doing it and doing it well

Yesterday I went and got my hair cut at the place around the corner from my office that I always go to.

This is it:

I took this picture after I got off work.  Pretty nice looking place, right?

Obviously the best part about the outside of Roman’s is the sign, which has this dude on it.

I like to think that is Roman – the Founding Father of Roman’s Barber Shop Hairstylist, Inc.

I’m not sure though, because no one that works there looks like that.

There are two dudes who cut hair at Roman’s, one older foreign man and one younger foreign man.  I say “foreign” because I have no idea what nationality they are, but they both clearly have an accent of some kind.

I don’t even know their names.  I just refer to them in my head as Old Dude and Young Dude.

Young Dude is by far my favorite.  Every time I get my hair cut by him, he snaps his fingers a lot.  When he throws the shower curtain-like thing over me to keep the hair off – snap!  When he reaches for the clippers – snap, snap!

It’s pretty awesome.

Then, when a song comes on that he likes, he signs along to it a little bit – but not too much.  Just enough for me to appreciate that he appreciates it.  Yesterday it was Love In This Club by Usher.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

And when Young Dude is done, he always, no matter what day it is, says, “And now you are ready for the weekend!”

It is, without a doubt, the best way to end getting your hair cut.

Yes, it was Tuesday, but I was ready for the weekend!


Because of him!

And my hair cut!

Of course I always tip them both well.  They only charge ten dollars, so I always tip five, because c’mon – that great of an experience is worth it.  And what’s $15 anyway?

Because of my generous tipping and the ease of my haircut (you’ve seen me, I don’t have much to cut) the guys at Roman’s love me.

Every time I come in they both greet me and every time I leave we all say a heartfelt goodbye.

So next time you’re visiting New York and you’re done doing all the touristy things and whatever else, why don’t you pay a visit to ol’ Roman’s for a haircut experience Like No Other.

And just because you read my blog, first one’s on me.


(I also have a post up at the Back Fence PDX blog, which is more of a story than a blog post, so it’s slightly longer than my usual stuff.  Please check it out if you have some time, I think you’ll like it.  If you don’t just remember it was my first time writing a “story-like” post in a loooonnng time so be nice.  Or don’t be nice. Either way, please read it and just lie to me if you think it sucks.  And be sure to check back at that blog regularly for all the other great stories posted there.)


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46 responses to “doing it and doing it well

  1. I am up early!

    I’ll get my hair cut at Roman’s when we come visit.

    Why not?

  2. KK is up very early! Thanks for the Back Fence PDX shout out! It’s a great story and I think people will like the different it shows.

    This post made me ready for the weekend. And for a haircut, which I’ll be getting today at 1. But not by a guy who still rocks Z Cavachis, but by a 19 year old girl who already hates me because I represent AGING.

    God, that depresses me. I’m only 33.

  3. I love that dude ALWAYS says, “And now you are ready for the weekend!”

    That? Is awesome! That will make anyone’s day.

    Sadly, I have dreads. Haven’t had the whole barber experience in like 9 to 10 years 😦 But if I’m ever on 31E. 31 St, I’ll be sure to at least pop in and say hi!

  4. I wish I was a boy. Getting my hair cut would be SO much easier if I was. And cheaper. And I could hang out with guys named Roman and not seem weird. Maaannnnn.

  5. Matt


    That is a great fucking deal.

    Regardless on how much I distrust dudes named Roman.

  6. Marcos

    Dude, why didn’t you tell me? I’ve been searching for a decent haircut in Burlington and after years of botched up, overpriced haircuts I’ve fallen back on doing it myself which of course always sucks because I don’t have the skills of a trained barber.

    Dino’s is one of the only businesses in Maryland that I miss. Hot vietnamese girls cutting your hair well for only $10 was the shiz!

  7. My hairdresser just likes to bitch about her job and all the stupid twats she’s forced to work with.

    I think I like Young Dude better.

    He’s having a Good Time and you don’t have to be scared he’s gonna freak out and cut you.

  8. I miss the old man, Floyd the Barber types… the kind that work in small little shops and are just as likely to cut off half your ear as give you the hair cut you wanted (i.e. anything other than the same buzz cut he gives everyone else).

    Around my place, you don’t have any options that aren’t franchises ran by middle-aged white trash women who still try to dress/act like they’re 25.

  9. I can’t remember the last time I paid $15 for a haircut! Tip included! You men have it so easy. My last haircut easily set me back 80 dollars and there was no snapping to be heard! I WAS ROBBED!

  10. aw, its nice to see you are capable of enjoying something.

    I hope the guy on the sign has no connection to the place whatsoever. or it was the guy that actually installed the sign and thought it would be funny to put his picture up there. who could take it down after he went to all that trouble?

  11. Growing up I got my hair cut at “Ron’s Hair Care” where both guys’ names were Ron. Ron on the Left was kickass but Ron on the Right definitely did not leave me ready for the weekend.

  12. I can’t understand a word that my hairdresser says but I keep going back to her because she keeps doing an awesome job even if it does cost over $50. (Damn, being a woman can be so expensive!)

  13. Oh my god, could my comment have had more typos. I’m infected with them lately. I’m not even going to correct them. Can’t face it.

  14. I think they should put your picture up on their banner. That would be way cool.

  15. i enjoy any and all posts about hair. these two men sound fun- glad you enjoy your experience there so much.

  16. Just becoming ready for the weekend is worth $15 any day of the week.

  17. I want my hair stylist to snap.

  18. deutlich

    why is it that I have to pay at least $30 to get even a remotely decent haircut?


  19. Rachel

    This was so nice–you should print it out and give it to them framed.

    Only photoshop your pic in for “Roman”.

  20. That’s it. I’m officially whatever homesick is, where a place is not your home, but you miss it like that, for New York. Buying tickets now. You are the best travel guide there is.

  21. $10?!??! WTF???

    my tip alone is $20 when i get my hair did. oy.

    i also want my hair dresser to snap. a triple snap would be even better.

  22. Do you get out of work so goddamn late that Roman’s is closed or do they just close early?

    I just realized thanks to your post and the comments that I have been paying girl prices to get my hair cut. WTF?!? And no snapping for that money! But I need a haircut so I might stop by Roman’s later today if they are open late and agree to put my picture up on the awning. I want some of that snap-loving, too.

  23. I want a hairstylist who is happy to see me…who snaps…and who occasionally sings Usher.

    Sounds like my kind of place.

  24. My hairdresser snaps her gum while she cuts my hair, does that count?

    *off to read story*

  25. 10 bucks in NYC? This must be an unlicensed place. I will not let rogue barbershops take over the USA!

    But Roman is a cool name, so I’ll let it slide.

  26. Everyone knows you need three days of growth before sending any haircut into the weekend.

  27. kiala – You won’t regret it!

    melissa – Thank you for letting me do it! And don’t let that bitch hate on you, she probably has zits.

    mental – Do it!

    stealth – I know, I’m sorry. But look, sometime you can come over to my building, and we can both go and hang out with Roman.

    matt – I know it, it’s great.

    marcos – My bad dude, I had no idea. I wish I had the experience of going to Dinos.

    kristen – It’s very comforting.

    justin – Right, the Old Dudes always want to do what haircut they like, it’s their way or nothing.

    lissa – Damn! For that much you should get a glass of wine and a massage.

    everygym – aw, its nice to see you are capable of enjoying something. Hahaha – That made me laugh my ass off.

    narm – That’s why the left side is always better.

    marie – Us men rule! But not too much – you women are awesome too.

    yourgirlfriend – Thanks! I try.

    melissa – Don’t worry about it!

    maxie – That would be insanity.

    brookem – Thanks – my hair is amazing. No. No it’s not.

    verb – Exactly.

    freeandflawed – I know, I’ll have a word with him or her.

    deutlich – Hahaha – what happened at the bottom of the comment?

    rachel – A great idea!

    megan – See you soon!

    alexa – Man, a triple snap would almost be too much.

    stooge – They close at six, so a little of both. Hurry over there!

    lauren – It totally is, you’d love it.

    inreallife – Um, yes?

    rs – Phew! Thanks man.

    noelle – Dropping knowledge!

  28. I’m sorry, but I will not be getting my hair cut at Roman’s. The thing is, my hair is a masterpiece. Not just anyone can make me look this amazing, Chris, and something tells me your snapping friend probably can’t. Although I do approve of his snapping. And his farewell.

    Also, the picture on the awning looks like a mug shot. That guy is definitely a fugitive. You get your hair cut by criminals. Obviously.

    God this comment just keeps on going, doesn’t it? I should probably stop typing…


  29. inna

    I’ll bet you he is Romanian. And not even because his name is Roman. I’ve met a few romanians named roman… and a few russians also. but i’m sure you would be able to differentiate a russian accent from any other… i have the faith in your abilities

  30. I bet if you ask, “who’s Roman?”, they say, “You not worry who Roman is He good boy. You need haircut? You want cut like Roman?”

  31. I think Tia might get mad at me if anyone else cut my hair.

    But I’ll stop in and say hello to the Romans… or whatever nationality they are!

    OK, off to read your story-like post now… (and I’m EXCITED!)

  32. holy crap, no wonder i’m never ready for the weekend.

  33. JK

    $15 including tip and it came with snapping and a sweet accent?! Where’s my penis? Can I get one please?

  34. megkathleen

    Do they cut girls hair? Because I just might have to fly out to New York to get my hair done. It IS in dire need of a cut.

  35. i love how even the smallest of events in your life are somehow full of ridiculously amusing things, like foreign guys that snap for example, amazing.

  36. my husband gets his haircut at a place called Caesar’s. They do old fashioned straight razor shaves and will give you a beer. All for $10. He loves it.

  37. mindy – Well you’re missing out!

    inna – Hahaha – A Romanian named Roman! That’s awesome. Thanks for having faith in me.

    zibbs – Hahaha – I bet you’re right.

    jen – Well I bet they appreciate it. And thanks for reading the post and being excited to do so!

    nico – I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you.

    jk – Oh man, do you understand the restraint I am exercising from saying something dirty back to your comment???

    megkathleen – Yes they do! Come on!

    katelin – Hahaha – me too, I guess my life would be boring if I didn’t notice the small things.

    twink – Beer too??? Oh my god that is heaven!!!

  38. That place reminds me of a place here called “Do Me Nails.” We always wonder on which word you put the inflection on. Is it a question? Is it a demand?

  39. I haven’t been to get my hair done in eleven years (seriously!!!) purely cos I HATE getting my hair done – but your dudes sound like fun!!

  40. Uh dude, new life goal- have them change the picture to your own.

    Also, sad to say, your pic didn’t make it to the blog meetup this past weekend. To make up for it, I stuck a crackpipe in your mouth. You smoked a whole rock!

  41. JK

    Wow. I didn’t proofread…..Oops!

  42. Methinks you need to get a shave from them, too. Because that goatee on the awning? Is unbelievably awesome.

  43. Jenny, the girl that has been cutting my hair perfectly for the past five years, just up and left the salon without warning. This is a TRAGIDY. Do you have any idea how long it takes and how much it money costs to brainwash someone into delivering a perfect haircut? I can’t get over it.

  44. felicia – Hahaha – I like to think it’s an exclamation – “Do Me Nails!”

    paula – I’m telling you, check them out!

    dan – As long as I was smoking crack, I’m fine with everything.

    jk – Hahaha – it was just so tempting to say something…

    princess – Yes! Good idea.

    unbearable – What a bitch. Just give it some time, things will get better.

  45. WOW, yeah hat picture is awesome.

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