sign of the times

Alright, I think this is it.

Despite being a dude who sometimes shops at J. Crew, I maintain a deep love for hip-hop music, but last night when I saw that Lil Wayne leads the way in Grammy nominations with eight, I died a little inside.

Not familiar with Lil Wayne?  Let me offer you some lyrics off the hit track “Got Money” from his album Tha Carter III:

Now I was bouncing through the club 
She loved the way I did it but 
I see her boyfriend hatin’ like a city cop 
Now I ain’t never been a chicken but my fitty cocked 
Say I ain’t never been a chicken but my semi cocked 
Now where your bar at? 
I’m tryna rent it out 
And we so bout it bout it 
Now what are you about? 


I know it’s kind of hard to understand what he’s saying, but I think it helps when he repeats the same exact line twice, only changing “fitty” (which means gun!) to “semi” (which means gun too!).

And Lil, I hear that you’re “bout it bout it” but when you’re not really explaining what exactly, you’re “bout,” before you ask me what I’m about, it’s just poor form.

This song went all the way to the top 10 in the Billboard Top 100, which means lots and lots of people like it.  Maybe even some of you.  I see you.  Looking at your keyboard in shame.  

It is a shame dammit!  Lil Wayne is absolute garbage.  He’s terrible.  And the fact that he leads every single artist, including Jigga, in Grammy nominations means that maybe the state of hip-hop is at its worst.

Although in 1998 Puff Daddy or P. Diddy or P or Diddy or I’m Glad I Discovered Biggie Because Otherwise I’d Be Unemployed Right Now won the Grammy for Best Rap Album with his terrible “No Way Out,” so I guess things have gotten a little better.

But just a little.


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70 responses to “sign of the times

  1. deutlich

    Is it the Emmys or the Grammys?

  2. Matt

    Yeezy and Weezy should make a track where it’s just them two- freestyling.

    Not because I want to hear it but because I want to post the actual lyrics on my blog and laugh.

  3. But Lil’ Wheezy keeps it real! Also, he appears to have fairly secure finances in this time of economic crisis… if anything he’s a role model on investment management amid crippling recession! Annnnd he’s an alien!

    Or wait, maybe the fact that he’s not actually a citizen of Earth should disqualify him.

  4. Ben

    His live performances made me join a rival gang if for no other reason that to shoot him dead.

    Too far?

    Perhaps, perhaps not.

    My semi is also cocked, if you know what I mean.

  5. I’m a weirdo and barely know lyrics.

    The beat is what ‘moves’ my hips. I can barely keep up with all these artists, with a new one every 2 seconds! But…I me likey some hot beats! 😉

  6. I’ve never even heard of Lil Wayne.

    Are you proud of me?

  7. He sounds like a weenie.

  8. I *heart* you! 🙂

    I, too, have Lil Wayne issues. In fact, I often like to blame all that’s wrong with the world on him. I’m still trying to figure out what he’s saying in T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It.” I think he drinks to much of that magic drink that he keeps in the 3 Styrofoam cups he keeps with him at ALL.TIMES.

  9. The guy I went on a few dates with last month confessed to me that Lil’Wayne was a genius. That’s what did it, bye buddy.

  10. jay grochalski

    so what you’re saying is that the grammys should change their long-time policy and start giving awards away to people bestowed with actual artistic merit? if that were the case The Roots and groups like De La and Tribe would’ve had tons of grammys years ago, instead of Will Smith shining his. Hell, Ghostface should’ve had one for Fishscales.

  11. Oh snap. You just treaded into dangerous territory. I hope for your sake that Lil’ don’t read yo blog. Because if I was Lil’ I’d come lookin for you and I’d bust a cap in yo ass.

  12. Rachel

    Personally, I can’t even hear the music…Lil’ Wayne’s grill is too loud.

  13. YEAAAAHHH!! Oh wait, that was Lil’ John wasn’t it?

  14. The only Lil Wayne I know was this kid in grade school who ate paste.

  15. I like Young Joc.

    Did I spell that right?

  16. The Grammy’s have been a joke for years now. It seems that whoever sells the most albums will win the most awards. Lil Wayne? Kanye West? Those are our “top” rappers?

  17. I’m over the state of hip hop like eggs over easy.

  18. Hehehehehehe. Cocked.

  19. Maybe you just don’t understand because the block you’re from isn’t sufficiently hot?

    A friend of mine teaches high school science, and considered herself the cool teacher because she let the kids play a “Wayne” (“as in, ‘Lil’?” she asked) video on YouTube in class. I told her that had just undercut everything she’d ever taught them.

  20. Didn’t watching Victoria’s Secret underwear models afterwords make you feel better?

  21. The end of days, huh?

    Well, at least we saw it coming.

  22. Lil’ Wayne just scares me. I mean, yes, he’s little and tiny, but in that way that like…a pit bull is, you know? He just looks like he could really put the hurt on me–unless of course he tripped over his jeans which are sagged WAY below normal sagging standards.

  23. Wayne, or “Lil’ Wayne,” is unfortunately using empty rhetoric and leaving no referent for us to determine his “boutness” before posing to the listener the question, “What are you about?”

    What is Hip Hop coming to when the proper rules of English no longer apply?

    And, who is Lil’ Wayne anyway?

  24. Like herpes…I wish Lil Wayne would go away.

  25. The mainstream songs of his are usually not too good. Listen to the album “Like Father, Like Son.” A line of his is, “Here’s the key to success, get money invest.” He has followed this to a T and now has much more money than I ever will. So don’t hate too much, even if those lyrics are REALLY bad.

  26. deutlich – After you posted that I frantically went back and edited the mistakes – thanks.

    matt – It would be so bad the mic would melt.

    aine – If it bleeds we can kill it.

    ben – A blogger gang! Let’s do it.

    akilah – I know what you mean, but at some point you have to wonder what the hell they’re saying.

    kristen – Hahaha – really??? That does make me proud.

    countess – Thanks! And I think blaming him for all that is wrong in the world is a good idea.

    jossie – Hahaha – he deserved it.

    jay – Ghost definitely should have won.

    greta – Not scared!

    rachel – Good point.

    dutchess – Yeah, but it fits here too.

    gwen – May he rest in peace.

    kiala – Yes and no you don’t. No way.

    dan – Exactly.

    ss – Oh damn!

    meghan – Vagina.

    pistols – You were right.

    marie – I totally missed that!!!

    sarah – Like fog over a lake. Wait, does that even make sense?

    stealth – That’s all you’d have to do, just keep backing up, and eventually he’d trip over his own stupid outfit.

    uncle – No one.

    one – Really quickly too.

    ross – I don’t know if I can actually bring myself to listen to one.

  27. S

    …looking at the keyboard….what?! Sue me! It’s catchy?!

    (Please don’t sue me. It’s Christmas)

  28. Hm. I was having a bad day last week. “A milli” cheered me right up. Thanks, Weezy.

  29. He ain’t no Sugar Hill Gang. yo. Jebus, how old am I?

  30. Maybe Lil Wayne is SO talented that no one is really on his level and therefore we can’t possibly understand his brilliance?


  31. This is like when Kiala talks about Battlestar Star Wars.

  32. I cannot stand Lil’ Wayne either. His lyrics are all recycled lyrics from Hip-Hop songs of yesterday…

    Master P was ” ’bout it”

    Fifty Cent has the market cornered on “da club”

    and I was under the impression that talking about guns in Hip Hop went out in the 90’s….

    the only reason he is popular is because upper-middle class/rich white kids like to pretend they are “hard” and bump them in their overpriced Lexus’ and BMW’s that their daddys paid for. Otherwise they would be honoring him on the Hip Hop Awards – not the Grammys.

  33. I just like his teeth.

  34. I didn’t understand any of the words in this post.

    I’m hip. I’m with it.

  35. I’m forever in love with JayZ ….but I have to say that lil Wayne has totally grown on me…..ILOVEHIM.

  36. inna

    if you would like to regain confidence in the hip hop genre — check out scroobius pip (now that’s a name that rolls off the tongue). seriously

  37. don’t forget the lyrics from “The Sky is the Limit” of one of his 100,000 mixtapes.

    “And I ain’t gotta lie when I tell you I’m the illest
    My flow is nasty like C-Y-Philis”

    By far the dumbest lyrics I’ve ever heard in my LIFE! Maybe his daddy should’ve let him stay in school just a little bit longer.

  38. The only thing that comes to mind when I think of Lil’ Wayne is the Chappelle show.

    Oh wait…I was just informed that is Lil’ John. Damnit!

  39. “Call meee…so I can make it juicy for ya. Ca-call ca-call meee so I can make it juicy for ya..”

  40. Oh, semi means gun. I read those lyrics and then thought maybe he meant semi-boner. Whoops!

  41. i just have yet to figure out what is happening in lil’ wayne’s mouth (it’s like scary metal in there or something!), so i am just really afraid of him.

  42. Far

    psssst you got an award on my blog! 😛

  43. I had no idea that a fitty cocked and a semi cocked were both in reference to guns. I thought it was something else… but then you explained and I was embarrassed. Anyhow…

  44. Nothing’s better. Not even a little.

  45. longredcape

    You are going to hate me for this, but I like Lil Wayne. The reason I say you’ll hate me for that is because you already know how I DETEST Kanye.

    It’s his ATTITUDE I don’t like. THE ATTITUDE!!! I just don’t listen to his music because I can’t get past his narcissism.

    LIL WAYNE, on the other hand, I have no beef with. (I am so hardcore).

  46. Lil Wayne is a lil’ weenie.

    And Biggie would TOTALLY smack P today.

    I hope Em comes back! 😛

  47. He’s probably little in the pants. Not that I’ve been imagining that.

  48. I thought he said “now i was bouncin through the club/ she love the way i diddy bop” haha. Someone always has to translate his crap for me. To me he raps about nothing and I guess people love nothing because they’re calling him the greatest right now. The greatest nothing. Gosh he sucks.

  49. s – You will have no money this year, sorry.

    lemmonex – I am disappointed.

    toes – Old enough I guess.

    mindy – I really hope not, that doesn’t mean good things for our society.

    melissa – Hahaha – you’re not up on hip-hop?

    snarky – You make some good points.

    mickey – Time to buy some of those for yourself!

    arjewtino – It sounds like you are.

    maegan – Noooo!!!

    inna – Wow, okay, but that better not be some kiddie porn.

    koko – Probably.

    dolce – Well at least you tried.

    yourgf – Ugh.

    hollywood – So you’re at work thinking about Wayne’s chubby?

    beth – Don’t be scared, I have your back.

    far – Thanks!

    hbee – I think you are preoccupied with something…

    heather – You might be right about that.

    longred – Clearly we cannot exchange mix tapes.

    jen – I don’t like him either.

    rs – Right, me neither.

    labella – I HATE that people call him the greatest, it’s unreal.

  50. I might be stoned for saying this, but I have that CD and it’s actually really good.

    Also…he’s known for freestyling most of his lyrics, and whether they make a whole lot of sense to anyone not living in the ‘hood’ (as the kids say), still takes talent.


  51. What I’M confused about is where the hell Lil Wayne went for the previous 8 years… He had a couple songs in the late 90s and then disappeared. Why did he decide to come out of hiding?

  52. ohmygod thank you!

    I hate Lil Wayne. The boy continuously talks about how amazing he is and that he would play Weezy all night at the clubs and bars he djs at if he could.

    HATE. Plus that giggle shit he does when he thinks he’s being funny is annoying as hell.

  53. I had no idea Lil Wayne was still making records. Seriously, who’s listening to that shit? The Grammys are such a joke.

  54. I read a blog post today from someone lamenting the fact that Katy Perry was only nominated for one Grammy. Katy Perry is ridiculous. So, to look at the bright side, at least it’s JUST Lil Wayne and not both of them…

  55. BWP


    Music, in general, is a wee bit shitty these days. Tokio Hotel? Really? And fucking Creed is getting back together? God help us.

  56. FYI – not only do sorority girls squeal, they have naked pillow fights. Nightly.

  57. Fuck the Grammys, they never recognize music that’s actually good. And fuck mainstream rap music. These damn kids these days!!

  58. little wayne has a tear drop tattoo ON HIS FACE

    ’nuff said.

  59. lil wayne sort of frightens me. but i bet if he wins a grammy he’ll have a sweet, indecipherable acceptance speech, haha.

  60. tia

    the grammys are completely crazy this year.

    however, i do enjoy seeing a few of the more obscure bands nomiated, like radiohead (i know they’re not OBSCURE, but they’re not especially mainstream anymore either) and death cab.

    oh and eddie vedder.

  61. steve-0

    yeah, i heard that the carter 3 was wack. wayne is definitely too poppy now for my general taste, but the first carter has some dope stuff. sure, there’s violence, and bitches, and such, but some of his rhymes are genuinely creative, and his flow is probably top 10 in the game right now, hate him or love him. i suggest you try to download his “best of me” freestyle, which is a quite a few years old, and is ridiculous. he is generally a bit more creative than he is in the specific track quoted. in general, tho i think hip hop is on life support. you can still find good stuff if you know where to look (hint: not on the radio) tho. peace

  62. COME ON. Lil Weezy is the BEST.

    I’m not sure we can be blog friends anymore.

  63. I’d also like to say I have 7 versions of “Lollipop” on my computer.

  64. I can’t help myself…I love Lil Wayne. I do, however, think it’s complete bullshit that he’s paid millions to slur…I can do that so much better after just two margaritas.

  65. That song “A Milli” drives me fucking insane. I hate it.

    On the other hand, “Lollipop” and “Got Money” are cool songs.

    I really don’t know how I feel about Wayne. He’s ok I guess.

  66. THANK YOU! All I’m asking is that if you’re going to be recognized with a Grammy, please GOD, try to say something. Something that takes it a step further than “I wanted that bitch ho and I’m gonna need to shoot her boyfriend to back that ass up.” Cause it’s been said. And it’s been said better, for the record.

    I’m going to go listen to Black Star now to make myself feel better. Then probably back to Brett Dennen.

  67. reading your post made me die a little inside myself. i’ve been kind of out of the loop with the u.s. music scene since being in south america, but love hip hop myself… after seeing this, i’m kind of glad my hip hop list on itunes hasn’t been updated over the last year. lil’ wayne should’ve stopped after “shine.”

    i’ll stick to tribe, the roots, mos def, atmosphere, eyedea, and the like, thanks. 🙂

  68. this made me laugh, i love hip hop as well and can’t believe some of the lyrics that exist today…i’ve been meaning to write a blog about it too!

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