it was fun while it lasted

I can’t fucking take The Real World anymore.

I have been with the show from the beginning too. I laughed when poor Julie asked Heather B. (raise your hand if you had her CD) if she wore a pager because she was a drug dealer and let out a “Oh snap!” when I watched Stephen address his issues with Irene.

This new season in Hollywood has broken me though.

All I do is sit and scream at the TV when it’s on.

The new cast doesn’t have to work – instead they’re all taking acting classes.

Then there’s a dude who looks like this.

And no one has said anything yet.

How the fuck can you look at someone with hair like that and not say something???

The first thing I would’ve said to this guy was, “Hey, what’s up man? I’m Chris, and your hair is making me uncomfortable.”

The new season also has a guy and a girl who say they don’t believe in labeling themselves “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” even though they’re cuddling and holding hands by the second episode.

Listen to me: If you’re cuddling, hooking up, and constantly hanging out with someone – that’s your girlfriend.

Shut the fuck up about labels.

I label you a Fucking Dumbass – how about that?

I guess this means that I’m old now or something, because I refuse to watch the show again.

From now on, if I want to watch a bunch of stupid, annoying people talk about Things That Are Not As Important As They Think They Are – I’ll just step out of my building’s lobby.

That should do the trick.


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57 responses to “it was fun while it lasted

  1. Wow. I didn’t even know the show was still on, let alone that there were people out there watching it. I give you credit for sticking by MTV.

  2. I’ve been a loyal and avid RW fan since the first NY cast but I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t.

    That idiot in particular? He spewed on and on about how he does SO much to make himself look “this good” and blaaah bllaaaahhh bitch moan whine..

    I had to flip the channel.

    Bring back the Miami cast. Or either NY casts.. OR BOSTON.. or Seattle. *ahem*

  3. Ben

    The Real World never quite made it in Canada. I got sucked into a Real World: Sydney marathon though and I strongly believe that I am now infertile as a result.

  4. Um. It’s nice to see you’re not feeling cranky at all on this fine Monday morning.

  5. That’s all I can say because I really don’t watch TV unless it has to do with vampires having sex with humans and that only comes on on Fridays.

  6. Hey be nice, one day you’re going to wake up and he’s going to be gone. You’ll see.

  7. he even has an earring…

  8. Yeah, I’m old and I watched ‘The Real World” until Colorado..(I think)…and I just couldn’t take it anymore. These young whippersnappers use too much language, show too much skin and want something for nothing.

    Just wait until they are 42, have teenagers that are making them gray, and worry all the time. I bet they’ll go around telling all the OTHER pta or sports parents that THEY were on Real World, and expect money or something. Or maybe they’ll just have sex with the other parents…..or get drunk at their kids’ last Senior football game……..

    I get alot of my ‘real world’ type fix watching Big Brother. Same concept bigger variety of people.

  9. Marcos

    I haven’t watched that show in a long time although I did enjoy it for a number of years. Dude, if you were on Real World you’d get kicked out so quickly.

  10. Oh that Joey makes my eyes BURN.

    And he lives in his grandparents basement.

    You just KNOW he’s on the roids.

    How about that prissy brunette bitch who “loves her boyfriend”?

    GAH. Set them all on fire.

  11. It was a sad day for me when I realized I was just too old and no longer gave a shit about “Real World” and sadly that happened when they hit Chicago (which is especially sad considering I live there).

  12. uh i hate that show now. i think it sucks because they stopped getting people that are actually interesting and just got people that they KNOW will flip out and try to kill someone.

  13. tiff

    welcome to the other side. It’s not so bad, and we’ve got decent TV.

  14. Yeah I gave up on The Real World during Colorado but I still watch the challenges though. I LOVE the Challenges.

  15. You know the last few seasons have been pure crap! I don’t even know where to start with this cast…you’ve got the stripper who doesn’t own anything but stripper clothes and looks like she’s prostitutin’ every time they go out somewhere, the Dragonball Z lookin’ fool who’s clearly on steriods but gets in the hot tub with a wife beater on EVERY TIME, then you’ve got the young black guy who thinks he’s “the chosen one” and refers to people around him as “peasants” and calls women “associates”….and that’s only half of them!

  16. That hair looks painful. For everyone.

  17. T-Rex

    wanna really see stuff to make you want to poke your eyes out immediately…try any show with Flav-o-Flav.

    You’ll be running back to The Real World with a new-found appreciation.

    Yah Boyeeeee!

  18. nancypearl – I know, it’s about the only show I still watch on there.

    deutlich – I know. It’s fucking terrible.

    ben – MTV owes you a child.

    kristen – Bright eyed and bushy tailed! No, not bushy tailed. And the only thing with vampires I ever liked was The Lost Boys.

    crystall – Hahhaha – That was the best quote of Real World ever!

    erikka – Yes, I missed that.

    shelly – Sounds like you have it pretty much figured out. See, Big Brother is not stupid enough for me.

    marcos – Hahaha – I know. It would be the fastest cast member exit ever.

    kiala – Totally on roids! No doubt! Well, I think the brunette is hot, so she’s allowed to be stupid.

    cherryride – It is sad, but a good day as well.

    maxie – Right. Back in the day there used to be ugly people and now everyone’s all perfect looking. Well, aside from dude above.

    tiff – Thank you for accepting me.

    lissa – Yes! The challenges are awesome!!!

    boogiemonsta – I know, way to bust out of the stereotypes there Brianna! She’s gross.

    melissa – I completely agree.

    t-rex – Flav-o-flav!!!

  19. Is that Sonic??? Sonic the hedgehog??

    ::as I scatch the right side of my head with my index finger::

    That guy has always scared me as does this guy!

  20. i totally agree with you! i just wrote a blurb about it too. i mean watching it this weekend as much as the spiky douchebag bugged me Brianna bugged me more.

    the one right when she was left the bar because she kissed some girl that was on coke, that outfit she had on was ridiculous. i mean it was basically stockings with a bathing suit bottom. sloot!

    also since when did the real world kids start talking about blow?

    i miss puck.

  21. notsojenny

    honestly, i’m impressed. it takes some serious determination to get hair THAT long to stand up THAT straight. well, determination and stock in Dep.

    and i’ve hated real world for a few years now. it’s awful. and the people are morons that need to be sent off to an island… but yet i can’t help but watch it. it’s on so often that i catch at least 30 minutes of it a week. i hate myself for that.

  22. When you live in LA and see these Real Wolrd peeps everywhere you then realize…” I wasted so much time watching these guys drink.”

    I hate myself.

  23. i kinda thought i was the only one who thought that guy looked like the biggest douche in the history of the earth. i’m very very very glad i’m not. but, i hope there’s not a whole subculture of people out there who idolize him and soon our streets will be overflowing with even more douches with sonic hair.

  24. I have been a RW fan for so long, but I couldn’t take it after…Chicago? Vegas? At some point, I realized that these people weren’t dealing with Real Problems in an Adult Way, and watching the show makes me alternately nauseated and stabby-feeling. At least for this season they’re not pretending that these kids aren’t DYING to become part of the “Awesome Hollywood Scene” (read: lameasses who don’t know how to drive properly, taking up space and wasting oxygen in a place that has so little to begin with). Bring back New Orleans! New York (hell, either one!)! London?

  25. Ultima Dea

    Hi. I’m a friend of Big Time Fancy, and you, sir, are my new hero. Cheers.

  26. Jo

    How did that guy think TV was the career for him?

    Perhaps it was the wise words of his dentist whilst laying on the hard sell for those sparkly teeth…

  27. Oh my god, that guy bothers me too. He’s all “you think I don’t want a pizza right now? I make sacrifices so I can look this way! That’s what a REAL MAN does!” Ew, and that nasty stripper girl? And the ignorant Southern blonde? They all suck.

    I still love the RW/RR challenges, though. Gauntlet? DRAMA O’RAMA.

    P.S. Are we going to trivia today? I’m excited even though I am completely worthless at trivia because my brain has no ability to retain information. Just a warning.

  28. Dude, I soooo feel your pain on this one. I’ve been a loyal RW fan from the jump too, and now I hate what it has become. Just a bunch of d-bags, idiots, bitches & whores! It doesn’t seem organic at ALL. And I’ve come to the same conclusion you have… I’m just to old for it now!

  29. Once I became older than the people on the show, I realized how ridiculous it is. And how ridiculous I used to be at their age.

  30. Dude. I don’t want to sound like a 13 year old but stupid Kim says ‘I don’t believe in BF’s’ yet she’s all jealous when the chick with the big boobs is hitting on Dave in the club. YOU LIKE HIM, BITCH! YOU WANT HIM! ADMIT IT ADMIT IT!

    The show gives me high blood pressure. I’m not sure if i’ll make it through the rest of the episodes.

    Joey creeps me out.

  31. Dude. That guy gives Chicago a bad name. The Real World is so bad now. Seriously. So so sooooo bad. I haven’t even been able to watch the past couple of seasons because I feel like I am losing brain cells and slowly dying.

  32. I can’t believe his nickname is Gotti by now. How can they not rip him apart in the confessional? Hello. I hope they show him actually doing his hair like that. I bet it’s an artform all its own.

  33. I stopped watching during the fourth season. London. Yawn.

    At the end of the first season, I remember telling my sister that I thought it was funny coincidence that all the housemates wanted to be famous for a living. Ah, the glory days before reality TV seeped in.

  34. I just can’t watch that show anymore. I think I stopped after Seattle, actually. I remember in the beginning it was so cool and original. And then, suddenly, it was popular and with popularity comes crappy tv. It just became too scripted. (Note: the Irene slap scene WAS amazing.)

    That new guy’s hair, though? That might make me check out an episode to see if he’s a real person or not.

  35. Listen to me: If you’re cuddling, hooking up, and constantly hanging out with someone – that’s your girlfriend.

    Shut the fuck up about labels.

    THANK YOU. It is about time that a man said this. I hope all the men reading this TAKE NOTE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

    Oh, and also, I hate the Real World. After Season 4 it was crap, and the guy pictured is a total douche. I can tell just by looking at that hair and his dopey grin.

  36. I haven’t been able to watch the show for a loooong time. They can’t call the show the Real World anymore because in the real world, people have to fucking work!

    I think in order to get on the show you must somehow show signs of addiction and extreme horniness.

  37. I’ve never seen seven people so completely useless shoved into one house. The only way the show could redeem itself is with a good ol’ fashioned fight to the death scene.

  38. allie – I think it is!

    alexa – Yeah, Brianna is nasty. Put some fucking clothes on because you’re not even the hottest girl in the house!

    jenny – Yes, that is how MTV takes over our minds…

    rs27 – I can only imagine – if I saw them all the time I’d be pissed.

    betsy – He looks fucking stupid. And we better watch our backs.

    megan – Hahaha – yes, stabby would be a good way to describe it.

    ultima – Well thanks! I don’t have to wear tights now do I?

    jo – Yes, I think you’re right.

    arielle – The challenges are the best. Yes, trivia tonight!

    aaron – Yeah, it’s way too scripted for me man. Let’s be old.

    carrie – I should have stopped when I became older too.

    cruz – Right! She’s all, “I don’t like you” Yeah right! Stop fucking him then!

    jamie – You are smarter than me for sure.

    allison – I know! Nothing. Not even a passing mention of his hair.

    noelle – Hahaha – I long for those days.

    lauren – The slap was awesome. You know that he’s been arrested a couple times since then?

    mindy – You’re welcome – for me letting you air your issues with men on here.

    mrstwink – Yes, it should be called – “The World In Which People Get Paid to Drink and Have Sex.” I think I’d audition for it then though.

    meghan – Please email that idea to Fox.

  39. We don’t have The Real World over here. After seeing that photo I’m kind of glad.

  40. Ugh this Hollywood cast is killing me. I laughed when Joey was blubbering about wanting to die and how people would ask “Where’s Joey?” “Joey’s gone” boo hoo. Go already! His hair is stupid. I want to shave his head.

    Greg drives me nuts with his “associates” talk and blatant lack of respect for people. He doesn’t seem like he even wants to be on the show.

    Bri….needs to put some damn clothes on. She can look sexy without looking like a whore.

    Damn you RW Hollywood!

  41. Hmmm…
    See, when I first read the first sentance, I thought “amen brother”!

    Then I realised that you were talking about the stupid tv show.

    Am I the only one who deal with the real world sometimes?

  42. Have you seen the pop-up edition that they’re showing now? I didn’t make it through the original episode, but then they broke the rerun down Blind Date style and it was hilarious.

  43. eyesaswindows

    Haha I’m so glad someone finally said it! This season is horrible, there is no real person who seems even endurable. They are all psycho

  44. I haven’t watched the Real World since Philly, oh man, I can’t imagine how bad it is now.

  45. I haven’t been able to watch this either. I think the last time I followed a season was San Diego. And even that was a tenuous relationship.

    I hated this cast before the show even aired because they filmed often at this improv theatre I always go to. The camera equipment would take up all the space in the little bar, and the cast would talk all during the shows.

    Also, they are all really short.

  46. The fact that you think that brunette is hot makes me sad angry. At men. For their penises.

  47. HAHAHA, you make a great point about that Joey dude. Why hasn’t anyone said anything to him? They just act like he looks like a normal dude. And the blonde bitch’s comment about “ghetto” and “blackville?” Oh shit, my blood boiled and I imagined myself jumping through my TV screen and fully kicking her twig-ass.

  48. megkathleen

    I haven’t watched Real World since the Las Vegas season (I feel like that is the turning point where it became about drinking and sex and, who am I kidding, that’s the year I apparently became too old to have fun). Anywaaay, after reading the comments I’m Really glad I haven’t been watching. A real man makes sacrifices to look good? If I was watching this season I would have shot myself in the head by now.

  49. I didn’t even know there WAS a new season until, like, yesterday. But that guy’s hair? totally makes me uncomfortable as hell too.

    ps- this might have been your funniest post.

  50. That Saddity Chic

    Hahahah that’s the hollywood look for the dudes out here. It was pretty funny to me too when I first moved to L.A.. But I happened to see the same styles on some dudes when I was in New York 2 weeks ago. I think the trend is catching on now.

  51. kali – You should be very pleased with that.

    jenn – Yes! The “Joey’s gone” speech was possibly the best ever on Real World. Classic.

    sassy – Perhaps, it’s easier talking about tv.

    annie – No! Where is it? On MTV?

    eyesaswindows – I usually say what most people are thinking. This can be good or really bad.

    katelin – Consider yourself lucky.

    hollywood – Hahaha – that would piss me off too. I’ve always wanted to be around when one was filming so I could yell at them.

    kiala – Sorry. I know. Our penises are mean.

    felicia – You should have, that would have been a great trick.

    megkathleen – And no one likes a blogger with a hole in her head.

    nicole – I figured you’d feel the same way too. And thanks!

    saddity – Yeah, it’s been here for awhile, but pretty much only in the Bronx. And on stupid kids, not a grown man.

  52. I’m in Berlin at the moment and there are loads of douchebags here who look like that. They’re American and Italian tourist teenagers. I just left Prague and that city was overrun with them, too. It certainly doesn’t bode well for foreign relations when our teenagers go abroad looking like complete idiots.

  53. This is wonderful.
    My thoughts exactly.

  54. On MTV, and possibly on the website though I haven’t checked, they show the pop-up version. I bet the cast is pissed when they see, because it totally mocks them. It says the things you want to say.

  55. I’m pretty sure everyone on that show is worthless.

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  57. B2G

    Me, like everyone else here, totally hates this new cast. Denver was okay… but it all started downhill after Vegas. Seriously. It’s beyond ridiculous.

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