Yesterday I became a Comic Dude.

I went and bought Watchmen (which is fucking awesome) and I started reading it on the train ride home, feeling everyone’s eyes upon me.

I understand people judging me, because 1) I do this all the time and 2) when I think about Adults Who Read Comic Books, I think of this:

All of that.

The stomach, the bad clothes, the pony tail, the yellow skin.  Okay, maybe not the yellow skin.


Definitely the yellow skin.

I even got the harshest criticism from Ari, who is great and loves me, but referred to my new purchase as “My dork book.”

I was a little tentative about the whole thing.

This isn’t to say I’m not a fan of comics, I was raised on The Punisher and Batman, thanks to having an older brother who would only punch me eight times when I tried to read his comics without asking.

So I get the whole comic book thing.

But I just didn’t know if I was ready to be That Guy.

Then right before I bought Watchmen, I twittered about how I was questioning this Major Decision, and I got some support from other bloggers, which made me feel better.  Even though those bloggers were both attractive women which means they can do whatever they want and everyone will think, “I can’t believe she does that.  But she’s hot.  So it’s cool.”

I thought about all of this, and I chose to become a Comic Dude.

I’m not afraid of what others may think of me, because I know that deep down in my heart I am Cool, and as long as I know that, then it doesn’t matter what people think about me.

Plus, when people look upon me reading my comic, and I sense that they are about to say something like, “Nice comic book dork!  Your Mom buy that for you?” I will look up from my reading material and reply, “No, she didn’t, and I am not ashamed to read comics as an adult!  Also, just so you know, I will be blogging about this!!!”

That should shut them up.


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58 responses to “decided

  1. It’s a slippery slope, my friend! Once you start reading comic books—I mean Graphic Novels—they’ll be no escaping the tsunami of belittlement that is going to rain down on yo ass. Be strong! It’s worth the abuse.

  2. I’m impressed that not only did you make the jump to READ comic books – but you did it in public. And you already have a girlfriend – so the female repellent inside of them won’t have nearly the effect on you.

  3. The key to staying nerd-free while reading comic books is to read ones that have been/are being made into movies. Then most people will think that you are easily influenced by pop culture.

    Though some nerdy comic book readers *cough* me *cough* may call you a poseur instead.

  4. Dude, I was the comic book buyer for my company for a very long time. Ain’t no shame in it, especially if it’s something awesome like Watchmen, Preacher, or pretty much anything by Brian K. Vaughn.

  5. i fully support channeling your inner nerd. its healthy. i mean i think i mentioned a sticker collection the other day…yeahhhhh i was only sort of kidding. regardless, it makes for some good posts 🙂

  6. I’m glad you finally managed to find a copy of the book. And even though this attempt to purchase it wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the last attempt, you still blogged about it. That makes me happy.

  7. Whole wide spectrum of comics out there, beyond Batman. I read Daredevil as a kid right about the time Frank Miller started doing the Elektra stuff. Comics for me eventually became something to read on the bus into work when I didn’t feel like people watching or doing a crossword for the umpteenth time. Short, less than ten minutes, and easily stuffed away in my bag. Some other series you might want to consider are Optic Nerve, by Adrian Tomine and the Yoshihiro Tatsumi chronology, and the longer book It’s a Good Life, If You Don’t Weaken, by Seth.

    All good examples that there’s more to comics than crime fighters and robots run amok. It’s a great art form. But like a lot of bookworms out there, I can…never…quite…accept…it…as a legitimate narrative form. I wonder why? Glad I’m not the only person who considers this as well.


  8. It’s a graphic novel NOT a comic book! Getting the lingo correct is the first step toward acceptance.

  9. Um, I’m going to sound like a bit of nerd too, but I, um, sort of like, um comic, um, books. There I said it! And am not one bit ashamed.

  10. Welcome, sir.

    Actually, I’m pretty much like you. Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, and the first four issues of Buffy Season 8 are the only comics I’ve read since my teen years, and the first two were gifts.

    Still, though, if They start getting to you, just repeat my mantra:

    I can take ’em.

    You might need to beat the hell out of one person on the train for no reason to show you’re still bad ass, kinda like going to prison, but after that you won’t have to worry about a thing.

  11. Matt

    First it’s comic books…

    Then it’s those magic cards…

    then it’s dungeon and dragons.

    Be careful. It’s a gateway drug.

  12. Dude I supported you on twitter too!… and I also warned you that you’ll be now more susceptible to subway muggings while holding that “dork book”. Hide your lunch money in your socks now whenever you’re on the G line back home at night!

  13. Um. I read Watchman a few years ago. Twice. Does that make me a dork?

  14. JK

    Comic books are sweet. I tell my students to read them all the time. Wait, they’re 11 years old. Hmmmm….

    Just Kidding. Embracing your inner geek and remaining a cool guy is all about confidence and confidence=HOT!

  15. deutlich

    they’re graphic novels.

    get it right, buddy.

  16. dude, when you say that to them I think they will actually start bowing down to you! You’re the man!

  17. I have to take issue with the “because she’s hot she can do whatever she wants” thing.

    That is entirely NOT TRUE.

    Take it from me because I’m hot and I know what I’m talking about.

  18. Good for you. I’m 21 and still read comics occasionally. I just got my girlfriend to start reading Batman. Loving Dragon Ball Z through my teens and into my twenties is still something that I’m dealing with, though..:-/

  19. I’ve read Watchmen on the subway – as well as Batman, Justice League, etc., etc. Nerds unite.

    Also, when I saw a dude a couple of weeks ago reading Watchmen on the train, I almost went up to him to geek out with him about it. But let us remember I am affianced, and it may have been a move considered “flirting.” And I know you’re not single, but dudes out there should know that it’s not NECESSARILY a female repellent.

  20. Embracing your inner nerd is a good thing. Graphic novels aren’t that far removed from storyboards for films and stage plays, too, so even better.

  21. Well, son, get used to the front of the bus. Nerds in the front, cool kids in the back.

  22. maiden – It is! I’m loving it.

    unbearable – I will try my best.

    narm – Right. I thought about this. I think if I was single I’d never have taken the leap to read in public.

    inreallife – Oh I totally felt like a poseur when I bought it. The cashier was some super hip comic woman and she was frowning on me.

    noelle – Good to know. No shame in my game bitches!

    ang – That’s true.

    stealthneard – And you joined twitter! Which makes me happy.

    sonny – I know. On the cover it says, “Time magazines 100 best novels” and I still feel awkward about it.

    dingo – Duly noted.

    marie – Let it out!

    justin – I’m going to do that tonight. Just to set the tone. I’m bitch slapping the first dude I see.

    matt – Never! I will never use those magic card things!

    mental – My bad, I forgot! I will be wary of people that’s for sure.

    lauren – No. Only if it makes me one now.

    jk – I knew this meant I’m hot!

    deutlich – I had no idea, but now I do.

    verb – I think that’s what will happen too.

    kristen – It’s true 90% of the time. You know it is.

    matt – Yeah, that’s gonna be a tough one to deal with.

    jessica – Hear that guys???? Buy Watchmen and let the women love you!

    phil – Yes, I’ll tell them it’s for a movie. It makes me sound cool.

    falwless – Okay, but will you still pass notes with me during study hall?

  23. The man I have regular sex with reads comics. Not during sex. Or maybe he does…maybe that’s my thing…or maybe it could be…

  24. Congratulations on your major turning point in life.

    I have sent an argyle sweater-vest through express post mail and I expect you to wear your orthodics at all times young man.

  25. Look buddy. Maybe it is different since I’m a girl, but I shall read the COOL comics wth pride, and you should too.

    At least it wasn’t sold out in your area. My friend (another Ari) has been on the hunt for a while now.

  26. Matt

    Thats good. I would hate for you to take that path.

  27. I won’t judge you! Unless you develop yellow skin and/or start sporting a ponytail.

  28. I love comic books.

    And I love men who read comic books.

    And I love porn.


    That took a wrong turn somewhere.

  29. Um, that’s how I felt about reading Atlas Shrugged on the train. I thought people might think me Pretentious Chick Who Lugs a Ten-Pound Book on the El Just to Look Intelligent.

    But really it took me like four months to read that brick.

  30. nancypearlwannabe

    Maybe you should refer to them as “graphic novels”. That’s how I justify buying comic books for my middle schoolers.

  31. melissa – Oh it’s your thing alright.

    alice – Yes ma’am…

    heather – Yeah, it was sold out in Barnes & Nobles here, I found it in a comic store close to my office.

    matt – If I ever do, I trust you to punch me and then delete this blog.

    freeandflawed – Of course, if that happens, feel free to punish me.

    kiala – Actually, I’d argue that took a right turn.

    heather – I don’t even know what that book is, so that shows you how dumb I am.

    nancypearl – This is what I hear…

    ari – Yes, but you’re a dork lover, so how does that feel?

  32. I support your comic book decision, but: Dude, you are so behind the curve ball with The Watchmen. I read that, like, 15 years ago.

  33. I’ve never been able to follow a comic book– or a comic in a newspaper even. The format is too complicated for my brain.

  34. having yellow skin is cool, duh!

  35. megkathleen

    They’re all just secretly jealous of you. At least that’s what I tell myself when people are giving me those looks.

  36. my former roommate used to go to the comic book store and get all the new comics the day they came out.

    They even knew his name.

    He had yellow skin though so it was cool.

  37. I read books about a girl who loves a vampires.

    Meh. Whatever winds your clock.

  38. haha i knew one of the ‘other bloggers’ would be jessica. she’s almost got me interested in reading it.

  39. My own mother calls me a dork for some of the books I read. None of them are nearly as dorky as comic books, but still…

  40. Okay, okay, Maybe 90% of the time but the rest of the time the world tells Crissy to suck it.

  41. Comicon was this past weekend in San Diego. Had it not been sold out and had tickets been cheap and had I not been too busy drinking at my apartment…I would’ve gone. There’s just something appealing about being a dork.

  42. Pingback: Borders, Boners, Bennigans « Big Time Fancy

  43. tia

    aww i think you and your little comic book are cute. i picture you sitting on the train wearing one of those hats with the pinwheel on top, swinging your legs because your feet don’t touch the floor.


  44. Ain’t nothin’ wrong when boys like comics. When girls go into comic stores, it’s like the Earth stops spinning and everyone in the store stops breathing.

  45. cherry – I know, but I’m trying!

    maxie – Well, what about Garfield?

    mspuddin – It is? Well shit, I’m going to start on that tonight.

    megkathleen – Yes. I think I’ll do the same thing.

    rs – Awesome.

    yourgirlfriend – Yeah, you did, so your in the same boat as me.

    sarah – You should! It’s awesome, I swear.

    mindy – It’s always harshest from those that love you.

    kristen – Well, that’s a pretty good percentage. I think hot guys it’s only like 45%. You know, based on my knowledge of being a hot dude.

    hollywood – Hahaha – You really just don’t like doing anything do you?

    tia – Yes, perfect. Thanks for that image.

    big time – I could see that happening.

  46. Ya know what I think? Whatever cooks your noodle.

    Although saying that – obviously in the form of “whatever cooks my noodle” – to an inquiring mind on the subway may earn you an ass kicking. I’d avoid that if I were you.

  47. After all these years, I still pick up an Archie’s comic book. What the fuck does that say about me?! They sell those at the magazine stands by the cashier in the grocery store! You can’t get any more ghetto than that. At least what you read you actually need to go to a Comic Store!

  48. apparently watchmen is supposed to be one of the best comic book stories ever. and that’s saying a lot. so i definitely will not judge the geek factor here.

  49. J

    The Watchman must be a guy phenomenon.

    Because I have absolutely no idea what the eff it is. Even WITH the new trailer on the internet.

  50. comic con was last weekend and i think my friend cute super hero outfit. which obviously has now made me a comic person too and i can’t judge. if hot girls are involved on some level, i’ll generally approve.

    this will be featured on our website of course.

  51. This is yet another thing that no dude can do with pride, but hot girls can do with impunity. That’s because girls are the true superheroes, what with them guarding the greatest power of all: access to them naked.

    And I’m afraid, with this admission, that your access will be revoked.

  52. Deutlich is right. Always right in fact.

  53. amind – Yes, I think I will.

    essentially – Yeah, reading about the crazy antics of Jughead is never okay.

    katelin – So far it really is.

    j – Look it up! It’s awesome.

    gina – I too, will generally approve if hot women are involved.

    pistols – Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dan – Really? Always???

  54. Ari

    so…I’m a different Ari ….and I read comic books and I’m a fairly “normal” chick…you should have seen the looks I got when I went around to bookstores trying to find The Watchmen….

  55. I think you’re cool.

    However, I have low standards, so that may not mean anything.

  56. Legend

    I think i’m gonna punch you eight more times. I had an orgasim during the watchmen preview. I didnt have to buy it I already have it. Yeah and my son cant touch my comics either without a 15 minute dissertation on respetcing the comic.

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