it’s the love that makes it work

It’s Monday and I just realized something – I’m wearing the exact same thing I wore to work on Friday. Same tie and everything.

Normally – I’d freak out – I don’t want people to think I’m poor! But then I thought, “Actually, I don’t give a fuck.”

Because I just don’t care about what my coworkers think of me anymore.

And not because I don’t like them, it’s just that I end up spending so much time with my coworkers that they end up becoming like family.

So naturally I stop caring about them and start treating them like shit.

You know, like a real family!

I start noticing all the little ticks and quirks of everyone, and it drives me insane. I think things like, “I swear to god if Janet doesn’t get her fucking tuna salad out of the fridge I’m gonna throw that shit in the trash!” I also go out of my way to avoid any interaction with them, sending emails to people sitting right next to me rather than just leaning over, and asking them for their stapler.

This is why I don’t care that I’m wearing the same damn thing as last Friday. My coworkers are like family.

I enjoy them – sure – but I’d rather not have to actually speak words to them.


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35 responses to “it’s the love that makes it work

  1. HA! you have to wear a tie to work!

  2. Please tell me it’s at least a clean shirt. I mean, I’m definitely not a any kind of metrosexual when it comes to my work attire, but my clothes are mostly wrinkle-free and, if not spring fresh, at least aired out enough that you can’t smell the vomit and sex from the previous night.

    The dude in the office next to me this morning is wearing a shirt with a big fucking purple stain right in the middle of his chest. I just had to have a 15 minute conversation with him and my eyes nearly popped out from the strain of trying to avoid staring at the Rorschach test between his man-boobs.

  3. I have pretty much quit wearing makeup and nice clothes to work. If you stopped by my office, most days you’d think I was a homeless person that my coworkers were nice enough to let take shelter in their office. I didn’t used to be this way…but it’s been 6 years, so whatever.

  4. crissyspage

    It’s rude to bring Tuna to work.

  5. I think I own about 5 or 6 different acceptable colour variations of work clothes (ie blue tie with blue shirt, none of that red tie/blue shirt business for me)
    I’m just glad that Friday is casual, as that means the for other 4 days I can mix those 5/6 outfits.

  6. makes me wonder if the whole, “don’t talk to family” thing is a phenomena amongst all men.

  7. Pssh. Ties are for suckers. You all need to get school jobs. This week is Spirit Week and tomorrow I get to wear my pjs to work- oh hells yes!

  8. strangehappypeople

    Technology has stunted in-real-life relationships.

    Why get up if I can send a text to my sister downstairs, asking her to get me a soda? I blame the phone and computer for my laziness.

  9. I think just as long as you washed it, we’re okay. If not….EW!

  10. hahah this reminds me of my office. only the new people actually dress up, the rest of us can barely be bothered to put on anything fancier than jeans. most of the time, sweatpants. (and i know how you feel about sweatpants) – mostly because clients never come to the office and who are we trying to impress? not each other.

  11. I worked for an architectural design firm a few years ago and at first I made sure I looked office-y and blow dried every day and gradually, towards the end of the two years I worked there and right before I just stopped going in, I had taken to wearing whatever tank top I had on from the night before with the same pair of black dress pants every day. And I smelled like whiskey, cocaine, and sweat, to boot. The weird thing is, the worse I looked, the more attractive I became to one of the architects. His name was Matthew and he was a drummer in an indie rock band.

    Ok. I guess that makes sense to me now that I wrote it down.

  12. each – I know. I’m sad pretty much all the time.

    justin – Oh, it’s “clean” as in “clean as a dress shirt that I wear and sit at a desk all day in.” And man boobs are just not acceptable to me. You should have punched him.

    mindy – Exactly. Over time, you just don’t give a shit anymore.

    kristen – I actually like tuna. But then again, I am pretty rude.

    robbie – You’re like a scientist! Or someone who has a good system for doing things.

    deutlich – Yeah, probably. We’re not nice like that.

    nancy – Thanks for making me feel like insanely jealous. So if I worked there, would I get to go in just boxers? Cause that’s what I wear to bed. That might not go over well.

    strangehappy – Me too. Damn you at&t!

    jamie – I can’t do dry cleaning every day, I’d have to own like a million shirts to do that. So, no, not clean. Why, can you smell me from chicago?

    ashley – I know! We don’t see clients either, but still have to dress up. My job is not smart.

    kiala – Total sense. I bet you $3 he made you a mix tape of all his favorite Screaming Trees songs.

  13. I have nothing against tuna, but it’s smelly and every time someone brings it to work, everyone has to make a comment like “oooh! Someone has tuna today! I can smell it!”
    It’s like, “no kidding. Can we move on?”

  14. I like to think of Monday as a restart button on a video game. Whatever happened the week before no longer matters.

  15. I knew you would have something fun for me to read today!

    My co-workers are afterthoughts once 5 o’clock hits. I forget their names, faces, voices etc.!!!!
    But none-the-less, you shouldn’t care what people think about your clothes anyway (as long as they are clean. LOL)

  16. aimelina

    Yeah, I agree with Noelle. I can hardly wait for the summer to come (get here already DAMMIT!) so I can start mixing my skirts around and wearing all the same “summer” clothes everyday. Thank god I don’t have to wear ties… booyah!

  17. Here’s what I do that pisses off my co-workers.

    I’ll finish an assignment, knowing that when it’s done, I need to tell 2 co-workers so that if they need any assistance, I can help them. So, I’ll finish my assignment at say, 10:30. And then, at 4:30, send them an e-mail saying “Oh yeah, I finished my assignment…let me know if you need help.”

    By then, it’s too late in the day and by the time they can bother me to help them, it’s the next day and I already have a new assignment.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAha…ha..ha..(ahem) excuse me, i have an e-mail to send.

  18. The appeal of business suits wore off about a week after I started my job (almost 2 years ago)…now it’s a good day if I wear chapstick or matching socks.

  19. Thank God I have a job where I can wear jeans and t-shirts if I want. I worked in a more formal setting for a year, and the dressy shirts and skirts drove me up the wall!

  20. My co-workers e-mail each other constantly even though we are ten feet away. Also, when it’s time for dinner, I text my son. I heart technology.

  21. kristen – Oh, okay, for a second there I thought I was going to have to hide my love for tuna.

    noelle – That sounds good to me.

    diva – Oh I don’t care, I just want everyone to know how awesome I can dress.

    aimelina – My tie is angry with you.

    birdwatching – Avoidance plans are sweet.

    meghan – Exactly.

    larissa – I know, it makes me insane too.

    lynne – You sound like the worlds coolest mom.

  22. Well the important question is if the tie is green?

  23. B2G

    I have to make sure I’m not wearing the same thing in too close a proximity to the time I wore it last.

    That sentence is really awkward.

  24. melissalion

    I hope you wore green today. In my limited experience with office jobs, not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day entitles you to mild humiliation and repeated comments of your green deficit throughout the day until you want to punch someone.

    And it brings out your eyes.

  25. I conducted a little experiment last year. I wore the same dress pants to work for 14 straight days until someone noticed.

    The sad part? They were Zubaz pants.

    Guys can do that kind of thing.

  26. I’m always seeking out possible clothing pattern.
    Like “Oh God, do they notice that I’m more likely to wear pink on Fridays?”
    I’m such a female stereotype.

  27. aimelina

    that pains me.. at least I was buddies with your tie!

  28. I would cry if my coworkers were actually a part of my family. Or if I had to work with any members of my family.

    Actually, I cry every day because I have to work in the first place.

  29. wellhmmyep

    I think the same thing all the time, except I’m completely indifferent to them…not a family feeling that’s for sure.

  30. katelin – No, the tie is not green. A green tie? No fucking way.

    b2g – Hahaha – yes it was.

    melissa – Nope, no green for me. I’m irish, but I’m done with St. Patrick’s Day. Repeat after me: “Overrated!” You don’t really have to repeat that if you don’t want to.

    rs27 – Nice. At moment like that, I smile to myself and think, “Thank god I am a man.”

    princess – I try to do that too, I always think I have a set rotation, but then it ends up getting fucked up.

    aimelina – Yes, life is difficult, with it’s many lessons.

    hahasound – You speak words of truth my friend.

    wellhmm – I envy you.

  31. Family’s the best, isn’t it? The people you love so much that you just don’t give a shit about them. or something.

  32. My own reasoning pretty much ended at “Actually, I don’t give a fuck.” That and I no longer notice there are even people that work around me, so probably they don’t pay attention to me, either.

  33. Sometimes I call people that I can see to ask them for something instead of yelling or walking across the room. They all secretly like it, I think.

  34. You have to wear the same thing every day, just to see how long it takes for them to start whispering.

    I’m lucky in that I get to go to work completely casual. Although i did get berated for walking around the office without my shoes on one day. Apparently that’s unprfessional.
    Fuck you co-workers, leaving tuna in the fridge is unprofessional.
    You need to punish Janet the fish-leaver.

  35. fort knocks – You nailed it.

    mickey – Hahaha – They do become invisible, don’t they?

    christylou – Oh yes, they definitely do.

    jiminy – Janet will perish at my hands! And dude, I think walking around in socks is totally fine.

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