sunday, sunday, sunday!

I’m posting on a Sunday!  I’m posting on a Sunday!!!  Anyone hear me out there?  Well, not here, over at Burt Reynolds’ Mustache.  So if the hangover isn’t too strong, please click the link and check my post about babies looking hot.

C’mon, that had to peak your interest, right?  Go read it!


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6 responses to “sunday, sunday, sunday!

  1. On a Sunday?

    I think I’ll soon see a cow fly. And the pigs will follow.

  2. chrissy

    dude. so, you’re bookmarked and i read you everyday. today i was like, “hm, itd be sweet if he updated today. buuut, it is sunday.” and badabing! shazam! you did.


  3. What?!? Shameless plugs count? However, I will go check out the sexy babies, although it smacks of pedophilia…

  4. You *would* post about that…

  5. Yikes. Baby heels…almost as bad as Crocs. Almost.

  6. DDG

    I was gonna say what Larissa said. But then I thought of those poor babies with the disgustingly corny ‘high heels’ and decided they top Crocs in allround creepiness.

    And that says a lot.

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