easy does it

I’m a simple man, so I like simple things.

When things get too complicated, I’m the type of guy who will sigh loudly and then sit down.

Now some people call this being lazy, but I laugh in the face of those people and demand that they prove this theory, or forever be labeled a liar.  Actually, I probably just opt to sit down again.

But let’s not cloud the point here: The easiest, simplest solution to problems is always the best to me.

That’s why when I saw this ad for an English tutoring class, I thought it was absolutely brilliant.

Pure, unadulterated excitement.

Pure, unadulterated excitement.

This is just a small section of the ad, but this is clearly the greatest part.

Look at that smile.

Look at those thumbs.  Not only is she giving a thumbs up, which is the best way aside from a high five to exhibit True Happiness, she is giving two thumbs up, and they are at an angle!

Fucking simple, and let me say, fucking perfect.

I would’ve loved to have been at the ad agency when they decided on this direction for the campaign.

Important Creative Director Dude: [Clearly frustrated, papers strewn across his desk] “I just can’t get it right!  This needs something.  Something that will resonate with people and make them feel like they’re the best.  Maybe more copy?  Maybe a celebrity endorsement?”

Guy Who Sometimes Eats Pretzels For Lunch: “Why don’t we just have her give two thumbs up?  And maybe, I don’t know, the thumbs could be pointing kinda inward.  That would be cool.”


There is no way you’re not at least slightly intrigued by this tutoring center after seeing that ad.

Right now you’re probably thinking those two thumbs up are pretty amazing, and I bet you’re even working on your two thumbs up, hoping to somehow copy the awesomeness that is this ad.

If you are don’t worry, I am too.  It’s much more simple than doing work.


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34 responses to “easy does it

  1. So how do I apply for this tutoring job?

    Just call the number and get those thumbs ready.

  2. More more simple than doing work, PLUS if I do it quietly under my desk during the hours when I am supposed to be doing actual work, it pays the same, too.


    Well, for me, anyway. My company loses, but fuck them. No Christmas bonus? That’s okay. I’ll just be over here, working on my thumbs up.

    Well said.

  3. Matt

    Sometimes I eat pretzels for lunch.

    Because they are delicious.

    And because you’re a genius.

  4. I think the shocker would have been even better than the thumbs up.

    Two for the pink and one for the stink all the way dude.

    Is Ken aware of your love for the shocker?

  5. Ooooo! No wait!

    The Devil Horns.


    Oh, I get it, a rock themed ad. I like it!

  6. I want to take English tutoring classes now! Nothing ever warrants a crooked thumbs up from me… let alone a crooked TWO thumbs up!

    I know, my life is just as sad.

  7. Ben

    I’m officially recommending the double-thumbs at an angle for every campaign we work on from here on out, knowing that we’ll at least reach you and your clones.

    You’re about to get a raise.

  8. The next time your boss asks you to do something totally annoying (ie, work), just send him a picture of you doing this exact same thing.

    The perfect plan.

  9. The reason her thumbs are angled is because the tutoring there isn’t fully up to par. Meaning, they get a 6/7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

    If the tutoring was tops, her thumbs would be pointing straight up.

    Well that just makes me sad.

  10. It’s like the guy from Office Space went international.

    A mind blowing thought.

  11. In my culture the double thumbs up-slightly to the side gestures means she is hates me and wishes that I would lose all my left footed socks or that the towels get stolen from my gym

    You should be careful what you post on here cause now I’m all sorts of offended.

    I won’t compromise my artistic integrity!

  12. i have been known to eat pretzels and or animal crackers for lunch on numerous occasions. it’s too damn cold to go outside and get lunch. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    i think you should photoshop one of the hands to be flicking off the camera. that would be fabulous.

    Ugh – animal crackers are gross. They taste like cardboard.

  13. They look sideways…like she is saying the center is “meh”.

    But what about the smiling? Don’t smiles mean anything to you?

  14. Maybe she has mixed up hands.

    Like, her right hand is on her left side and vice versa.

    How sad for her.

    I wonder what her feet look like then.

  15. I’m glad you explained it was advertising English lessons. I thought it was like a Hip Hop for Asian Women course. “Here’s how to Drive the Bus…”

    Now do the running man!

  16. Knowing that an advertising agency that would approve this ad exists gives me hope for the future. If I ever lose my job, I’m totally going to work for them- it would give me an opportunity to try out my patented “two toes pointing leftways” maneuver.


    Wow – I am dying to see this move.

  17. You know what would be awesome? If only this poster were put in bathrooms everywhere saying “don’t pee on the seat.” Just a thought.

    Hmm. I have no idea what you mean by that.

  18. and you say you don’t get art.

    I know, I am actually a genius at art. And stuff.

  19. I’m going to sit and do nothing for a while.


  20. I think I would sign up and then be unable to hide my disappointment when the thumbs up lady is not actually there, teaching the course, perhaps offering special after hours tutoring.

    Yeah, that would be disappointing.

  21. “Who has two thumbs and wants to learn English?!?”

    That girl.


  22. While I am totally into her enthusiam I am not all confident in the professional attitude that the ad conveys.

    It kind of projects to me that Kiko is uttering phrases in broken English like “Please to you to clap hands and cheering!” “Ah, this gives me feelings of rich and comfortable lifestyle!” and “Which way are the baseball games?”

    I don’t think I can recommend that tutoring center.

    But maybe they are super happy fun time excited?

  23. S

    I totally want to learn English now. 2 thumbs up AND a smile. This program must be Gold.




    It’ll make you a better person.

  24. I’ve been in those meetings. It’s about like that.

    I figured as much.

  25. That ad makes me want to learn English.

    Oh wait, I already know English. Sort of.

    Oh well.

    That was the most inspired comment I’ve ever read.

  26. I have sat in so many of these meetings. You are totally on the right track that a “thumbs up” discussion could take hours. Because of this ad would I get English lessons from her? Probably not but I sure would challenge her to a thumb war!

    Great blog!

  27. Japanese people are so full of joy.

    Or is she Chinese? I can never tell the difference.

  28. It’s almost like a punch AND a thumbs up. I love it.

  29. You totally caught me. I was working on my own thumbs up… trying to decide if slightly angled thumbs were cooler, and you know what? They totally are!

    Two slightly angled thumbs up!

  30. tia

    i dunno…it almost seems her thumb angle is on the way down…what if she’s only lukewarm about the idea of learning english?

    she’s like “english? eh. i guess.” *fakesmile*

  31. I wish she had a bowl of ice cream and a My Little Pony. Then it would be the best ad EVER.

  32. sid

    She does look awfully happy.

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