don’t be jealous scorsese

I’m about to head out of the city for the weekend, so I leave you with this.

The moment you all have been waiting for – my first video post.

It is moving.

It is inspiring.

It is a movie of epic proportions.

Or maybe just two bored people sitting in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York.


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36 responses to “don’t be jealous scorsese

  1. Definitely moving. I had a movement or two just from watching it.

  2. yep, I could use that minute of my life back and yet… I am still laughing.

    you two are adorable.

    have fun this weekend!!

  3. notsojenny


    sadly i am not adept with videotaping anything so i applaud the 2 of you for getting this done. i just found out that my camera takes video clips WITH audio… i was AMAZED!

    and i feel Ari’s pain… everytime a client comes out to hang out with me they say i sound different. that’s because at work me has a professional voice and i do not. i like to think it makes me mysterious and not dumb : )

  4. Marcos

    Stop looking at me!!!

    That video quality was pretty good. If that’s a small camera you gotta start filming the crazy shit you see on your way to work.

  5. Wow. I’m absolutely speechless.
    And SO glad you started with the video stuff. REALLY.
    My life is enriched now.

  6. For some reason I can’t see the vid here at work. Shit.

  7. Ben

    Ahahaha poor Ari is banished to the shadows because of her robot voice?

  8. That was the best 47 seconds of my life.

    Excuse me, I’m just going to go smoke a cigarette now.

    You two were THAT good.

  9. I need a Jack cameo next time.

    I’ve been wanting to do a video post for awhile but I would probably sound squeaky and annoying. I don’t talk like that. Ever.

    I hate how I sound on video. Don’t worry Ari, you’re not the only one!

  10. I watched that with my son on my lap. He said, “Play again.” All I know, is that at two, he might just be a film prodigy.

    Excellent work, Apollo and Ari.

    I’m with Jamie — where’s the dog?

  11. Oh, the wonders of webcams. Have a good weekend. I hope you make lots of robot voices!

  12. You could have atleast did a little jig to wake us up!!!!!

    Have fun this weekend

  13. Less blabber, more basketball!

    Haha. A highly entertaining VLOG debut. Well done.

  14. can we get a weekly vlog?!? love it

  15. Wow! That was…that was something!

    I laughed, I cried, and I’m going to have to take a moment to regain my composure.

  16. It would’ve been better if you were drunk.

  17. Actually I only want 26 of those seconds back… the rest you can keep.

    Have a great road trip… and as you said, only 1 pee stop every 6 hrs!

  18. Aw. AWWW!

    Scorsese eat your heart out! 😛

  19. I thought there was going to be a T Rex cameo.

  20. Aww, you two are cute! And kind of quiet…

    Although, when you are talking instead of writing, it was difficult to tell which words you would have capitalized to indicate that they are Very Important. 🙂

  21. Can I star in one of your upcoming films?

    I would really like to play an action hero.

    But not one like Bourne. Sorry, had to.

  22. fabulous video post, have a great weekend!

  23. fabulous video post, have a great weekend!

  24. Have a great weekend, you two crazy kids!

  25. legendofsleepyhollow

    please drink in large quantities before ever doing that again.

  26. tia


    i like the molding around your doors.

  27. Haha… you did kinda sound like Larry David then. And your girl has a cute laugh 🙂

  28. eyesaswindows

    Oh I bet he is… I bet he is. Haha, I sound like a man on the phone… strange.

  29. Interesting, a switch to video blogging? *thinks*

  30. B2G

    Wow. Hahahaha…

  31. ride5000

    are you wearing scrubs?

  32. Jo

    I like the way you say blog.


    I say blog.

    You say Blarrrrrg.

    (and fanny pack)

  33. oh boo. “this video is no longer available.”

  34. Are those scrubs? You look like you just got off your shift at the hospital. lol

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