make a decision

I spend a lot of my time roaming around the Internet, sometimes looking at useful things and sometimes just looking up what that dog on Dukes of Hazzard was named (Flash).

One thing that I always enjoy when I’m doing my browsing is voting.  If there’s a poll on a website, you bet your ass I’m making my voice heard on the subject.  I will click my mouse, check the results and see if I am part of the Popular Opinion or just some loser who thinks for himself.

It doesn’t matter to me what the poll is about either – I’ll make my opinion known about anything.

“Of all the MASH characters, which one are you?”  Voting!

“If you could go to a planet, which would it be?” The people must know!

“Does Obama wave his thumb around too much when he speaks?” Clicking away!

“What’s your favorite part about Christmas?” I’d be a fool not to vote!

“Do you always wear panties?” Uncomfortable, but still voting!

I find that voting on these website polls makes me feel alive, so I decided to make a couple for you.  I know a lot of you won’t vote because you’re lazy and clicking the mouse once more is simply too much if you’re not looking at porn, but trust me, voting can be fun.  So do it.

Let the voting begin!

See? That was fun wasn’t it?  It’s all about making a choice, and deciding to speak up for yourself and your generation.

And if you didn’t vote, I have just one thing to say to you: You can forget about me sending you that autographed poster of Eric Nies for your birthday.

I’ll keep it right where it belongs – above my bed.


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63 responses to “make a decision

  1. I voted! I did it because I too am a participator.

    I know my voice counts!

  2. Wow! You might be the only male on the planet who remembers Eric Neis (let alone be privy to an autograph). Do you own his workout videos??? I bet you do!

  3. deutlich

    I voted because I’m cool like that.

  4. wishmewell

    I voted because my best friend really IS sadness!

    (no opinion on the day of the week or shoes, however)

  5. Eric Neis is the best random namedrop EVER. Don’t forget he was also a product of the Real World. YESSSSSS.

  6. I voted in your polls. Wait, you aren’t part of the liberal media that skews everything toward the nasty truth, are you?!

    What the hell.

  7. I voted for Nader on all three. I’m into throwing my votes away.

  8. I think you should add a poll that asks if you voted in the other polls.

  9. rachel

    can you post these the night before so I am sure to vote early?

  10. I’m freakin addicted to voting for almost anything. I said ALMOST.

    And seriously, “Do you like shoes?” Um, HELLS YES! It’s because I’m a girl.

  11. I voted, but I always like when there is an “other” option so I can do a write in.

  12. I never knew Eric’s last name, because I always just identified him as “Eric from The Grind,” or “that bastard who broke Julie’s heart.”

    Do you also have a poster of Dan Cortese, MTV Sports?

  13. i had a lot of trouble voting between Sadness and Eric Neiss, if that’s how you spell it. but then i realized that sadness never hosted the Grind, it just made me drink more. Eric never bought me a beer and told me it was okay to wallow in it…sadness did.

  14. ken

    i abstained from voting, but posted a comment about it anyway.

  15. Thanks for making me feel super productive at work! Is it time to go home now?

  16. Two things:

    1. I so voted.

    2. You make me snort and cry at work.

    Thank you, sir.

  17. Wait – you don’t have that poster! I do! It was part of our blood brother/sister best friendship pact. He’s such a liar. He’s not my BFF anymore. You can have him.

  18. Oh, I voted alright. What do I get? There are prizes aren’t there?!!

  19. I voted. I wasn’t going to. But I did it. Happy now?

  20. I’m actually drunk right now. This is why I’m leaving work early. To keep drinking. Yes.

    Have you voted on my latest poll? If so, I’m going to go ahead and guess you were one of the three people who want me to be a hooker.

  21. Matt

    So is everyone else pretty much saying they dont get scared at night?

  22. I voted. I want to win the poster.

  23. Love your blog. I so voted! Eric Neiss…that is so random yet cool…

  24. I voted for Eric Neis, even the the correct answer in my case would be the more specific “Eric Neis’s amazing pecs.” Close enough, though.

  25. now i have to google Eric Neis to see what that’s all about

  26. Now I’m crying, because you’ve made me face the realization that sadness is my best friend. :sob:

    Oh, but I do so like shoes!!! lol

  27. you spelled nies wrong. and i know this because he is my best friend. we both like to grind.

  28. kristen – USA! USA!

    dolce – Yes, but I only watch them at night by myself when I’m feeling vulnerable.

    deutlich – Of course you are.

    wish – He’s not that bad, right?

    jessica – Thanks! And yeah I know, I just thought mentioning The Grind was necessary.

    lacochran – How’d you figure me out???

    lisa – Thanks!

    justin – Hahaha – very nice.

    narm – And then one after that, and then one after that…

    rachel – Anything for my readers.

    marie – So what crosses the line for you then?

    dutchess – Damn, next poll, I swear!

    pistols – No, but my best friend looks exactly like him, so it’s just as cool as getting to hang out with Dan every single day.

    jay – Hahaha – best explanation yet.

    ken – Hahaha – like all the people who will talk about how much they like Obama and then disappear on voting day.

    dorkys – Yes! And you got a raise!

    heather – 1) I knew I could count on you. 2) Thanks for reading!

    renee – Ha! He never loved you! I mean in a sister/brother kinda way.

    akilah – You can expect three snack size Snickers in your mailbox by noon tomorrow.

    hillbilly – Yes.

    aine – I didn’t see that option – but that sounds like something kinda fun, right?

    matt – They are lying!

    hbee – It will not disappoint.

    amber – Thanks. He is a Man among boys.

    mickey – Damn – that is so much better than what I put!

    jenny – SHUT UP! You don’t remember him???

    evil – Well, even if you’re sad, at least you’ll have some nice shoes.

    gina – Sexy! And thanks, I am going to fix it now.

  29. I feel so alive now!

  30. You forgot the one about who wants that shirtless pic of Chris to be on each post every single day. It’ll be like your byline.

  31. tia

    you’re a strange man.

    strange, but muscle-y. so it’s all good.

  32. Your poll told me I voted for McCain. Fucking Diebold!

    I love people who go to the trouble to vote for things online but answer “I don’t know”.

  33. hilarious! nice blog, decided to check it out after realizing that we’re facebook friends. LOL

  34. Wow. Eric Nies. That is a name I hadn’t thought of in a long time. I don’t know why not though b/c he was hot! I think I’ll have to find my own poster of him to put above my bed!

  35. as i’ve learned in the hell of a class that my school calls research you need an “i don’t know” option. duh!

  36. I tend to find those website polls addicting. I voted cause I’m cool.. Just wondering if the “get scared at night” option is because you get scared at night.

  37. I like voting – can this be a weekly feature?

    I feel so much better knowing that I’m not the only whose best friend is sadness.

  38. My favorite thing about my best friend Eric is he always holds my hair back and never, ever judges my sexual decisions.

  39. Damn you and your voting, you’ve dragged me into your site and now I’m addicted to reading about the other sad souls that read you…

    What’s wrong with all of us? We should all know better.

  40. Far

    Eric Nies bahaha…. I voted can I get my poster now??!!

  41. Hahahaha… I voted! I feel proud about myself…

  42. I enjoyed this poll:

    I had to look up what most of the numbers represented. Guess which number I picked.

  43. You have waaaaaaaaaaay more votes than comments. So I decided not to be a loser and do both.

  44. rofl

    As I read the results of poll 2, I was confused as to why only 4 people chose the right answer. Was there some joke I missed out on? …. omg. It’s not Tuesday. *head smack* Gah. I need a drink.

  45. I didn’t vote. I don’t believe in “Change”.

  46. You’re a giver, aren’t you? Giving your readers practice for next Tuesday. Awesome.

  47. gwen – Yes! Sing it to the heavens!

    melissa – Maybe I could do one pants-less.

    tia – Thank god for the muscles.

    arjewtino – There are a lot of idiots in the world.

    lapetite – Good idea.

    kellie – Good luck – I bought all of them.

    julie – Class is for losers.

    tiff – Well, yes. Sometimes.

    megkathleen – It helps to know that there are others out there.

    lemmonex – Hahaha – that was awesome.

    mark – We should, but yet we don’t.

    far – Yes. Wait – did you vote for Eric?

    andy – You should!

    hollywood – I did too. Hmmm…. was it 8675309? That’s what I picked.

    angela – And I thank you for it.

    grace – Exactly.

    kiala – 8 more years!

    nilsa – Yes, yes I am.

  48. I don’t like Eric Nies. He’s no Downtown Julie Brown, and he never will be.

  49. I voted!

    Hooray democracy!!!

    (If any of you people vote here but not in 6 days… Grrrrrr!)

  50. i voted. the first poll was so easy to answer. i just bought a new pair of heels last night. whew!

  51. How is tuesday not wining the what day it is poll?



  52. I voted.

    That was fun!

  53. Matt

    I vow to vote every single day until being scared at night is the popular vote.

  54. pj

    i voted but you have so many comments that by the time i got to the bottom i forgot my comment and i forgot what the heck i voted for.. life is tough. i am thinking that i won a ‘fall guy’ poster!!

  55. voting is for winners, obviously.

  56. I am helping Matt on his quest to make being scared at night the popular vote because it scares me that more people aren’t scared. What has this world come to?

  57. I feel like I am a real part of society now.
    Ironically, I actually did vote in a by-election today. This was more important, though.

  58. kez

    I love poll voting too – it is so important to let people know which Sex and the City character you are…
    I voted on your polls – yay!

  59. Check out these mad math skills.

    Today is not Tuesday.
    Today is not Wednesday.

    Since Thursday is not an option, the answer must be “I’m drunk.”

    It’s 2:07am. I better get started.

    (That’s math, right?)

  60. I don’t know who this Eric person is, but I still think I like sadness better.
    Voting is more fun than I thought it would be.

  61. Aw, but I was rather looking forward to the poster. I even removed my NKOTB one for it. Damn you.

  62. ebony

    ok, i totally came back again and voted, like 10 times. I just love voting on those polls!!

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