freedom and salsa

Saturday night Ari and I decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant, eat lots of food and drink so many margaritas that we’d laugh uncontrollably at each other’s jokes.

We settled in to a nice table outside and began eating and drinking when it became apparent that there was Something Different about the man sitting at the table next to us.

We both noticed at the same time.

The man was on wheels.

No doubt he buffs these before every outing.

No doubt he buffs these before every outing.

I don’t know what would have possessed him to make him want to do this, but there he was.

He was a casually-dressed white male in his early to mid forties, wearing roller blades while eating at a restaurant.

Now Mary Ann’s is not a classy joint, so I’m not knocking the man for his lack of proper attire. I was really just stunned by the fact that because he chose skates over Keds this eve, he actually had to roll through the restaurant to get to his table.

He rolled by people eating.

He rolled by the various wait staff.

He rolled by the salsa.

He decided when he was leaving his apartment, that no matter what events unfolded in front of him, no matter where his travels took him, he would meet it all with a roll and a smile.

He laughed in the face of laces and he was not looking back.

Ari and I enjoyed his choice, and when it came time for him and the woman he was with to leave, she reached down and – to our delight – strapped on a pair of roller blades too.

We watched them roll on to their next adventure, exiting the restaurant like rolling angels.

Not a care in the world.

Just the sound of their wheels hitting the floor, the wind bustling through their hair, and nothing but the open road ahead.


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43 responses to “freedom and salsa

  1. How you avoided some sort of fast food joke is beyond me. Bravo to you, sir.

  2. Small world! I just ate at Mary Ann’s last Friday! Chicken with molé sauce. Yum. Which location did you visit? Nothing beats getting a sidewalk table @ the 2nd Ave location and watching the big parade of humanity pass by. The food is pretty good, but you can’t beat those gasoline-strength margaritas.

  3. OMG! The funniest thing about this post is that you were actually able to capture it in a photo. Bravo!

  4. That’s pretty cool. I wonder if like us normal humans who tend to switch up our shoes, they switch up their wheels. Like on Tuesdays (because it’s such a shitty day and exciting things should be reserved for this day alone), they strap on a skateboard.

    See now that sucks! They can only alternate between roller blades and skateboards! There should be more alternatives dammit.

  5. See, if this was me I would have been much more entertaining. My lack of balance is comical on it’s own, add wheels and you have a cheesy 80’s sitcom episode, me falling into people’s laps and the salsa ends up on my head.

  6. I was kind of hoping you’d say he fell and knocked over some salsa…

  7. deutlich

    Uhm.. that is entirely too cute.


  8. This post was both heartwarming and life-affirming. Bravo, Chris. Bravo.

  9. Rollerblades make me look tall.

    I like that.

  10. I can’t imagine. I would completely fall on my ass.

  11. You should have started sending margaritas and tequila over to his table the moment you noticed he was wheeled. Could have been that much better had they drunkenly taken out the salsa bar on their way out the door.

  12. M always regales(sp?) me with stories of his rollerblading days. to which i sit back and laugh because the only time i ever though rollerblades were cool was when my All Star Barbie Theresa had a pair

  13. There is nothing I love more than people just putting it out there, flying that freak flag high and saying “Hey! This is me in rollerblades at a Mexican restaurant! Got a problem with that? Don’t make me rollover your bare toes, Judgy McJudgester.”

    I’m totally taking my Segway to the Mall of America in honor of this dude.

  14. ken

    i’ve heard rollerblades aren’t cool anymore.

    i’m out of touch anyway, so take that fwiw.

  15. I miss New York!! BOO. Also, I heart Mary Ann’s.

  16. Matt

    I guess you cant knock it unless you try it.

  17. I just feel like having margaritas and mexican food in New York totally trumps doing it here in Portland.

    And now I’m sad.

  18. If couples on roller blades aren’t able to dine at Mexican restaurants, the the terrorists have won!

  19. narm – I learned it by watching you alright? Remember that ad? Classic.

    unbearable – Yup – 2nd avenue one. It’s our favorite place.

    word – Thanks!

    essentially – I agree.

    inreallife – Awesome. Then everyone would look at the camera and be like, “That’s our Rachel!”

    freeandflawed – That would have been much better.

    deutlich – Maybe you and Aaron could give this look a try?

    melissa – It was? Fuck. I need to start over.

    kristen – I always imagined you were tall. I’m guessing you’re 5’7″.

    maxie – Give it a try next time you’re out at a restaurant.

    justin – Yes, that would have been a good idea.

    jenny – Hahaha – Oh man, he has “rollerblading days????” That is hilarious.

    whiskey – Do it. And take pics. But of course you were gonna do that already, weren’t you?

    ken – I don’t think they ever were cool. Okay, maybe for about a month after they came out.

    arielle – It misses you as well. The Chrysler Building told me to tell you it said, “Hello.” And yes, it is awesome.

    matt – Exactly.

    kiala – I’m willing to bet it’s only different by the amount of crazies eyeing your food as you eat outside, so don’t be sad.

    mental – We must not let that happen!

  20. I was so hoping that they’d fall on their way out. They split a pitcher, and those margaritas are strong. I almost fell on the way out and I had shoes on.

  21. I tried this once. It ended with me face down in a gutter after 32 bud lights.

    Drinking and rolling is not your friend.

  22. NY sounds randomly awesome, dude. I can’t wait to visit.

  23. “Mary Ann’s” sounds VERY Mexican.

    SoCal Mexican food kicks NY Mexican food’s ASS!

    And that, my friend, is why the West Coast is the BEST Coast!!! 😛

  24. He probably lives on a 6th floor walk-up and has not a care in the world.

  25. Okay, it’s clearly time I visit Mary Ann’s. Salsa, good. Margaritas, good. Old white men on roller blades, good.

  26. Maryann’s is the best. Been going there since 2003. cheap mexican food covered in cheese and grease, cheap sangria, free shots of tequilla when the waiter spills water all over you, and if you go to the one in the East Village, you can stop by The Grassroots Tavern on St. Mark’s Place, and drink cheap beer, and watch some asshole like me get drunk and make a fool out of himself on a regular basis.

  27. deutlich

    dude! no way in hell. the last time I got on rollerblades, I was 12!

    I’d fall on my ass in no time flat.

  28. ^^^I’d say No not because I’ll also be falling on my ass, but also because I’m not sure if I’m ready and committed to being ‘that guy’. I still have a little shame left in me

  29. megkathleen

    Maybe they needed to be able to make a quick getaway. Or maybe life’s just more fun on rollerblades.

  30. ari – I know, me too.

    rs – 32 Bud Lights would put anyone face down.

    cruz – It is.

    jen – Yeah I know, but NY is always going to be the best city in the world, everyone else is just jealous.

    noelle – Sounds about right.

    stealthnerd – Yes!!!

    jay – All good things.

    deutlich – Exactly why it’d be fun to watch.

    mental – Get rid of it!

    megkathleen – I bet it’s a little of both.

  31. um that seems like a pretty great idea.

  32. Like rolling angels.
    Man, I wish someone would describe me as a rolling angel. Maybe I should start wearing roller blades again.

  33. aw how cute. dorky, but cute that they’re skating together, haha.

  34. Did he drink any margaritas? Because I, for one, believe that buzzed rollerblading could be some fine entertainment.

  35. At least he has an excuse if he falls. Maybe that’s the plan. When I got up from drinks on Friday, a little tipsier than I realized, I crashed into a guy sitting at the bar. I wish I would have had roller blades to blame.

  36. I don’t care if it’s New York and anything goes. Rollerblades at the dinner table is NOT ok.

  37. OMG! What’s wron with people these days… Seriously…

  38. At least he wasn’t wearing those ridiculous sneakers with the wheels in the heel. I would have tripped him if he was.

    It would have been more awesome if he was wearing old school roller skates and busted a few moves while exiting the restaurant.

  39. maybe i should start wearing rollerblades cause i have this bad habit of not picking up my feet when i walk, and trip constantly over nothing. if i could just roll along, life would be sweet.

  40. That could have proved disastrous. If it was ME, for example, on rollerblades, I would have CRASHED through all the waiting staff and left a trail of destruction in my wake . . .

  41. Jo

    They ARE very shiny, now you mention it. I like the idea of someone polishing their rollerblades before leaving the house.

  42. julie – I expect you to try it.

    big time – Do it and see what happens. Let me know.

    katelin – No – not cute at all!

    phil – Oh yes he did, and that does sound fun.

    megan – Hahaha – Nice.

    your girlfriend – I agree.

    andy – I have no idea.

    mrstwink – Heelys!

    grounded – Yes, I think this is something meant for you.

    paula – Well at least it would have made for a fun time.

    jo – Me too!

  43. I almost thought this was awesome. Then I remembered how much I loathe kids with rolly shoes.

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