real recognize real

I think we can all agree that George Michael is a little weird.

He once thought it was okay to do this.

He’s the one on the left.  

Obviously George felt that his mesh shirt was in fact not casual wear, therefore it needed to be tucked into his stone washed jeans.

I’m sure the gay community was very pleased with this.  

Random Gay Man in 1985: “Great George!  Just fucking great.  Really, thanks for that.  We have a hard enough time as it is without you prancing around like a fucking idiot in mesh shirts. Do us a favor and keep denying that you’re gay.  Please.”

George has also been involved in many Unpleasant Situations over the years.

But one thing that George has done, which makes me forever have love for him, is grace us with the song “Freedom! ’90.” 

This song is pure genius.  And it’s time we give George some dap.

It’s all about his struggles with being in the closet as well as his desire to break free from the shackles that his record label had put on his career.

That’s right – shackles.  I only use that word when I’m Being Smart.

George does it right in this song.

“I think there’s something you should know
I think it’s time I stopped the show
There’s something deep inside of me
There’s someone I forgot to be!
Take back your picture in a frame
Don’t think that I’ll be back again
I just hope you understand 
Sometimes the clothes do not make the man!”

Get off him!

George is telling you to take your preconcieved thoughts and toss them in the trash!

He doesn’t need you anymore!  It’s time to stop the damn show – he’s done with it!

Oh, and that picture in the frame?

You better be taking that back to where you got it, because George is not that person anymore.

Now that I’ve enlightned you to just how awesome this song is, George doesn’t seem that weird at all, does he?

Sure, some of us may think that mesh shirts are Not Okay, but I think we can all agree that this song is bad ass.

And for that, George, I thank you. 


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45 responses to “real recognize real

  1. Mesh shirts are totally appropriate when one is working out in a gym. Totally appropriate.

  2. And I am not taking my iPod out of the drawer and scrolling, scrolling, because I totally have this song and totally want to listen to it right now.

  3. Ben

    Mesh shirts…appropriate more often than you’d think!

  4. WHAM! to you, then.

    Mesh shirts were TOTALLY appropriate in the 80’s. Not that I’d know…Not that I’m in my 40’s and was a TEEN in the 80’s…un uh, not at all.

    Just google…I bet you can find MADONNA in mesh tank tops–or Cyndi Lauper….or Boy George……just LOOK…’ll find a PLETHORA of mesh…gloves, headbands, SHIRTS and maybe even pants. yeah. Pants.

    And wow….he’s so…..well….young. And clean shaven…..

    “Father Figure” totally trumps “Freedom! ’90”

    Again, the repressed nature of the song is CALLING for understanding.

  5. I will agree with you that that song is bad ass. I do run a little harder when it comes on.

  6. Wait a minute.

    You mean I have to fucking throw away my mesh shirt now?

  7. This is so embarrassing. I TOTALLY wore that same shirt to work today:

  8. And yeah.

    That song is great.

  9. Ok, guess that didn’t work…

  10. I had a friend who had the same exact hairstyle as him, only it was a girl. She didn’t wear mesh tank tops, though.

  11. I was a huge Wham! fan. Of course everyone who says they were a Wham! fan really means they were a George fan, because who really like the Other Guy?

  12. When my boss left early a few Fridays ago, I turned my iPod to that song, turned up the sound, and the secretary and I danced and sang around the office.

    AWESOME song.

  13. Did he sing the Father Figure song?

  14. The picture does show it, but I have a sneaking suspicion that those stone washed jeans that the awesome mesh shirt is tucked into are actually really high cut-offs. You know, the ones that are cut so high you could see the pockets poking through the bottom. But George has really great legs, so he could pull off that look

  15. Marcos

    I have this song on my iPod. Awesome.

  16. HA HA…great title. I know Geroge said you gotta have faith…but I’m not sure if I should give credit to him or not…did he actually write the lyrics? or simply sing the song. I guess it doesnt matter much…

    Also. I doubt Bourne would kick Bond’s ass. No way. Bond is way cooler than Bourne.

  17. i don’t care what you or anyone else says i will always love WHAM! mess shorts and all!!!! (yes 4 exclamation points are needed)

  18. Shit. So you’re saying I need to take off my mesh outfit?

  19. rebecca – I will wear one tomorrow then.

    dutchess – You’re welcome.

    ben – I will be thinking about that when I decide what to wear when I get married.

    shelly – I like Father Figure too, but it’s kinda depressing sounding to me.

    lissa – Yes!

    kristen – No, no, no. Please keep it and wear it with pride! Just not if you ever come visit Ari and I.

    justin – You look great!

    nancypearl – Well, she wasn’t a good friend then was she?

    sassy – Exactly.

    valerie – Hahaha – that is great.

    brookem – Yup!

    aaron – He totally could, you’re right.

    marcos – Yes indeed.

    matt – I’m sure he did! And no way dude, Bond relied too much on gadgets while Bourne just kicked ass.

    julie – Of course! If you had used any less that four I would have been upset.

    nicole – No, photos first and then you can take it off.

  20. the hilarious thing about this is that at the time that picture was taken he was technically still “in the closet”. oy.

  21. In this case, yes, the mesh shirt did make the man. No denying it, George. Your mesh shirt outted you.

  22. WAIT?!?! WHAT?!?! George Michael is gay?

    I so love him!

    ::wiping away tears::

    That song is the best.

  24. Who the hell is the douche on the right?

    Also, I would like to note that a LOT of George Michael songs are amazing. There, I said it: AMAZING.

  25. Never trust a guy with two first names, that wears a mesh shirt and sings in a one named band with an exclamation point.

    Rules to live by, really.

  26. tiff


    George Michael is so not gay. Please ignore Father Figure.

  27. He was in the final episode of Extras, and quite brilliantly played himself. If you are this big of a fan, do yourself a favor and rent it. Just make sure to buy yourself a pretty little mesh top first.

  28. I cannot get over how HANDSOME and NOT GAY Justin looks in that tank top.

    Is there any way I could get a poster of that or something?

  29. T-Rex

    um, I talked to George…he likes shackles.

    what is it with you and celebrities named George?

    Is Boy next?

  30. alexa – Right – he was fooling all of us.

    dingo – Hahaha – Nice.

    allie – I’m so sorry you had to hear it from a blog.

    kindredly – Hell yeah it is.

    mindy – Hahaha – I’m glad you’re okay with that.

    rs27 – Or with two letters and two numbers.

    tiff – Hahaha – yes, please ignore.

    noelle – I will, in pink of course!

    kiala – I’ll send you one.

    t-rex – I have no idea. I have a problem.

  31. at some point when I was in NYC I came across some actor from some old show who was wearing that exact shirt, but in black.

    I should note, he was black himself. So it was black on black, the exact opposite of George’s white on white.

    That part doesn’t actually matter – but I wanted to share anyway.

    Also? The shirt is hideous.

  32. I love this song. And the video. Especially when he burns the jacket.

  33. Anyone who wears mesh shirts and blow shit up via music videos is a friend in my books.

  34. Love that song. Love Justin in the mesh shirt almost as much. Which is a lot. Because I love that song.

  35. Will YOU please wear a mesh shirt? And take pictures? And post them here?

    That would make you All About Awesome!!!


  36. I used to have a crush on George Michael.

    …I was a strange child.

  37. I freakin LOVE that song.

    If it somehow managed to be a Trivia question on Monday, that would make my life.

  38. deutlich – I’m glad you shared.

    big time – Yes! Also, how cool is it that I refer to you as Big Time? Pretty fucking cool.

    meghan – Yes.

    melissa l – I’m glad that you like it, it’s a favorite.

    jen – If you’re lucky.

    freeandflawed – Hahaha – not that bad. He’s pretty!

    lacey – You and I both.

  39. megkathleen

    George Michael’s the best. Remember the music video for Faith? When it starts with a close-up of his ass? Classic.

  40. So will you be wearing that ensemble to the next wedding you go to? haha.

  41. When I started reading this I thought you were going to hate on Georgie, and then we couldn’t be blog-friends anymore. I’m going to the concert this summer and I can’t wait!!! I actually blogged about it a few weeks ago. Oh, and the gay thing? I don’t think anyone really caught on until the 90’s.

  42. tia

    what WAS that other guy’s name?

    it is probably somewhere in the comments, but i’m too lazy to read them.

  43. Jo

    Maybe in that picture he was just pushing forward the lyrics of another well known song

    “Ooh, well I guess it would be nice if I could touch your bodddddy, I know not everybodddddy has got a body like youuuuu”

    While implicitly meaning “touch me touch me, touch me through my mesh vest”

  44. Mesh shirts work well in Baltimore. They prevent the redneck tan while still allowing people to enter into convenience stores that require you to be wearing a shirt.

  45. Faith is a fab song by George too.

    FYI- In Jamaica, they still think the mesh shirt is hot! lol and they wear it in red/yellow/green combinations!!!!!!

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