This was not his idea of fun.

    mickey – Yup.

    tiff – I tried! Dammit.

    jo – That’s just the way they are – it’s part of his “charm.”

  17. I think the dog was giving “Blue Steel”.

  18. the last picture, the dog is totally crying out for help with his eyes. and you have this creepy grin on your face. best picture ever.

  19. mrstwink – That’s what he was going for, it seems like.

    ashley – He was not happy with me.

  20. oh drunk cab rides always result in not knowing how much to pay…

    for example, i have 1) overtipped, 2) underpaid and been reprimanded, and 3) gotten out and walked to my door without paying and been yelled at before i walked back over to the cab and paid.

    oh and your dog is cute.

  21. erin – Hahahaha – That sounds like good some good stories. And thanks.

  22. 2 things: The comment about republicans was brilliant. I don’t trust people who don’t drink, actually- I don’t trust people who don’t get absolutely fucking hammered when they drink. This post actually made me proud to be democrat.

    Secondly, I didn’t think you could top the Jesus post. I need to keep reading now…

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