sometimes i get angry

Okay, I’ve had enough.

This has been building inside me for quite some time, and I can’t take it anymore.

I fucking hate those LOL cats things. I can’t fucking stand them.

It was funny the first three or four times I saw one, I’ll admit it, but not anymore.

It’s a picture of an animal, in a funny situation, with text that reads like it was written by a nine year-old.

I get it – animals can be funny. Can’t we just leave it at that? Why is the world obsessed with something so goddamn dumb?

Yeah, I see you’re fucking cat is sitting in a box. My gosh – that’s just soooo crazy! Silly cat! He’s not supposed to be in a box!

And what’s this? A squirrel is peering through a hole in a fence??? Now that is just absurd! You should take a picture of it and write something really fucking stupid on it!


Seriously, is this what the world has come to? These things are so popular that it really worries me. Forget why we invaded Iraq, we need to figure out what happened to our societies sense of humor – because it is dying.

“I can has cheezburger.”

Get the fuck out of here with that stupid fucking shit.

Please, I’m begging you, stop the madness. Get a hold of yourself the next time you feel tempted to post one of these pictures.

Think of your friends, think of your families – they don’t think that it’s funny – they’re just being nice to you.

But I don’t have to be nice to you, so I’m telling you the truth – LOL Cats is not fucking funny and it needs to stop.

You want to talk about Weapons of Mass Destruction? Well, I think I found them.

(hat tip to Isabelle, thanks for inciting my rage)


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62 responses to “sometimes i get angry

  1. notsojenny

    i agree that no one today has a good sense of humor… it’s bullshit. everyone is going soft. no one can take a g-d joke anymore!
    (though i have seen those sights and chuckled at some of them, the writing definitely pisses me off too!!)

  2. I totally have a lolcat as my desktop picture at work. Sometimes you gotta break the monotony. I love them. And cats!


    Crazy Cat Lady Who Actually Knows Grammar And Thus Finds Bad Grammar Hilarious

  3. simma down na!

    count down from 10 to 1…. breathe… now lets regroup and carry on with our day.

    if the LOL cats get to you, then the terrorists have won… or should i say… De Tirrowristz Haz One!

  4. humm….guess this fad hasn’t made it south. I’ve never seen or heard of this.
    But you tell em’ d*mnit!

  5. OK, now I find LOLcats amusing but there is this girl I know who actually does the lolspeak in REAL LIFE! I just want to punch her, I’m like, dude, you are over 30 years old, getting your masters in library science, and talking like an illiterate fool.

  6. hahahah… whoa, that’s a lot of hate. I can almost feel your pain. Almost. But who doesn’t like a cute little kitty with big eyes? “You eated my cookie?” Awwww…

  7. I never really understood those LOLcat things. Interestingly enough, in a fit of severe boredom at work I went to that website and spent about an hour clicking through the pictures to see what the fuss was all about. I think I found one out of every 300 entertaining. But I hate cats. And that crazy writing.

  8. aahahahahaha @ simma down na!

    also? thanks for the laughs.

    i needz it

  9. Ben

    Let’s start a new website. where we, as bloggers, take pictures of ourselves and caption them appropriately (offensively).

    I do, however, still laugh at silly animals but that’s moreso dog-owner hormones.

  10. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!

    You’re silly tirades are my favorite.

  11. And poodlegoose?

    I love that little “you eated my cookie” kitty.

    I like him almost as much as I like Chris’s tirades.

  12. notsojenny – That’s right, no one is as smart as you and I. Except all the rest of my readers!

    jessica – You are keeping the trend alive! Stop it before it’s too late.

    aaron – I think it’s impossible for me to calm down over this. Impossible.

    allie – That’s right, I will!

    dutchess – That poor, poor woman.

    poodlegoose – Hahaha – I knew people were gonna do this to me in the comments!

    arielle – Exactly, it’s about one out of a thousand that’s funny. That’s a bad ratio.

    deutlich – You’re welcome. I guess…

    ben – I am buying the domain right now. And I get laughing at animals, it just doesn’t have to go this far.

    kristen – Thanks! Anger is fun!

  13. Youre dead on about this one. Also I hate the pictures that have pwned written on them. I googled the term and I guess it is world of warcraft speak. I blame those kids for most of this gayness that takes place on the interweb.

  14. A-fucking-men.

    I hate those things! People in my office *love* it and forward me pictures all the time.

    I love animals and all, but this is ridiculous.

    Save our sense of humor!

  15. so i guess it goes without saying that this:

    is hilarious.


  16. OH NO YOU DIDN’T. I don’t know if we can be blog friends anymore.

    Also, 9 year olds definitely write better than that – come on!

  17. Shut up. I ❤ LOLcats. I have them on my greader and everything.

  18. I.Hate.Them.

    I mean, seriously, all they’re doing is teaching kids that it’s okay to spell things/say things wrong. They’re ridiculous.

    Sure, the pictures are adorable–but why not leave it at that? Post the cute pictures minus the stupid words? OR if you do want subtitles–write them in english. I’m pretty sure my dog, if he were to talk, would say a complete sentence.

    Can I have a cheeseburger?

  19. I don’t get the obsession either. People at work send me crap like that all the time along with chain letters. 45 year old women sending me chain letters. I hate my job.

  20. The only thing I hate more than LOL cat speak is when I actually find one of the LOL cat pictures to be funny or cute despite myself. Then I have to hate myself, too.

    Long live grammar!

  21. crissyspage

    I used the wrong form of “your” in my comment earlier.

    I’m an asshole.

    So, here. Take the you’re and replace it with your.

    Thank you.

  22. I did not have the guts to make this a post. You, my friend, are a good man.

    Lets get Thundercats back up in this bitch.

  23. damn those cats and their “caca paws” <– gross.

    i keep trying to write a witty comment about my disdain for cats and it keeps coming out all evil like, and i’m not about to have those crazy PETA folks on my ass.

  24. matt – Me too.

    mrstwink – I’m trying my best!

    each – Eh. I mean I appreciate Beavis and Butthead, but…

    mindy – Friendship over!

    maxie – I can’t agree with you on this. What’s greader? Google reader? I’m dumb.

    lauren – Exactly! Jack would probably say something like, “I enjoy peeing on your shoes when you come home.”

    cruz – Hahaha – time to look for a new one man.

    noelle – Well, I’m glad you hate yourself too. And yes, go grammar!

    kristen – You’re welcome.

    fort knocks – Okay, that was pretty funny.

    rs27 – Lion-o is ready to kick some fucking ass!

    alexa – Hahaha – probably a good idea.

  25. Would those pictures be just as funny if you replaced the animals with, say, a stapler? I mean, if a kitten laying limply in someone’s hand with an illiterate caption is funny, couldn’t it work for just about anything?

    No, probably not. And that’s why it’s not really funny.

  26. B2G

    Wow… so you really hated my last post, huh?

  27. you are indeed very full of rage over this. i can’t say that i disagree at all. but i dont’ think it incites this sort of anger in me.

    and that is why i come here. for the anger-filled tirades that make water come out of my nose. 🙂

  28. I have never been to the Lolcat website. I’ve never been because I’m confident one of two things will happen — I’ll love it and my blog will turn into homemade cat pictures with oddly spelled phrases, or two (and this is more likely) I will look at those pictures and be forced to firebomb the internet.

  29. I love LOL cats and will contiue to post on my blog, but it will now come with a disclaimer, JUST for you.

    Opinionz, you haz dem.

  30. aimelina

    Now that I looked at that website you posted, I think I have some kitty pictures I can make into LOLcats. Thanks for the inspiration! 😉

  31. I definately agree! I HATE those stupid pictures. Half the time I can’t even figure out what some of those phrases are supposed to say. It has to be one of the most obnoxious things on earth, right before Paris Hilton that is.

  32. I has teh seething anger.



    Let me show you it.

  33. Unite against all things LOL!

  34. Look, here’s the thing. I don’t think you understand the true underlying humor of lolcats. It’s not about babytalk or cats even, it’s about the beginning of the internet and leetspeak. It’s about gamers and coders and nerds.

    When you hate lolcats, you hate the internet and all it stands for. That’s all I’m saying.

    Also, you have the diabeetus, now.

  35. Dane


    This is like Junior High!


    Did I mention this is like Junior High.

    I’m very mature…. just FYI.

  36. mickey – You say things in a much more calm way than me.

    b2g – No, I don’t hate blog posts, I just dislike some. At least there was no picture of one.

    ashley – Thanks! I try my best to get my anger out here, and if I get water coming out of someone’s nose – then that’s a bonus.

    melissa – I’m hoping it’s the latter.

    meghan – Thank-you.

    aimeline – Dammit.

    sarah – Paris is gonna be pissed!

    kiala – Please speak in English. And I think you’re thinking too much into it, but that’s just me. It seems to me to be people thinking something dumb is funny. Is diabeetus fatal????

    isabelle – You know it sister!

    dane – It is! Maturity is not welcome here though man, as you can see.

  37. That’s all it took? JEEZ. I still want that cookie.

  38. My roommate and I will hold entire conversations in LOLspeak.

    Oddly enough, I was an English minor, and she was an English tutor, and are more than slightly anal-retentive about sentence construction and grammar.

  39. *And we are more than slightly….

    I may still be drunk from Tuesday. I’m blaming all of my typing errors on alcoholism.

  40. Sorry dude, but I couldn’t stop laughing at Kiala…
    There’s two types of pictures on lolcats.
    Those made by cat ladies with feline related masturbatory compulsions and those made by people who actually make them into something, dare i say, funny.
    Unfortunately the first group has taken it over and the signal to noise ration is hells low…

    Uhh.. not that I have looked at it or…umm… anything.

  41. Jo

    I’ve seen them on people’s blogs, but have never actually been on the sites that ‘breed’ the cats or whatever they are…

    On the subject of cats and blogs in general, I do have a particular hate for blogs that mention their own cats, or god forbid, post pictures / tell funny stories about what their cat did. It’s the epitomy of boredom for me. I can’t tolerate it. No one elses cats are ever as interesting as your own. Fact.

  42. That’s so funny! I totally don’t get the LOLcat thing. I just laugh when a co-worker shows me one just so they’ll get the fuck out of my office. “Ha, Ha, Okay you can leave now.”

  43. I can with two fingers as to how many LOLcats I’ve found funny. Actually don’t find any of the LOL (*insert animal series*) all that funny. There a couple of FAILdog ones that are hilarious, and this one involving a seal, but yeah.

    Meh, but that’s just me. I know a lot people find them crack-side-hilarious and can get why they would think so.

    Kiala has me cracking up, for real. HA!

  44. Kiera

    Oh, I just gotta say, the link Fort Knocks posted is hilarious.

  45. mindy – Chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin?

    big time – I think that’s a good idea.

    jiminy – Right….

    jo – [deleting posts about Jack]

    1218 – Exactly. It’s like, “good luck with that!”

    kiera – I guess I will never understand the Internet.

  46. “Get the fuck out of here with that stupid fucking shit.”

    I think, more than anything, that you and I should get very, very drunk together.

  47. Yours was the only one they rejected wasn’t it?

    I hate them too.

  48. I think everything is funny, so of course I laugh at those pictures, I can’t help it.

  49. What's wrong with your bag, girl?

    Im in ur blogz poopn on ur faze!

  50. THANK YOU! I see these on blogs all the time and thought that maybe I just wasn’t getting it. I have NEVER thought even one of them was funny.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one! 🙂

  51. megkathleen

    THANK Y OU! Somebody had to say it.

    I took a picture of my cat once (just once – I hate him) and a friend told me I should post it on that website whose name I refuse to say and I had to sit on my hands so I didn’t choke her like she deserved.

  52. omgz, I don’t think we can be friends now. 😦

  53. tia

    i love lol cats.

    and i’m not ashamed.

    now, the fact that i also love nora roberts books, THAT i am ashamed of.

  54. nicole – Come visit! NY misses you, it told me so.

    lissa – Yes.

    katelin – Women like to laugh at little things, why is that? Like, if a bottle of ketchup is tiny, they just love it!

    marcos – Hahahaha – okay – that was funny.

    jenni – You’re welcome, come join the hate fest.

    megkathleen – Hahahaha – you showed great restraint.

    theex – Really? C’mon. I’ll buy you a Tonka Truck? How about that?

    tia – Hahahaha – Oh man, Nora is definitely not something to be proud of.

  55. I refuse to even look at anything LOL cat. LOL in general makes me want to karate chop the writer in the throat.


  56. damn 56 comments…big timer..this is a needed post. I never liked those stupid ass lolcats…its absolutely retarded…retarded I say.

  57. Slightly Disorganized

    I get drunk with Nicole Antoinette all the time. Be jealous.

  58. Oh my shit! I was just thinking the other day how much I hate those stupid things too! I don’t get the hype.

  59. oakland – I don’t know what TTFN means, but it sounds like I agree, so alright!

    wellhmm – Glad we’re on the same page, those things suck and it was about time someone told them so.

    slightly – I am!

    felicia – Me neither – come join the hating.

  60. ‘“I can has cheezburger.”

    Get the fuck out of here with that stupid fucking shit.’

    pure awesomeness. i can’t stand them either. and the other thing i can’t stand – rickrolling. who had the time to think of the whole send some to see this video. and then secondly, who was lame enough to NAME the thing like it is some kind of…of…MOVEMENT? it’s not funny. it’s dumb.

    please tell me you don’t think r.r. is funny….?

  61. I deep-heart hate those things…

    My mom has a folder of them on her computer.

    “Oh, come look at these, they’re so funny!”

    127 of them.

    One hundred and twenty-fucking-seven.

    My brain hurts…

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