god bless hugo boss

The wedding went great.

Lots of great food and booze and blah, blah, blah.

I also Acted Appropriately, aside from me yelling at a doorman on the way to the after party that, “His club sucked, hahaha!” Even though I had never been there.

I’m not one to really do “follow-up posts,” but I will leave you with this.

A picture of the suit I’ve been yapping about for too long.

And yes, this is obviously an excuse to post a picture of myself on my blog.

I’m sorry – I’m a selfish asshole.

But that’s part of my charm.



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40 responses to “god bless hugo boss

  1. Nice suit. Shoulda went with a piano tie, or a jeans and a the tuxedo tee.

  2. Rrrrrow.

    That was for Ari.

    You look nice, too, though.

  3. Wow, hot couple. You’re like the Brangelina of blogger world.

    Without eighteen kids. Minor difference.

  4. george clooney ain’t got nothin on you.

    and thank you for not going through everything that happened throughout the night, I cant stand when people do that. Even when my friend are trying to explain to me what I did last night because I dont remember. Snooze.

  5. Wait a second.

    I DO THAT.

    I tell you guys what happened to me last night.


  6. I’m not usually all gaga over men’s suits but that suit is PHAT! You guys look good. Glad you were well behaved. For the most part.

  7. tia

    that, my friend, is a nice suit.

    and you rocked it.

    and i’m happy to hear you Behaved Appropriately, for ari’s sake.

  8. I agree with Dan Mega, a tuxedo tee would have been way better. It says you wanna be formal, but you also wanna party.

  9. She looks way better than you. 🙂

  10. Look at that hot tamale. All men should wear that suit every single day!

  11. Very nice!!
    Men should wears suits every day!

    I love her dress too!!!

  12. Ben

    Killer suit. Hugo does it right.

  13. ….is it awful that I can’t tell it’s a Hugo? I mean.. I’m just sayin..

  14. Nice suit!

    Totally impressed by the suit + color combo. DIG.

  15. Rachel

    are you standing behind Clooney and his gorgeous date? I can’t see you…

  16. Dude… that suit is smokin’… and I guess you look alright too 😉

    Glad you didn’t stomp on it!

  17. Hot stuff! And can I just say, both of you have great shoes???

  18. Hugo Chavez is pissed he didn’t get mentioned.

    Where exactly is this picture taken? 1940s Chicago? Nice brick facing.

  19. Awesome suit.

    Hot girl.

    You’ve got it all going on!

  20. I feel like I should say something snarky, but I’ve got nothing. Lookin’ good, boss!

  21. Are the shoes Hugo Boss too? Looks like a pair I have on right now, sweet.

  22. 1) I do follow up posts all the time because I’d rather do them myself than have the National Enquirer report on all my comings and goings.

    2) My blog is nothing without gratutious pictures of myself. There’s no shame in it. If you’re pretty and you know it, post a picture.

    And you my friend, are very pretty.

  23. Super swank! Ari’s dress is fabulous, I own no fewer than 4 black and white print dresses.

  24. You look exactly like I pictured you.

  25. I’m with Duchess — suits all the time. ALL the time.

    Lookin’ very saucy you two!

  26. dan – I knew I was over dressed!

    kiala – I figured. She always gets the growls. And I enjoy your recaps because you’re famous and I’m not.

    meghan – Very minor detail.

    kelly t – I’m gonna tell him that – there’s gonna be drama!!!

    1218 – Thanks! I’m glad I could make you gaga.

    tia – Thanks – I was on my best behavior, which means only being rude to one person.

    maxie – I am at a loss. I will not disappoint you next time, I swear.

    nicole – Hahaha – I knew you were gonna say something like that.

    essentially – Thanks – but Jack thinks you’re talking about him. He gets jealous.

    dutchess – I agree. Well no, because then I wouldn’t be special.

    jamie – Thanks! Do I still get to wear boxers to bed?

    ben – Thanks, yes he does.

    deutlich – Hahaha – not at all. I wouldn’t be able to either.

    jessica – Thanks – I might be blushing. Maybe.

    rachel – Hahaha – no there I am.

    poodlegoose – Thanks! Me too – I was seriously obsessing about not messing it up all night long.

    larissa – Thanks – and yes you can.

    rs27 – Hahaha – I know, right? It’s like we’re in a castle or something.

    kali – Thanks! Yes, she is hot as hell.

    noelle – Wow, really?? That means I did good. Thanks.

    cruz – No, just Aldo. Your shoes are way nicer.

    kristen – 1) I know, you and Kiala and most women bloggers do – it’s cool. You are much more fun to look at than me. 2) Thanks! Are you trying to butter me up for something?

    arielle – Thanks. Yeah, she loved her dress, and so did I.

    shelly – Sweet!

    melissa – Thanks – I’m still wearing it today.

  27. I must say that I’m slightly disappointed that you behaved appropriately… You’ll get ’em next time!

    Really Nice suit tho!… modern dapper… I’m developing a man-crush… wait did I type that out loud!?! Damn it! Uhhh… gotta go look at some pics of naked women now!!

  28. They call him Boss for a reason.

  29. but you’re a selfish asshole in a damn nice suit. meow.

  30. damn you guys are a hot couple. i LOVE THAT DRESS. you need to ask ari where she bought it.

    oh and your suit looks nice too 🙂

  31. notsojenny


  32. aimelina

    I’m with the “Ari’s dress rocks” crowd. Love it!

  33. You guys are a good-lookin’ couple.

  34. I’m digging the suit. Also, really sassy dress on your lady. You can tell her I said so.

  35. Dashing!

    I’ve been wanting an excuse to say “dashing” all day. Thank you.

  36. Looks great!! Now I feel like I should encourage my husband to get a gray suit.

    And Ari looks great too!

  37. Oh very nice, you guys look schnazzy.

  38. Yes, you are very charming!

    And that suit is extremely dapper.

    Well done!

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