more than you asked for

I’m not one to do follow up posts, mainly because my life is completely disjointed and anything that happens in succession is purely accidental and mostly boring, but I just have to add on to The Towel Situation that I wrote about on Wednesday.

I know – you are beyond excited.  

In fact, this is probably the best day of your life aside from that time you made out with that ugly chick and no one found out.

Anyway, this morning there was simply a handwritten note explaining that there were no towels at my gym, even though they were still supposed to be provided until next week.

I decided to go in anyway because I have time to kill before work, so I just hoped for the best.

As I went through my workout I gathered from the talk of the gym that the towel company wasn’t getting paid, so they came early this morning and took back the clean towels that were at the gym.  Rumor also was that people were stealing towels off the truck, basically acting like wild animals grabbing at one piece of dead carcass.  

Of course I was extremely upset that I missed that, because nothing says fun like watching adults attack other adults for items wanted.  Just ask those people who trampled that Wal Mart worker.  What a blast!

After I got enough gossip and had finished my work out, I decided to leave and finally deal with how I was going to dry off after my shower.

My solution?  My undershirt.

I used my undershirt to dry off after the shower and now I am at the office without a shirt on underneath my dress shirt, which happens to be white with thin black stripes.

White is kind of a see through fabric.

My nipples are showing through my shirt is what I’m trying to say.


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59 responses to “more than you asked for

  1. Ben

    You will forever be the Lil Kim of the office. Congratulations Queen B.

  2. bwp

    That’s awesome; you’re totally getting a raise.

  3. Before I reached the last sentence I thought to myself, “I bet you his nipples are showing.” Any headlights?

  4. Do what any self-respecting accidental nipple shower would do – use band aids!

  5. Oh nothing hotter than some white dude blasting their nips.

  6. that’s great news… i’ll just pull up to the van and everyone’s getting towels for christmas!

  7. Nothing says professional like a dude with his nipples showing. Just like nothing says classy like a dude who dries himself off with his undershirt.

  8. deutlich

    uhm.. ignore Dan & Maxie – pictures are toootally unnecessary considering you’ve showed off the nips before

  9. You should ask an old dude for his towel. It’s obvious they don’t use them. For some reason they prefer to be nude when conversing with random strangers in locker rooms.

  10. Hot! (Excuse me for a second)

    Okay, I’m back. Now put those things away!

    That was a completely rational solution to the no-towel problem. Also, I suspect there never was a chronic towel thief and that the towels were discontinued because the gym no longer wanted to pay for them. You should ask for a discount.

  11. I would be more worried about pitt stains than nips, but I seem to sweat a lot and sweat is seldom sexy.

  12. Matt

    You’re such a gossip.

  13. Go dance for the typing pool – I bet you make some good tips!

  14. You left your headlights on.


    Bad joke. Bad joke…but I had to say it.

  15. Scotch tape.

    On the nipples.

    Keeps those innies from becoming outies in an air conditioned work environment.

    You’re welcome.

  16. You better hope they don’t turn the AC on by accident.

  17. Teresa

    Good thing it’s casual Friday!

  18. Oh you exhibitionist you!

  19. if this happened to me, i am dramatic and self-righteous enough to straight up quit that bitch. you’re finding a new gym, right? right?!? if gyms can’t provide towels we’re going nowhere as a civilization.

  20. The blogs are so very, very good this morning. Picture, please?

  21. jay grochalski

    so basically your gym is located in the epicenter of hell…or Mordor, if you’re one of those LOTR dorks, complete with rioting and looting. and don’t worry, you’ve only sunk low on the t-shirt scale if you’ve been forced to use it to wipe your ass.

  22. Anytime I can see a man’s nipples through his shirt, I think to myself: “That is one classy man.” True story.

  23. I got sent home once because I was wearing cropped pants…my ankles were showing and YOU get to show nipples.

    This is just another example of what men are allowed to get away with in the work place!

  24. Might as well unbutton the top button of the dress shirt for the full effect. Then compain about people staring at your chest. Hussy.

  25. “My nipples are showing through my shirt is what I’m trying to say.”

    You’re getting turned on, aren’t you.

    Might I suggest thicker shirts. Say from Nordstroms.

  26. This is slightly disturbing. You could have used your sock … did you think of that???

  27. Meh. Casual Friday. I’m not even wearing pants.

  28. You wear two shirts to work? What a world you must live in.

  29. OW! Nipples! I hope all the old pervs stare at you how they stare at me when I catch a lil chill. 😉

  30. S

    Tell people you have a twitch in your eye and ask them repeatedly if they can see it twitch. There may be people talking to your chest all day….hopefully it’ll draw attention away from the headlights!

  31. That’s exactly what Bear Grylls would have done in that situation. You’re a survivor.

  32. Far

    bahaha…I can see your chesticles!!

  33. Looks like you need to start bringing two undershirts to the gym.

  34. Dang, your towels got repo’d*?

    *I don’t know how to spell ‘repossessed.’

  35. It’s cold in here, huh?

  36. Are your headlights on?
    Hey hotness!

  37. why didn’t you dry off with your underwear, then go commando?

  38. ken

    the thin black stripes are saving your ass.

  39. k8

    My nipples stick out all the time. Just blow in your hands and then cup them.

    That’s all kinds of sexy.

  40. pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst

    I am staring at your nipples.

    ……and so are they. *points*

  41. Just take your shirt off!!!

    Though, if you decide to use your underwear and go commando next time, we definitely need pictures of that… 😉

    (WITH the pants on, you perverts!)

  42. rs27awesome

    This is why they should take away women’s towels at the gym.

    and bras.

  43. What about the time I made out with an ugly chick and EVERYONE found out?

  44. did you learn nothing from britney? nip slips are not appropriate at the work place, haha.

  45. If anyone comments about your nips showing, you can just say that’s how you and your fam celebrate the holidays… with some nipples.

    It’s your equivalent to a holiday sweater.

    Holiday nipples.

  46. Toe

    Dude. $2.75 w/free shipping. Man nipples are creepy when viewed through dress shirts.

  47. Oh I know it!

    I could cut glass with mine right now.

  48. Oh my Gawd, that’s hysterical.

    Good luck with that.

    And, I’m sure it’s cold there…yikes.

  49. From now on I’m calling you Nip.

  50. did I miss the part about why you can’t bring a towel of your own to the gym?

    … are you really a homeless person?

  51. Oh, office wardrobe malfunction… awkward.

  52. if you were sitting next to me my thumb and index finger would be flying to your nipple right now to give you the biggest twist of your life.
    and because we’d be friends, you’d let me 🙂

  53. Huh, the Bally’s here closed down with no warning this week, because they file BANKRUPTCY! No wonder the towel-man wasn’t getting paid!

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