i am irritated

Today is Friday and as we all know – Friday is the day where the Internet goes to die.

Because of that and the fact that 1) I was interviewed by the great Dan Mega and 2) I am having some technical issues with my email (yes this is one day after I said Google was great) I am begging you to go read the interview for your daily fix of my stupid ass.

And in closing, I would just like to say I’ll see you in hell Google.

I’ll see you in hell.


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23 responses to “i am irritated

  1. Google, she’s a fickle whore but you know you really do love her.

    Shh… She’ll hear you.

  2. deutlich

    Why *does* the internet die on Fridays?

    I don’t understand it either.

  3. I never understand why the internet dies on Fridays—you’d think its the day everyone is goofing off the most. Then again. I guess it is the day people play hooky and leave for early vacations…

    I know, it seems to me there would be more activity on Friday’s, but like you said, people must check-out. In fact, I need to start doing that.

  4. fridays are such blah days on the internets…..don’t people understand i need to be entertained??!

    I will email all the people with my newly fixed email.

  5. WTF is Google?’

    A bastard.

  6. I hate posting at all on Fridays. But I was a lazy ass and didn’t post yesterday so now I have to.

    Damn it.

    That sucks.

  7. Do you need me to remind you about Kim Kardashian’s butt?

    Yes! Thank you. Kim here comes your boy!

  8. What Greta said.

    I will look twice then.

  9. Google is mad at you because you typed all the words to a Britney Spears song in gchat to me. They have a virus that automatically downloads if you do that.

    I know nothing of what you speak.

  10. S

    Ah yes. Friday. Today when the internet dies. Happy Hour will begin and all will be right with world.

    Alcohol = happy time.
    And that’s a fact.

    Damn straight it is.

  11. I feel your pain.

    the only thing going for me today is Friday.

    And your blog!

  12. Matt

    Is what Beth wrote really true?

    Britney Spears lyrics?

    I’m not sure we should be freinds anymore.

    It is true, but she demanded them or she said she’d break my thumbs! I had no choice!

  13. I appreciate your generosity re: my need to satiate my daily fix for your stupid ass. Really!

    Google IS great. She’s probably just having her period. Give it a couple days.

    What’s this fabulous new way of responding to comments?! I like it…maybe I do need to switch to WordPress.

    Yes, I stole this idea from other bloggers, but just started doing it because of the new WP layout. WP is better than blogger!

  14. Did you complete your task list yesterday?


    Well, Google is holding itself hostage until you do. You know what needs to be done…

    I did!

  15. I wouldn’t say too many things about Google, since they have powerful friends. Like probably Mr. T. And you know that guy’s prediction for all fights involving him is “Pain.”

    “First name Mr, middle name ‘period’, last name T!”

  16. Oh no!!! I emailed you something really, really nice today.

    I can’t say what it is though. It’s a surprise. A very, very HOT surprise.

    And it involves at least one sweet ass.

    You did, I got it just a little bit ago, the email is just now coming through correctly.

  17. I’m only commenting because it’s Friday and I actually have time right now.


    Yeah, I probably should have read the post first. I was just excited that it’s Friday and I’m not #687 to comment.

    Don’t worry, there’s never anything worth reading on this blog anyway.

  18. “I’ll see you in hell Google.”

    Did you put that on your Google Task List? It only seems right.

    I should have.

  19. Far

    Dont be dissing google…. Just DONT! 😛

    I ain’t scared!

  20. What the hell Google?!?!?! Blogger does that to me sometimes and I get super pissy. But alas, I am a lazy terd and don’t do anything about it. Ta da!

  21. Whoa what’s up with Google. Did she sleep with you and not call the next day? Meow.

  22. I’m sorry Google was mean to you 😦 Wish I could have helped more!

  23. Storm

    Ok, I just found your blog tonight, and I honestly thought you were just a goofy looking Jewish boy who only claimed to love hip-hop because it’s “in”. But then I read this:

    “Lil Wayne is absolute garbage. He’s terrible. And the fact that he leads every single artist, including Jigga, in Grammy nominations means that maybe the state of hip-hop is at its worst.”

    Now I KNOW you’re for real, and I’m sticking around whether you like it or not.

    Mazel Tov!

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