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Happy Monday people – I have a post, but from now on, every 14th of the month I am being featured over with all the other great writers at Burt Reynolds’ Mustache, so please go check me out there today.  I wrote about the talent show in high school, so you should read it.  Please?  It’s just one more click of the mouse dammit!  Do it!  

I’m sorry I yelled.  Just please go read it.

Also, today is the last day to turn in your stories for my contest, so make sure you get them to me by midnight tonight.

Tomorrow I will post all the entries and then Wednesday I will announce the winner.  All of this info is on the Win Something! page, so check it for all the details.  

Alright, I’m going watch an episode of the A-Team, so have a good one.


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15 responses to “some stuff

  1. I wish I had time to write a story for you.

    Oh, and I used to love the A Team.

  2. Okay! Okay! I’m headed over there. Geez! You know, some people hold a contest and then get allll bossy on ya’.

  3. Rachel

    Okay, do you know about my crush on William Shatner? You dressed as him singing…mind blowing. I have to go rub one out now…

  4. Oh yay!
    Now two of my bloggy friends, you and Morgetron, post there! The coolness factor on the ‘stache just went up even more.

  5. I pity the fool that doesn’t enter your contest.

  6. Jidai

    Just came across this little contest of yours… Perhaps I will enter.

  7. Argh. I had to take my BRM post down. More office drama!

  8. Deutlich

    I’m totally lame and forgot to write a story. Oy.

  9. Good stuff! I have done everything you ask…

    I win! (Just because.)


  10. I’m too behind on your blog to write a story, unless it was about being behind on your blog.

  11. Damnit! I clicked to get here and now you tell me to click again? I will do it, but not because you told me to. I do it only because I am sure there is undoubtedly a vast, perhaps infinite, amount of funny there and I want me some.

  12. uuuuugh, another click. fuck that.

    i just typed a lot of letters, huh? so my excuse is not mute. pronounced MOOOOOT

  13. Yes! The A-Team. What a fab idea. You’ve inspired me to do the same.

  14. What contest?

    And Burt Reynolds has quite the powerful mustache. I shall go read.

  15. Papa don’t preach would be priceless. Maybe even open your heart.

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