three peas in a pod

A lot of people hated high school, but I’m not one of those people.  I actually loved high school, and I think this was because of my two best friends during the time, Bob Marley and Ganja.

I loved Bob Marley in high school (favorite song – “I know“).  I mean, I owned every single album he made and would listen to them constantly.

Of course, I had no idea what the hell he was talking about in pretty much every song he wrote – Jah Rastafari?  Sure! – but I did know that he liked weed.

And so did I.  A lot.

I smoked before school, during school and after school.  Every day.

So when he would croon about the spiritual benefits of bud, I could always be seen raising my fist in the air and saying something along the lines of, “Right on man!  Right fucking on!”

Also, who do you think was the inspiration behind my hair?

Bob was everywhere during my high school years.  I really don’t even think we could be internet friends if you didn’t like Bob Marley at some point in your life.

I suppose I could let you slide on the pot thing.  As long as you did some sort of drugs.  Or if you were a slut – they were awesome in high school.

Now that I’m older (not old!) and I don’t smoke anymore, I find Bob a little harder to listen to – but I still rock out every time it comes on my iPod.

It takes me back to the good days, when I didn’t care about anything but scoring the next bag, trying not to get beat up by The Athletes, and making sure my bell bottoms looked Really Sweet.

Right on man.  Right fucking on.


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41 responses to “three peas in a pod

  1. tiff

    I always felt a bit wierd liking Bob Marley as I’m not jamaican, nor a pothead, nor did I ever possess or wish to possess dreadlocks.

    My cousin is however, half-jamaican. Plus Marley sounds like summer.

    I’m still trying to rectify current you with past dreadheaded you.

  2. Fucking love Marley.

    Love. Love. LOVE love. lOvE


  3. dude we would have BEST friends in high school.

  4. Jah Rastafari!!!!!!!!

    Translation: All praises to GOD the father of all (rastafarians)

    Love Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Kamani Marley, Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley, and all the other Marley men out there (he has like 60 kids)..

    The weed, not so much into but I can feel what you are saying

    Weed was to you like Hen is to me! LMAO (SAT PHRASE) HA-ha.

  5. would have *been*

    i shouldn’t hit the bottle so early in the day….

  6. crissyspage

    Dude (sssssssssmmmm a-het, a-het, a-het)!

    Sweet dreads! (a-het, a-het)

    sssssssssmmmmm how do you feel about pot smoking sluts?

    That’s like, the best of both worlds, right?

    I think I just blew my own mind…ssssssmmmmm

  7. I would totally do Bob Marley just in hopes that some of his coolness would rub off on me, we can be internet friends, right?

  8. Something happened to my comment. And I’m not high.

    Waited till college to go rasta. But we would’ve been friends.

  9. Has anyone really never smoked pot? My god, where are they from??
    Umm, anyways, not really a smoker now, but TOTAL stoner in college. Sold it so I could afford to smoke it, actually. I had a ton of reggae, Dead, Phish, etc. Actually I did the Dead tour thing for a minute… Yep, I used to be a dirty hippie. 🙂

    Now I’m a good law-abiding alcoholic instead. Ha!

  10. strangehappypeople

    Love Bob Marley and love weed, but I’m 18 so I can get away with the smoking!

  11. My fav Bob is sun is shining – that song always makes me feel like puffing on some ganja. I was never a pot head… just smoked a handful of times in my life… each time amazing! I’m juts like my girl Sassy above… “Now I’m a good law-abiding alcoholic instead”

  12. I always wondered what Jah was…also, what race is he talking about in that song- I know?

    I thought he was running in a race- then all of a sudden he is boating in the sea? Ah..fuck it. Alot of great songs have lyrics that dont mean fuck. Look at stairway to heaven….talk about being high.

  13. tiff – It’s all me baby!

    deutlich – I agree with that.

    ashley – Alright!

    diva – I mean, I knew what that meant, but the other deeper stuff was kinda crazy. And what the hell is “hen?”

    kristen – Of course it is!

    dutchess – Done and done.

    lisa – No problem with that, most people did. I just happened to be a little delinquent.

    sassy – Oh man, my friends and I did the phish thing, though me less so than others. I think I saw them like 15 times. My boy JP (idon’tliketoread in blogroll) has seen them like 1 million times.

    strangehappy – Ah! How did a minor find my blog??? Okay, I guess 18 isn’t too young, but still…

    aaron – Sun is shining is awesome. And alcoholics are great!

    matt – The race of life man! “When the race gets hard to run, it mean you just can’t take the pace” That is some deep stuff. And yeah, Zeppelin was nuts.

  14. Okay, ok….look.

    I hate Bob Marley. And I hate Reggae. And I’m a music snob.

    But! I am totally pro legalizing all drugs.

    So I don’t know where we go from here, but I still like you.

    Also, I was a virgin until my senior year.


  15. I like how Marley though it was ok that he shot the sheriff but not the deputy.


  16. oh i remember feeling the need to purchase “Legend” when i was 16 because EVERYONE was listening to Bob Marley. definitely a rite of passage, although i only hit the ganj (sp?) sporadically. and yeah, it’s nice to listen to in summertime.

  17. I can’t listen to Bob Marley unless I’m on a tropical beach.

    So that means I’ve listened to him like once.

  18. Probably would have kicked my ass in high school, but it’s good to know you would have been all mellow about it.

    Funny how much my habits have changed since getting older/married/makin’ babies. For instance, a six pack of beer ten years ago wouldn’t have lasted an hour. Now it lasts a week. And other things that would have gone up in smoke in a day now last over a year.

  19. can’t believe I’m even going to post this but I’ve never smoked. I never even saw the stuff til college. Guess thats what happends when you grow up in a town of 1000 people.

    I feel like the dumb blonde in a debate match….I know nothing about Bob or weed. :-/ maybe this is why I HATED high school.

  20. Okay DON’T HATE ME………..

    I’m not into Bob Marley. I’ve never really listened to him. He’s not on my iPod.

    Also I don’t smoke….

    But I’m not boring, I promise!! I just have different vices!

  21. ashley

    I just this conversation last night. I hated high school. Hated it. I’m so glad to be is ten times better. 😉

  22. And I was a slut who smoked weed… we were high school soul mates.

  23. BTW… my high school hair do sophmore year was cornrows with (as if it wasn’t bad enough) puka shells and glass beads.


  24. kiala – I… I… My god, there is going to have to be some tears for our friendship to ever bypass this moment.

    rs27 – Yeah, c’mon man, you gotta have something better than that!

    erin – Yes, “Legend” was everyone’s passport to Marley land.

    hollywood – I feel betrayed. I mean, I thought I knew you, seeing as I comment on your blog and all.

    justin – I feel you on getting old. And I wouldn’t have kicked your ass. I was too high to do anything involving effort.

    allie – Neither one huh? Hmmm. You may need to see a specialist.

    kali – Hey, as long as you do Things That Are Bad For You, I’m fine with it.

    ashley – A lot of people are that way.

    oakland – Yes we were! And “hurtful” had me laughing at my desk.

  25. Oh man, you had white kid locks. Yeah. Da ‘Burgh was big into the white kid locks. I loved HS, too. I can’t say I ever smoked before school, though. You were hardcore, dude!

  26. Hen is short for Hennessey! I’m going to need you to get hip to the ALCHI lingo. LMAO

  27. megkathleen

    oooh, I likey your blog. But I’ve never done drugs…BUT I did like Bob Marley (and still do, really, who doesn’t?) I was too caught up in being a nerd in HS to be a slut, but I got over that quickly in college and became a damn good slut – is that good enough? Can we be internet friends?

  28. Love the HS hair, haha.

  29. Very deep stuff. Impressively deep even…

  30. Marcos

    The movie “I am Legend” professes that the album,Legend, is the greatest album of all time. Bullshit! It’s a greatest hits album compiled after his death no less! I’ll drop another gem on ya:

    greatest hits albums are made by record companies executives for people who don’t know how to listen to music

  31. I was a college slut who smoked weed and listened to Marley. Late bloomer perhaps?

  32. Don’t feel betrayed. It’s just because I’m lame. Really. I don’t smoke pot and I wasn’t cool in high school. Or now. That’s all.

  33. wellhmmyep

    marley is and will always be the shit. I’ve smoked once in my life (and didn’t even get high). are though one of the cool bloggers I read.. …plus, the pic of you with the dreads is hilarious.

  34. melissa – I think that’s the first time I’ve ever been called “hardcore.” Thank-you.

    diva – You’re confusing.

    megkathleen – Good enough for me.

    katelin – I think I may have detected some sarcasm.

    matt – That’s how I roll.

    marcos – I know. Legend is the fucking worst.

    meghan – Better late than never!

    hollywood – Aww, I think you’re cool! Really.

    wellhmm – “Hilarious” as in “You’re awesome” or “You’re lame?”

  35. So THAT’S why I hated high school! I didn’t smoke pot until I was 21, and by that time it was too late. I never liked it. I had a lot of friends in high school who smoked, but they never invited me along because I was one of the .01% of teenagers who was actually swayed by DARE and the fried egg commercial. Marching Band was my anti-drug. It’s amazing I didn’t commit suicide.

    Now I’m 30, and I’ve got a lot of Bob Marley to listen to.

  36. I was never a pothead, but I’ve never said no.

    I respect Marley. Does that work?

  37. I am the same way with Sublime now kind of… it just isn’t the same as it was back in those days… but I’ll still jam to it once in awhile!

  38. I swear to god I was best friends with you in high school. Are you sure you didn’t grow up in backwater Australia?

    My mate used to make cd’s to chill to.

    Every single one had 2 Bob Marley songs (can’t remember which ones, was far too stoned), 3 Ben Harper songs and bizarrely, without fail one euro-trance song of gayness.

    Good times. Great times.

  39. noelle – Northing good has ever come out of being a part of marching band.

    mickey – Absolutely. Better than that “Kiala” person.

    chandra – Exactly. Sublime was another good stoner group.

    jiminy – I wish I grew up in Australia. I’d probably know how to wrestle gators and have a roo for a pet. That was very ignorant.

  40. Well, good for you. I was definitely a high school hater. Love Marley, but wasn’t a smoker. You know, with all that I’m allergic to or intolerant of, it would probably kill me anyway. Ohs well.

  41. Well, i’m older and now two years out of highschool and while bob and ganj wasnt my fave then it is now…

    JAH LOVE protect us

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