so you won’t be lonely

I’m a huge fan of hip-hop – I love it. At any time you can check what I’m listening to on my iPhone and it will be some type of hip-hop.

And if it’s not, you’ll probably find me rocking out to some Awesome 80’s Song, like this.

One of my favorite songs, and a song that Makes Me Happy, is Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “First of the Month.”

The song is amazing.

If you don’t like this song, there is something really, seriously, very wrong with you.

Honestly, stop reading right now and call a Loved One. Tell them you’re sick and that you’re sorry that you suck but please take me to the nearest hospital. The doctor will probably diagnose you with Being Stupid, and you’ll be released under a strict regime of Awesome Music Suggested By Chris and maybe – just maybe – you’ll be normal again one day.

I was listening to this gem of a song yesterday on the train home from work, and it occurred to me how odd of a group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was.

I mean, how could they be so street, when they were basically a choir?

Even their name was slightly off.

You’ve got Bone, which is pretty scary in general. No one likes hearing about bones and it’s also got that pirate connection and usually those guys were Not Nice.

Then you’ve got Thugs, which is even more scary than Bone. Everyone is scared of Thugs. They do bad things like talk loudly about subjects that make rich people nervous.

The group was on the right track – and then they decided to add Harmony. No one is bothered by Harmony. In fact, I just surveyed three people, and all of them said they prefer Harmony.

So what happened?

I imagine one of the guys, the one that no one really likes but got into the group because he let the other guys play his Sega Genesis, suggested it.

Then they had to approve it, because, really – how can you not when someone holds the power of video games over your head?

This – I believe – was the ultimate downfall of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. They were a supremely talented group of guys, but they were just a glorified men’s choir, left to sing about Tha Crossroads and how difficult they can be.

I can’t tell you why we die, Wish Bone, but I sure can tell you why you don’t make music anymore.


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48 responses to “so you won’t be lonely

  1. notsojenny

    hahaha… this is funy because they’re still around! most of them are on parole, but my bff’s police officer hubby got called to their hotel a few weeks back. the smell of narcotics apparently bothered the other patrons, along with their blasting “music”. it was totally a dive hotel, but they had a show in town. they stopped making “music” when they all began getting incarcerated(sp?).
    oh bone thugs, you so crazy.

  2. Was that Rockwell song the one everyone thought was Micheal Jackson and people were totally upset and felt cheated and lied to and generally abused by the music industry?

  3. Did you really survey 3 people? Why wasn’t I surveyed? I would’ve said that I hate harmony with all my heart and soul. Hate it. And I love pirates. So there.

  4. tiff

    not just a choir, a rapping melodic choir of dreams and hopes. LOVE THEM. this should’ve been on my throwback mix.

  5. personally i prefer the ‘N’ – it gives it a sense of playfulness, of reckless behavior without any regard for spelling out complete words.

  6. crissyspage


    What are they saying in the song?

    I didn’t understand most of it.

    I’m too stupid to live.

  7. Yeah but Bone, Thug’N Ghetto Blasters never would have worked. Or BT’N Hard Core. Or BT’N Rap Beats.

  8. I didn’t even click on your 80’s song link because if I get rickrolled ONE MORE TIME I am going to shoot the internet.

  9. Marcos

    The coolest thing about them is that they were discovered by Eazy-E

    Dude, they still make music and tour. They actually played to a sold out crowd in Burlington only a few weeks ago.

    Chamiliionaire is their prodigy.

  10. Oh, nancypearlwannabe…you should not have tempted me with your taunt. JUST YOU WAIT.

    Also, just sayin’ I doubt our Chris has ever been rickrolled. Something to think about.

  11. Wake up Wake up Wake up
    It’s the first of tha moonnnnnnth
    Wake up Wake up

    HELL YEAH. You are officially my dude, as if the NBA convos didn’t seal it.

    Their new(est) single was dope:

  12. Harmony was like the Spinderella of R&B boy groups.

  13. 1st of the month was MY JAM back in the day. Oh, the memories.

    Methinks you should’ve partook in Truth Bombs CD Swap. Hopefully, you did.

  14. A semi-friend of mine in high school who gave me a ride home for a while would almost always play Bone really, really loudly in his Ford Tempo. That guy was a tool.

  15. I have no idea what you’re talking about…

  16. Ok, so HOW obsessed was I with The Crossroads? The answer: so completely and totally that I’m only mildly ashamed to admit it. Also, they’re still touring? And have something to do with Chamillionaire? I am so excited by this news– even though my only frame of reference for Chamillionaire is 30 Rock…

  17. notsojenny – oh bone thugs, you so crazy Hahaha – damn right.

    melissa – He was his brother-in-law! You can’t blame Rockwell for that!

    mindy – Of course you do. Because you are evil.

    tiff – That’s a better way to describe them than I did. Well done.

    ashley – No regard!

    kristen – Please tell me this is not the first time you listened to this song.

    dutchess – Oh, I like Rap Beats. That’s a good one.

    nancypearl – I would never do that to you.

    marcos – They do? I looked it up and it said they didn’t make anything new anymore. Chamillionare is a fucking punk.

    sassy – Yes.

    kiala – You are mean.

    brooklyn – Hell yeah. I had no idea they were still making tracks! I need a fact checker. Please send all resumes to my secretary.

    noelle – Spindarella is just a perfect, perfect name.

    deutlich – I didn’t and I should have. I am terrible at Doing Things.

    mickey – I think he was just misunderstood.

    cherryride – Yes you do! I see that Krayzie Bone poster!

    megan – Hahaha – do not be ashamed. It is a Good Thing.

  18. crissyspage

    I feel so old. I don’t know what anyone is talking about!

    What is rickrolled and who is Chamillionaire?

    Doesn’t anyone else listen to sad FM for the over thirties?

    Anyone? Please?

  19. Marcos

    Oh, I guess new means their Greatest Hits album.

    Thuggish Ruggish Bone was their best hit in my opinion. It was made when they were straight out the ghetto. The video is basically them chilling on some street in their hood for five minutes.

  20. Man, I thought we’d bonded. What, with our mutual love for Hulkamania and Lando…

    Now this? Maybe I can just write it off as a New York Thing…

  21. I thought Chris Rock said it best, “They be singing welfare caroles!”

    The most awesomest welfare caroles.

  22. I’m all about breakdown. That’s my jam.

  23. I don’t know Bone, Thugs and Harmony. Or their music.

    Time to go to the remedial music class.

  24. My favorite saong was for the love of money. With Easy E.

    I love money…it fit.

  25. megkathleen

    So…this is the first I’ve heard of this song and I was really nervous that I was going to have to go to the hospital for “being stupid”, but, thank the lord, I am a-ok. So, yeah, good song.

  26. kristen – I don’t understand. You’re not that much older than me. I am making a cd for you. It will help you become a person. Trust me.

    marcos – I never heard that one, I’m gonna look it up though.

    justin – We have! Even Internet Friends have their differences though.

    rs27 – Hahaha – yeah that’s right, I remember that! Good looking out on the quote.

    maxie – Okay! I see you!

    rebecca – Nothing wrong with that.

    meghan – Yes. Please sit in the back.

    matt – Seems about right.

    megkathleen – You are okay by me, you’re a reader!

  27. bone!!!!

    cleveland, represent.

    once when i was in high school and right when bone thugs and harmony were gaining all their popularity. my friends and i decided to check out their ‘hood.

    um yeah, 4 white kids in a blazer blasting bonethugs didn’t exactly get us the best looks. i believe someone on the street told us to good back to the burbs.

    the bubble was burst, and i had to remove the bone thugs and harmony tattoo on my arm.

  28. Aww I love them! Yeah but I never knew what the heck they were saying, so I just danced!

  29. so get up get up get up cash your checks and come ooooon…

    Ah, to have checks. Nope. i will spell it cheques.

    I hate in Crossroads when he touches the old guy and his eyes turn black. makes me shudder. Kind of like the feeling i get when i watch that video of those cheerleaders beating up the other one. I think im too sensitive.

  30. crissyspage

    Yes, I’m not much older than you, it’s true.

    However, I am a LIBRARIAN from the suburbs of the smallest state on earth.

    Being cool here is defined by not wearing your pajamas out in public.

    So, make me a CD and we’ll see what your thug’s bones or harmony thugs or whoever sound like on my way to work.

    I’ll make you a video to prove I listened to it.

    And if you’re lucky, I’ll dance.

  31. nancypearlwannabe

    Hey, I’m a librarian! What are you implying? I AM COOL.

  32. My dorm roommates and I used to blast that song to wake each other up on the first of every month. HAHA! Love it!


    I love the bones, the thugs and the harmony. White girls from the burbs like me are probably what killed their street cred.

  34. Dude you get more and more cool everyday. Bone was hot – very underrated artists. Their individual names were more bizarre than the group name (dizzie, lazy, krazy and bluto or something).

    Now if you say you like OutKast and The Pharcyde, you’ll have a new best friend in me!

  35. “We got Layzie and
    We got Krayzie
    Bizzy’s in the house
    Wish is in the house
    And Flesh
    And Tasha
    Cleveland’s definiteley in the house

    It’s the Thuggish Ruggish Bone”

    How could you not like Bone Thugs?? I was so obsessed with them that I couldn’t help but figure out all the lyrics to what they were saying (with a little help from the internet!) They made me feel like I was hardcore (Bone Thugs), but that I didn’t scare anyone when I was walking down the street or standing on the corner (N-Harmony) LMAO

    And I have to agree with Coop, if you like Outkast and The Pharcyde then you’ve also got a new best friend in me! LOL

  36. I love Rockwell’s song. Ha. It cracks me up. And seriously Bone Thugs came to my hometown about a three months ago and the concert was sold out so quick that I couldn’t get tickets. They are obviously quite loved. 🙂

  37. This song sends me back to happier times. Granted, I didn’t care for it that much (Crossroads was my jam, though). I think Chris Rock said it best…can’t take these dude’s seriously when they sing a song about getting welfare checks. Still, yeah, great group. If it weren’t for Fishbone, I’d even say they are the bestg roup to ever use the word Bone in their name.

  38. alexa – They are gonna be pissed that you removed that tattoo. Don’t you know that the only way to show someone you love them is to put ink into your body???

    allie – That’s all they ask of you.

    kelly – Hahaha – I thought that video was kinda funny. I’m too mean.

    kristen – I really will do this. I will turn you on to the greatest hip-hop songs ever. You’ll never be the same person again.

    nancypearl – Two librarians read my blog. Does that mean something?

    felicia – You and your friends sound cool as hell.

    underpaid – Hahaha – Without you, they’d have no fans left, so hold your head high!

    coop – I LOVE Outkast – but sadly, we both know they are pretty much dead as a group. Every album was awesome, with ATliens being my favorite. ATliens is one of the best hip-hop albums ever made actually. Top 5. I don’t really like Pharcyde though, I always thought they were kinda overrated. Sorry! One out of two isn’t bad though – right?

    ashley – Damn, those boys are still doing their thing!

    birdwatching – Fishbone = nice. Sometimes I forget about them.

  39. “Socrates philosophies and hypotheses can’t define how I be dropping these… mockeries… lyrically perform armed robberies… flee with the lottery… possibly they spotted me”
    I know this was unrealted to the harmony guys, but I just wanted to drop some Wu knowledge on ur asses!

  40. I am a huge fan of welfare, which is what turned me on to “1st Of The Month” initially

    I got out and hitchhiked at the crossroads.

  41. Sorry Creed I’m going to have to call a foul play on this entry. There is no way Bone Thugs N Harmony are hip-hop.
    (Although I did actually by cd single of First of the Month.)

  42. P.S. I also forgot that on our dorm voice mail message we played “Who Dat.” HAHAHA, God we were fricking ghetto as hell. Still am in a way.

  43. 1. i like how your comments section is elderly friendly as it is visible at like 200%

    2. you funny. i mean, real funny.

    3. thank noelle for sharing you with her world of fans

    4. i thought i was the only one who loved that bone thugs n’ harmony song….cuz i miss my uncle joooo joe. sigh.

  44. Oh my god, you CRACK ME UP!!!

    Now I totally want to hear your story for how EVERY band got its name! 😀

  45. wellhmmyep

    “I mean, how could they be so street, when they were basically a choir?”

    lol!! you’re a nut, but I guess you can call them that..never really though of that relation.

    I like bone thugs…they’re decent…I’m with deutlich 1st of the month was the shit..and crossroads

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