mob mentality

Last night, Ari, my brother (visiting from Pittsburgh), JP and I went out to a bar to drown our feelings and thoughts in alcohol.

Because that is what you do on Saturday nights when you’re Moderately Successful At Life.

The bar was not that exciting, aside from the conversation/drunken yelling about the notion that Take On Me, despite its extreme overexposure, is arguably one of the best five songs to come out of the superb music that enveloped the 80’s.

The exciting part was before we even stepped onto the train.

This is a picture of the subway map displayed in the stop by my apartment.


You might not be able to read what someone has written on it, so allow me: “Bent Bros, Sistas. Money, Drugs, Booze, Sex, Music is our every day life! Join us. We nationwide.”

Of course my immediate reaction was, “Well, where can I sign up???”

Then my night got even better, because I noticed this.


I’m sure you don’t understand the Language Of The Street, but “H.Q” means headquarters – and this is right where I live!

I thought to myself, “Well, this is just to good to be true!”

How could I, a simple man with simple dreams, been blessed enough that the Bent Bros and Sistas headquarters – was so easily within my reach?

Money, Drugs, Booze, Sex, Music.

I love all of those things!

The Bent Bros and Sistas is a group I could really get into. Much more so than those other ones, like Big Brothers Big Sisters, where you have to – you know – be A Good Person and Make A Difference.

So I’m going first thing tomorrow morning to sign up.

I wonder what their colors are?

All I have to say is, green brings out my eyes!


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31 responses to “mob mentality

  1. take on me = best song ever. just had to add that.

  2. I agree, Take on Me is by far the best song ever, so much so that it is my cell phone ring.

    If you can pick up a flier for me when you go to HQ, that would be awesome, I want to learn more before I commit.

  3. It seems you have found out about my new crew whose headquarters are near your house.

    I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, but you are in luck – our color is totally green.

  4. Sign me up! What’s the initiation process? Do I get to have to cut someone?

  5. strangehappypeople

    If anything, there could be refreshments but that’s not really a concern for New Yorkers who are Moderately Successful at Life.

    Wait, who am I kidding? Everyone likes free food.

  6. It was the cartoon-ish affects of the video that totally thrilled me as a kid.

    Obviously, I speak of Take On Me.

    But yeah.

  7. maxie – Ever? I’m not sure about that, but definitely one of the best out of that century.

    dutchess – I’ll do that for you.

    jamie – Yay!

    kiala – Oh yes, cutting someone is standard procedure. Can’t wait to see you at the first fund raiser event!

    strangehappy – Yes they do.

    deutlich – Yeah, that was pretty sweet.

  8. ahahahahah…I have yet to see this sign, but sure I’m there.

  9. idontliketoread

    Old friend, do you so quickly forget that our chapter of Bent Bros and Sistas (G-Town, Md) is by far the strongest?!? Just go to the Bk H.Q. flash the sign, and you will be given the tour and complementary Money, Drugs, Booze, Sex, Music.

  10. Money? Sex? Booze? and music? Damn sounds like the place to be, but unfortunately I don’t think anyone is going to notice your eyes 😦

  11. I’m a bent Bro who loves money, sex, booze and music. Send me an application… i’ll sign up! I can even start a chapter here in MD if they want me too.

  12. OK that’s hilarious. You have GOT to check it out. Watch the HQ is actually a tree house and Harriet the Spy is their leader.

    Report back!

  13. Omg..LOL @ HQ. I thought you were going to say you went on a mission…but it’s at your doorstep. You lucky son of a bitch. Who would not want to be part of that brotha and sistahood. Can I come over?

    ps- I love 80s.

  14. I only ever sign up for clubs that label “Secret H.Q.” on public maps.

  15. Here’s my thing…how cool is the club if they have to advertise on the subway map? I feel like a really cool club wouldn’t have to advertise how cool they are, everyone just knows…and they told you where the HQ is…things that make you go hmm…

    Or is it time for the annual Spring membership drive? And with budget cuts this year, they couldn’t afford to print flyers, so they took the economical route (which I’m not mad at — hey, find a way or make one) and had to utilize other resources and “take it to the streets” with the grassroots advertising campaign.

  16. Jo

    And to think most cities rile AGAINST graffiti! Why, when it can be as informative as this? I’d say it’s more important than the map itself.

  17. people just below moderately successful, those of us that are just barely hanging on, also like to go to bars and drown our sorrows in alcohol. We are a lot like the moderately successful in that regard

  18. There has to be a follow-up to this post. You must explore this avenue that has opened before you. It’s a calling.

    “Take on me” also has one of the best videos ever. Crazy animation. One of the first 80’s videos that didn’t embarass itself.

  19. chelsea – Just hop on the c and take it to clinton-washington avenue.

    idont – I had forgotten, please forgive me.

    mspuddin – Why not? They’re so pretty!

    aaron – It’s in the mail.

    robyn – If it’s a tree house they’ll be even cooler than I thought they were in the beginning.

    amanda – Yes, please come. And the 80’s was a grand, grand time.

    robbie – Hahaha – Good point.

    boogiemonsta – Oh you nailed it with the second part – they’re taking it to the streets!

    jo – Hahaha – I think you’re right.

    bill – Come join us next time! We can all talk about how much our parents wish we had done something more with our lives. It’ll be great.

    mickey – I will do my best sir. And yeah, the video went a long way to establishing that song as a solid hit.

  20. crissyspage

    I’m all in!

  21. You think they would be kind enough to leave the address on the map. But maybe that’s part of the initiation: you have to find HQ, you can’t just intentionally go there.

    Thank goodness you all didn’t go drinking at FUBAR, because that’s the HQ of smashed cranes.

  22. qanzas

    We nationwide? Right! On!

  23. tiff

    you’re such a joiner! I’m so excited Ari has her own blog.

  24. I agree with the Take On Me comment.

  25. kristen – Nice.

    noelle – Oh yes, they are crafty those Bent Bros and Sistas.

    qanzas – Look for them near you, they’ll be the ones having more fun and being cooler than everyone else.

    tiff – I just want to be loved! And yes, she’s a much better writer than me.

    julie – Good stuff for sure.

  26. Hilarious! I’m beyond curious as to what happens when you ask to sign up. Is there an initiation like a frat? Do they welcome you with open arms and open bottles? Do you receive the bandanna with colors right there, along with a matching (illegally made) tattoo?

    Perchance to dream!

  27. That silly girl.

    Let me know when you have worked your way up into the hierarchy of this wonderful, wonderful club, so that we can connect and I can begin the upstate NY chapter.

  28. Oh snap- Let me find out the HQ is right in my old ‘hood!! I shoulda never moved…

    (love your page, btw)

  29. Take On Me is probably THE best song to come out of the 80’s.

  30. lauren – Illegal tatoos??? I hadn’t even thought of that! You are brilliant.

    thatsillygirl – I will send you notice right away. Bent Bros and Sistas must conquer the empire state!

    jadednyer – You had no idea, so don’t be too hard on yourself. And thanks!

    bigtime – I would love to engage in a spirited/drunk conversation about this topic with you. I am very passionate about it.

  31. Bring it on, homeslice. I’ll drink a whole lot of whiskey and we’ll battle about the muscial genius of A-Ha.

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