not here

I’m over at Burt Reynolds’ Mustache today with a post about America’s Next Top Model.  I know.  I can’t forgive myself either.  Please go read it though, it’ll make your day.  Or maybe not.


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6 responses to “not here

  1. Red

    Watching television – no good will come of it!

    But a guy watching “ANTM” ;P can claim he’s just looking for hot chicks. Though I have two words for those guys: HIGH MAINTENANCE!

  2. I’m out! See ya’ on the flip side!

    *Bowling people over to get to Burt Reynold’s Mustache*

  3. “noted blog reader when you should be doing work.”

    damn right! >:-P

  4. You know how far it is from NYC to DC? Only 4 hours.

    Just saying. You might make Lemmonex cry if you don’t visit.

  5. I just read the burts ‘stache post not realising it was you, you were next on my blog roll (which I clicked after the aforementioned) and discovered you weren’t here but over there talking about that whole thing on ANTM.

    Needless to say my eyes bugged out just a little bit and there was a very long stunned silence (and by stunned silence I mean my fingers hovered over the keyboard completely confused and speechless… if fingers can be speechless)

    and still…. I have NO idea what to say about it.

    So I wrote a note to self.


  6. Your absence is noted, but not in a good way.

    Sick of all of these “noted” comments yet?

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