what the pilgrims should have done

This Thanksgiving was a strange one for me because it marked the first time I wasn’t with family to celebrate it.

With needing to rent a car because of Jack, it ended up being way too much trouble to get out of the city, so Ari and I went to a friend’s apartment to eat ourselves to the brink of death and drink so much that we did this when we got home:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “dance magic dance“, posted with vodpod

Did you watch that?  I know, I don’t watch videos on blogs either.  In fact I have a strict policy of only watching them if they are under two minutes.  But that video is only 35 seconds, and it is worth it.  Plus I even used Vimeo, which is somehow cooler than Youtube now even though I don’t really understand why.

A little background on that video:  Earlier in the day, I was browsing iTunes and realized that I had been a complete asshole until then for not having Elton John’s “I Guess That’s Why They Call it The Blues.”  So I downloaded it to my phone.

I really don’t know what I was thinking, not having this classic to listen to at any moment.  I mean, Stevie Wonder has a harmonica solo in it!  I repeat – a harmonica solo!  Stevie Fucking Wonder!  Well, I didn’t want to be the kind of person who lives their life without this song, so I got it and listened to it about five times before we went to dinner.

Naturally, when we got back, I decided to put the song on yet again and dance with Jack.  This was all captured by our other friend who mainly laughed at us but also had the presence of mind to document it for later viewing.

The highlights of the video include the song itself, which makes you A Better Person, Ari making some sort of concoction and declaring it “Pup Stuffing!” and me dancing with Jack, which really was just me whipping him from side to side, while singing along at the top of my lungs.

I’m not really sure, but that might have been the best Thanksgiving ever.


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52 responses to “what the pilgrims should have done

  1. Ben

    Jack was so not impressed. I think he’s more of the hardrock type although he may still appreciate the John/Wonder collabo.

  2. Matt

    I agree with Ben.

    Jack might not be a big fan of Elton John. I dont blame him one bit.

  3. yah, this confirms that i definitely didn’t drink enough this thanksgiving

  4. i dont think you’re really a true pet owner until you do the “sway” with your animal.
    my cat isn’t so much a fan either, but it never stops me.

  5. I’ve always been a fan of “I’m Still Standing”. But yeah, your dog seems pretty, umm, happy? Terrified? Help me out here.

  6. nancypearlwannabe

    Damn. I need to stop having Thanksgiving with my parents so I can drink my face off. Also, I need a dog to dance with.

  7. please !!! for the next video blog with Jack you will need Cat Stevens and the song ¨I love my dog¨
    Now thats a classic you can break into happy dance to

  8. WAIT!!!

    No video! It wasn’t there. Maybe it’s the evil monkeys inside my work computer.

    They’re always making things difficult.

  9. hmmm videos are blocked at work, so I never watch them on blogs either, but the description of this one may just make me check later at home. maybe. only if jeopardy is a rerun.

  10. OK I watched it, but with the sound off as I usually do since I had no desire to explain to my boss what the cacophony was. Jack was as cute as he always is!

  11. I watch videos on blogs.



    Also, we have that same kennel. So we’re cool.

  12. Ha! You should take Jack on “Americ’s Got Talent” next season…

    Glad you had a great time!

  13. Yesterday, I sang Rocket Man on the top of my lungs in the privacy of my own home. I feel connected to you.

  14. deutlich

    that dog is adorable

  15. DOG ABUSER!!! I’m reporting you, asshole!

    One look at this video and I’m pretty sure the ASPCA will be knocking on your door any minute. On the bright side, you can probably be on TV (Animal Cops, New York)!

  16. i cannot believe you didn’t already have that song. and i cannot believe that i had no idea stevie wonder was part of it.

    and the dog dancing is cute. not like the abuse of making your dog wear costumes.

  17. I think Jack is more of a slow dance kind of dog

  18. I genearlly don’t watch videos either, but you convinced me to press play this once…it was worth it. I would watch future videos of you forcing that poor puppy to dance with you.

  19. I don’t think Jack was a fan of Elton John. Or maybe your singing?

    Whatever, at least he got pup stuffing out of the deal!

  20. I love Elton John, but only his old stuff from back in the day when he would sport sequined outfits.

  21. Yes, as much as I miss my family, Thanksgiving with friends usually rocks.

  22. Wait, what about my Diana videos! I demand you watch my child! She is the bestest child in the entire world! I am cool because I hang out with her!!!!

  23. Even pups should have stuffing on thanksgiving.

  24. I danced with Jack until he dumped me on my ass. That Jack Daniels knows how to move.

  25. ben – As my dog, I really hope he does.

    matt – Are you saying you don’t like him either? Lies!

    jenny – That might be a good thing though.

    brookem – I really think they like it.

    aine – Maybe a little of both.

    nancypearl – Yes and yes.

    chele – I will do it for you.

    kristen – It’s there!

    beth – I’ll crush you in Jeopardy! What? That wasn’t a challenge?

    dutchess – You missed my beautiful singing then.

    kiala – You’re a better blogger than me.

    akilah – I am submitting our application right now.

    lemmonex – I feel it too. Let’s email Elton.

    deutlich – He is, thanks!

    mindy – Jack would never press charges.

    erin – I know – please forgive me!

    megan – Candle in the Wind next then?

    megkathleen – Today I have made a difference in someone’s life.

    jamie – I know, lucky dog.

    lblucca – Exactly.

    hollywood – It’s much better.

    rachel – I watch the beginning, I swear!

    ari – I completely agree.

    broke – But he always loves you back.

  26. Far

    I watched the video ONLY because of your little blurb about it and how you knew i didnt watch it ill have you know… very cute was it jacks first thanksgiving??

  27. I only watch videos that don’t require sound, so I’m glad you explained that.

  28. I think this should be a new holiday tradition followed and videoblogged for years to come.

  29. I noticed two things:

    1) You have lovely floors.

    2) Ari has a slammin’ little body.

  30. Loves it. Thank you for making my Monday!

  31. I have the same video-watching policy. But mine includes being able to see it in my Google Reader.

    So do something to make that happen. Thanks.

  32. The video was too long. My attention span is 15 seconds.

  33. I think you had way more to drink than I did on Thanksgiving.


  34. longredcape

    Wait, that harmonica solo is STEVIE WONDER? That makes it SO MUCH COOLER.


    Sorry about all the caps.

    Was that Ari talking in the video? Whoever it was, she has the cutest voice/laugh!

  35. longredcape

    OK, I just re-read and answered my question. I have ADD.

  36. That dog is so sweet and cute!! Awww, adorable!

  37. far – It was!

    noelle – I am a blogger for the people.

    meghan – The getting drunk part?

    melissa – 1) Thanks! 2) Yes she does.

    alleged – Wow, I had no idea the video was that good.

    arjewtino – I called Google and they are fixing it.

    rs – I understand.

    giggle – I probably did.

    longred – I know, right! And yeah, that was our friend laughing.

    tough – He is my favorite.

  38. laughing like children. living like lovers.

  39. While living 600 miles away from family for four years, I was adopted by friends and coworkers for every holiday. I am still grateful.
    And I love my kitties dearly, but they definitely aren’t as good at dancing as is Jack!
    This year I spent 7am to 11:30pm working on Thanksgiving, so that pup stuffing looked pretty good to me! 😉

  40. That was some pretty good singing.

    That’s Stevie F. Wonder in there? Now your blog has even become informative. You’re just aiming for the stars here.

  41. Um, I not only watched the video, I turned off Guns N’ Roses to watch it!!

    I guess we know that I’ll do a lot of things to watch videos of hot bloggers…


  42. That was awesome. *claps*

  43. jack is such a good dancer, he may have better moves than you watch out now.

  44. Does a harmonica solo mean it is socially acceptable to do air-harmonica?

  45. CUTE!!!!! I even watched the video!

  46. i didn’t know that was stevie wonder on the harmonica – damn that’s cool.

    sweet moves by the way. next stop “dancing with the bloggers”

  47. Jack clearly loves the pup stuffing more than your dancing.

  48. tia

    you’re such a good dancer.

  49. Heidi

    Oh dear. I guess I’d be a creeper if I said I missed you over the holidays…

    Shitdamn. Well now I’ve gone and said it.

  50. I watched your video.

    You’re welcome…

  51. ken

    do you really find yourself “livin like lovers” with jack?

  52. I never watch videos on blogs either, though I do post them quite often! I watched this one though, and vimeo is so much cooler than youtube because it hasn’t been taken over by illiterate commenters. I had no idea Stevie Wonder had anything to do with that song…

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