let them be

Yesterdays post title inspired some people to comment about songs.  One guy mentioned Lionel Richie, and I love me some Lionel.  But then another blogger said something about The Beatles, and that my friends, is where I draw the line.

I don’t like The Beatles.

I never have and I never will.

I understand they revolutionized music about a million years ago and all that, but I just don’t like their music.  I don’t care about the stupid yellow submarine and how they all lived in it like a bunch of assholes and I don’t care about Sergeant Pepper and his Lonely Hearts Club Band because they probably sucked too.

None of it.

Not one song.

And I know what you’re going to say.  You’re going to say something about me not understanding the roots of rock and roll and how I’m not a true music fan and that’s all fine with me.

You can have The Beatles because I don’t want them.

You can have their stupid haircuts and their 857 albums.

I never get all giddy when I hear their songs.  In fact, I get rather gloomy.  I bet that surprises you.

I know, I know.  I’m supposed to like them.  Everyone does!  Everyone likes The Beatles Chris!  Well not me.  

I don’t care about Paul, Gringo, that Other Dude and Lenny.  Speaking of Lennon, everyone always makes such a big deal about how he staged that protest of the war, right?  He sat in his bed!  That’s what the man did.  He sat in bed for awhile.  What’s the big fucking statement there?  You want me to sit in bed all day – I’ll do it!  Just ask!

No Beatles for me, thank you. 

I’d much rather rock out to Green Day.  Now there’s a band with some talent!


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69 responses to “let them be

  1. I don’t really have anything to say about the Beatles as I don’t give two craps about them, I’m just happy to be first to comment, provided I hit “submit” in the next three seconds.

  2. Thank god. I thought I was the only one.

  3. Rachel

    Green Day–LOVE THEM

    I was alone…I was all by myself…

  4. We are no longer friends.

  5. deutlich

    Luther Vandross is 20million times better than Lionel.

    Just sayin.

  6. I understood the first paragraph of this post, and everything else after that made no sense at all.

  7. Okay, we can still be friends but this is a sad, sad day and I’m not sure I can look at you the same.

    Okay, not really. I can still look at you the same.

    Just as long as we are talking Green Day before they turned soft rock and practically all elevator music about it.

  8. My sister had a crush on John Lennon. She would write her name with Lennon as the last name over and over in her notebook.

    It was really awkward when my parents had to have THAT conversation with her

  9. I understood the first paragraph of this post, and everything else after that made no sense at all, until you got to the part about Green Day. They do rock.

  10. Surprisingly, you aren’t the first person I’ve heard say this. And after living with someone who had a, well, freakish obsession with the boys across the pond (she had their haircut…it was not a good look) I’m not their hugest fan right now.

  11. Well there goes my wedding gift.

  12. Wow. I was all set to join your blog network on Facebook.

    And now this.

    You are dead to me. Just like they said Paul was dead in 1968.

  13. I’m a huge Beatles fan, and by huge I mean that whoever I marry – in the very far future, of course – will have no choice but for “our song,” the first we dance to at our reception, to be “All You Need is Love.”

    I went to Beatlemania – fake dudes, naturally – several years ago. I have DVDs, CDs, anthologies, books (including a book of artwork themed after their songs), paintings, the works.

    I love me some Beatles. =) I’m even planning a tattoo with the line “there’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.” That’s right. I’m totally serious.

  14. The last time I stayed in bed for a few days they just called me “depressed”. Jerks clearly don’t know a war protest when they see one.

  15. longredcape

    I like the Beatles, but I can definitely understand why some people don’t. I am a fan of their last album (I think? I don’t know that much about them) Let it Be, because it was the most NORMAL of their music, and it actually sounded like rock music.

  16. i have to disagree with “Everyone likes The Beatles Chris!”
    because everyone LOVES the beatles. how have you survived this long? i just don’t get it

  17. Ben

    The who now?

    I kid, I kid…

    I wasn’t raised in a household that thought The Beatles were the second coming of the big guy upstairs. Therefore, I can name MAYBE four of their songs and I only like one of them.

    Plus their hair sucked.

    Yeah, I went there.

  18. the beatles are my favorite all around band – ever!

    we can agree to disagree.

  19. [F]oxymoron

    Well said… but Green Day… they are beyond talented! They are abysmally talented!

  20. Surprisingly, you’re not the first person I’ve heard say that. People either like them or not. It’s all good though. So much music out there that not everyone has to love the Beatles!

  21. Goose

    Im so happy that I’m not the only one that can’t stand them! They didn’t revolutionize rock and roll. They started Brit Pop! Congratu-effing-lations. John Lennon was a schmuck, in fact the only one I like/feel bad for is McCartney because of the evil succubous he married. I feel better about my hatred now…

  22. There’s that infamous question: Elvis or Beatles?

    I pick Elvis every time. We share a birthday. And he just plain rocks.

  23. Matt

    Beatles get a Boo from me as well. I would rather listen to The Stones or Zeppelin…

    I dont mind their haircuts and accents and political views….

    it’s their music that fucking sucks.

  24. Me

    People don’t really like the Beatles. They just say they do because everyone else is saying it. Like how everyone says they love the watching documentaries on the History Channel when they’d rather be watching old episodes of Saved By The Bell.

  25. YES! Thank you! I could not agree with you more. I don’t hate the Beatles I am just completely and totally unimpressed by their existance. I catch so much flack for this and then I sit down to listen to them and fall asleep with boredom.

    This post made my day.

  26. Also – great title to this post.

  27. If it was ok for Ferris Bueller, it’s ok with me.

    You should listen to Nirvana’s cover of Twist and Shout. It’s much better than the original.

    Also, what’s your favorite Green Day song?

  28. nancypearlwannabe

    I’m sad for you, dude. Because really? Green Day?

  29. hmm…

    Beatles – Talented, changed the face of music today, yada yada ok. BUT if you can muster up the courage, listen to a few of their less popular songs. Once you step beyond the Penny Lane & All You Need is Love, there is a whole other world of beautiful music.

    Green Day – Talented yes – but technically technically less talented than the Beatles. Most of their music is played in power chords like the Ramones. I’m not saying they aren’t great, but they aren’t technically any better than the Beatles.

    Granted, I have every album (overseas included) ever distributed by both The Beatles & Green Day.

  30. whiskey – Woo hoo!

    dutchess – You are not alone. You are never alone.

    rachel – Hell yes.

    jamie – Of course we’re talking old Green Day. Don’t stop a rocking! Man, that was dorky.

    deutlich – I knew you were gonna say that!

    noelle – That first comment confused me, but then I got the other part, so yes, Green Day is awesome.

    inreallife – Oh man, I bet that was fun.

    stealth – She had their haircut? That is bad.

    lissa – Hahaha – send beer instead.

    j-money – I’m not dead, I’m a survivor. I’m a survivor (what), I’m not gonna give up (what), I’m not gonna stop (what), I’m gonna work harder (what)!

    amind – Wow, I think you might be crazy.

    aine – I know!

    longred – Well, at least you can see why I hate them.

    jenny – I eat Wheaties every day for breakfast.

    ben – Terrible, terrible hair.

    alexa – Man, the Browns and The Beatles? You have made some bad choices.

    foxy – Your name totally rules.

    marie – I obviously agree.

    goose – That’s one thing I’m good at, making hate okay.

    word – Uh-oh, I don’t like Elvis either. Sorry.

    matt – Yup!

    me – I don’t want to be friends with any of those people.

    narm – Thanks man. Direct those people here, I’ll deal with them.

    arjewtino – Either “Jesus of Suburbia” (the link) or “Having a Blast.” You?

    nancypearl – Yes! Green Day from me being an angsty teen to now!

    grace – Yeah I know, but I just don’t like the Beatles. And if you have love for both, then you’re okay with me.

  31. I agree w/ Grace13. You’ve got to step outside of what was considered the Beatles “best” (most popular) songs and listen to some less popular ones. Those are their best songs in my opinion.

    I do like Green Day too though. And Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, etc etc. I love all styles of music. Except for country. It makes my ears bleed.

  32. I always thought they were just trying to be like The Monkees anyway. fuck the beatles.

  33. I…I loved the Beatles when I was in Jr. High.

    I didn’t know who INXS was or anything. Just Beatles all the time.

    Also, I unwittingly used crotch spray as perfume.

    I was pretty popular, obviously.

  34. Dude! I’m sooooo glad you gave props to Lionel! I’ve been having this never ending argument with Bee that Lionel is better that Luther. Please tell me you’re on my side with this… please?!? The man gave us ‘Hello’… I mean, c’mon!

  35. You do make a solid argument. That Lenny was really just a dirty hippie.

  36. I hate Nirvana, and I don’t really like the Rolling Stones. So there. I don’t even care!

    You’re welcome for sparking this discussion! 🙂

  37. I promise I won’t hold this against you.

  38. Ditto. I don’t like them either.
    I’m not a music snob but I do like reading Rollingstone.

  39. You are dead to me, Chris. DEAD TO ME.

    (not really but GAH!)

  40. kristi

    I LOVE the Beatles and I HATE Green Day!!!!!

  41. the beatles don’t like you either!

  42. I am so glad to know that I am not the only who immediately thinks of the king of 80s love songs when she simply hears the word “hello.” Anyway, although I do like the Beatles, I won’t hate on you for not loving them. I honestly think half the people out there really like them because you’re “supposed to,” and they’re afraid people will be shocked if they don’t. It’s kind of like holiday music (which I also love unabashedly) in that sense.

  43. I’m sorry, Gringo?
    With a G?

  44. I really don’t know how we can still be friends…You don’t like The Beatles and you’re a Steelers fan. You have one strike left.

  45. I like The Beatles well enough. My mom loves them, so I grew up with them. Next to “Rock a Bye Baby” I heard “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” So, ultimately, I think I like them for a nostalgia sake. As I get older, though, I can understand why they were so catchy and/or revolutionary.

    I loved Green Day in…6th grade I believe. I thought I was SO COOL liking them. I wouldn’t compare them to The Beatles, though. Fun, definitely, but not revolutionary.

  46. Okay. You don’t have to like The Beatles. But they do a killer song entitled, “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road.”

    And those are the words. Other words are: “No one will be watching us; why don’t we do it in the road.”

    I don’t care how much you hate them, it’s un-American not to like that one.

  47. Let’s pretend this post didn’t happen.

  48. k8

    I hate listening to the Beatles, and yet I live with Mr. Gay who worships them and has life sized posters of them everywhere. Night and day. Day and night. I asked for one night off a week. He was crushed.

  49. I too, dislike the Beatles.
    I try not to proclaim this fact too loudly lest I be attacked with pitchforks by the villagers.
    And by villagers I mean my crazy Beatle loving friends.

  50. kellie – Country hurts all of us.

    jay – Hahaha – Ron would love that argument.

    kristen – Obviously.

    mental – Team Lionel!

    mickey – Lenny the Loser.

    jenbun – Thank you.

    jenn – I appreciate that.

    alleged – I think that still counts for something.

    kiala – I am sorry. I’ll send you flowers to smooth things over. Tell Dane I’m just a friend.

    kristi – I can’t hear you!!!

    sarah – Hahaha – awesome, good comment.

    heather – I’m a big fan of Little Drummer Boy.

    mindy – Yeah, you know, Gringo!

    megkathleen – We are in a fight.

    lauren – Billy Jo would kick Paul’s ass!

    big time – I do like that title, so that’s one for them.

    rs – Let’s pretend you didn’t comment.

    k8 – Time to cut things off.

    shaba – Oh they’re out there alright – lookin’ for a hangin!

  51. jay grochalski

    chris, you’re assuming Ron and I haven’t had that conversation before, and weren’t in perfect agreement. none of the Beatles ever wore a wool hat in the california summer, or had a cool Mickey Dolenz fro.

  52. wow. SOME of their songs are actually good …like Fool on the Hill and Eleanor Rigby ….but don’t worry, I’m not trying to convert you …but just sayin’ you’re missing out 🙂

  53. Jo

    It’s ok, I’ll forgive you for not being British and understanding.

  54. Pants

    Music can be such a touchy issue! People never understand my affection for Milli Vanilli.

  55. Oh my god, I HATE Green Day. This is bad news.

  56. Chris.

    I cannot describe how absolutely, utterly HAPPY I am at this post.

    My whole life I have said I do not really like The so-called Fab Four, how I think they are over-rated . . . and I’ve been looked at as if I was mental.

    Hopefully now you’ve came out of the “non gay” Beatle hating closet, we’ll get some normality in the world.

    Ps. I’m drunk. Can you tell??? But I hate the Beatles, drunk or not!!!

  57. I won’t lie, I died a little inside reading this because I loved the Beatles. I feel confident we can work through this though.

  58. KT

    Yay I hate the Beatles too! I always get weird looks when I say that, but they are way too overplayed!

  59. Echidnagirl

    At last, someone like me who loathes the Beatles. Squash them, I say. Flatten them like bugs on a windshield. I want to see blood and gore.

  60. The Beatles are great. It’s the Stones that are over rated. At least for the # of songs they have.

  61. I just recently stumbled across your blog and thought, whoa, this guys funny. I was almost taken a back by the Beetles comment, however, to each their own. (Only taken a back because I thought everyone liked them – Shock – horror- gasp!)

  62. While others have assuredly already told you this, and given you the needed feeling of solidarity, I also have never cared for the Beatles. “Love Me Do?” There are roughly 14 words in that song, and 12 of them are “love.” Call me newfangled, but writing a whole lot of songs about love and handholding just don’t resonate in a world where music tells me to superman that ho.

  63. Knowledgable dislike is okay. I don’t understand it, but it’s acceptable. Since my opinion of you is what holds you together and all.

  64. Though I do in fact like the Beatles, I also like the idea that living in a Submarine will make you an asshole.


  65. i know people who don’t like the beatles! everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, of course. just be glad you’re not coming to my wedding cause our requested songs from the band…well, just be glad.

  66. i’ve never really gotten the whole “beatles are rock & roll gods” thing. some of their music is good, some is kind of lame, and some just sucks.

    feels good to finally say this.

    i always side for the stones. they were SO much cooler than the lameass beatles.

  67. Thank God. I thought I was the only person on the planet who doesn’t like the Beatles. I don’t give a hoot about them. I feel nothing for them. Beatles Schmeatles. What.Evs.

    with love from Pittsburgh…

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