in summary

Man Weekend did not pan out exactly as I thought it would.

I know – you’re shocked.

Instead of roaming the apartment like a wild boar, here’s a small look into what I did do.

  • In an effort to further distance myself from Real People and further entrench myself among Internet People, I signed up for Twitter. I have absolutely no idea how to work it, so anyone that can help, please email me. I do know that I must have more people “following” me than those that I am “following.” This will make me seem more popular. So if you too have Twitter, twat me at bksurviving. I’ve always wanted to type “twat,” and now I have. Twice. I should note that I signed up for Twitter while drinking, which as we all know, usually leads to Making Good Decisions.
  • I went to the Diesel store in Union Square. I did this because 1) I enjoy spending an obscene amount of money on clothes and 2) My favorite pair of jeans is no longer made by Diesel, so I wanted to ask someone there what style it was so I could find them online. The latter involved me having to do a little twirl for a male employee there. He needed to see the back pockets. I wasn’t comfortable with this, but I will do anything to wear Cool Clothes. I also gave him my number. He said he’ll call.
  • I drank a ton last night. Way too much. The drinking started as it usually does – alone, with thoughts of despair. Kidding! I was alone though. Well, Jack was with me, but he wasn’t in the partying mood. I went out, made fun of the typical amount of people and then over-tipped a cabbie on the way home. Of course.

Now, because of My love For Alcohol, my brain is not happy with me.

I don’t think I’m going to make it.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to die.

If anybody wants my Playstation, just let Ari know.


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20 responses to “in summary

  1. playstation blows, get an x-box. and expensive clothes?! man your shirt looks like a dish rag!

  2. my clothes cost much more than yours

  3. 1) My proper (but drunk) mother gets a good kick out of the word twat. Good times.

    2) I’m glad that your weekend solo at least a few gay undertones.

  4. what’s your twitter name thingy?

  5. Twittering is just micro-blogging. If you thought people could write some inane stuff on their blogs, wait till you get the hang of Twitter.

  6. idont – Yours may cost more, but mine look better. Your shirt look like a curtain!

    benjamin – What would a weekend be without gay undertones?

    jamie – bksurviving.

    jack – I am down.

  7. You twirled and then you smacked your own ass. Remember, blogs are a space for honesty.

    Thanks for the twitter add. We’ll twat.

  8. Twat did you say?

    Why would anyone always want to type “twat”?

    You’re very strange.

  9. I don’t get twitter.

    Waiting for Jesse to try on jeans in Diesel was torture. Gag. Eye rolls. Get me out of here.

  10. Welcome to the dark side! Twitter is basically like an AIM away message. I thought it was lame at first, but now I am strangely addicted to it.

  11. I don’t think I have the stamina for twitter. Also, I don’t have any clue how to use it.

    I would type more but I’m still pretty wretchedly hungover and, well, can’t.

  12. tia

    damnit. when i finally conquer gmail, i’m sure i’ll probably decide to try twitter. damnit.

    (cuz apparently that makes mad. technology. or something.)

    and i love your ambiguously gay trip to diesel. apparently, it was a “man’s weekend” after all.

    hee hee. i’m funny.

  13. melissa – You know me too well. We also traded My Little Pony info.

    kristen – I know.

    underpaid – I think I’ll be right there with you once I get it all figured out.

    nicole – It’s okay, hangovers are a perfectly good reason not to write a long comment. You are forgiven. For now.

    tia – Yes, men love me. And I love modeling jeans for men.

  14. Awww…not as entertaining as you made it out to be on friday! But your 2nd post makes up for it.

    Glad to see men don’t just go nuts when women are out of the picture. But I would recommend keeping Ari around while shopping to prevent any long term stares at your southern region.

  15. I keep following people who follow me, I never thought to not do that in order to be cool. I really should do that, because why do I care about what anyone else is doing? Me me me!

    Via text.

  16. twat me?


  17. No more twirling for the gay man at the store. I’m going to need you to stop! The number giving was funny.

    Sidebar: I think I share a love for alcohol as well. Well Hennessey rather. On to the bar!

    Twitter? I guess I gotta search it!

  18. 1) I tweet from my Facebook account. I mean, I get it, but at the same time it’s just AIM for a more adult-like population. I feel like I should do it so I do. I’m totally sucked in to social media.

  19. allie – Good idea.

    noelle – Hahaha – that was awesome.

    deutlich – Thanks! I’m a joke maker.

    diva – Check it out. It’s fun but mad confusing.

    allison – Me too! Come join twitter and be even more ridiculous.

  20. Jo

    Hehe. I also joined twitter this week. God knows why. Work avoidance I think it’s called.

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