do this please

I’m over at Burt Reynolds’ Mustache today, so please go check out some advice I have for a friend about starting a blog.  It’s good stuff, I kind of promise but not really.

Why are you still here?

Go!  Click that link!

Are you still here because you know eventually I’ll be forced to post a picture of Major Dad?  

Ok, fine.  Now go!

Nothing like a woman with sky high bangs.

Nothing like a woman with sky high bangs.


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18 responses to “do this please

  1. More Major Dad please!

  2. I used to love that show!!

  3. I wonder what those kids are up to these days in real life?

  4. What are the odds all three of those girls managed to grow up with out changing their name to Misti and becoming a stripper?

  5. Nostalgia.

    The girl who played Vicki the robot on “Small Wonder” is on tv right now. Ha!

  6. Truly, this was sagacious advice, and it made my heat soar as high as those bangs.

  7. deutlich

    Uhm. For the record? I used to watch Major Dad…

  8. Bad hair owes the 80’s and the 90’s an apology.

  9. wow, that brought on a flashback. I forgot about that show.

  10. Matt

    Unlike Sara, I happen to like girls named Misti.

  11. I really prefer Coach.

  12. Hey Matt, two of my best friends are named Misti.

    Actually, I don’t have any friends named Misti, the gravity defying boobs give me an inferiority complex.

  13. Crap, and I had JUST forgotten about that show!!!

  14. Fuck, I didn’t realize I knew the theme song until just now. Now it’s stuck in my head.

    That’ll teach me to ignore a link.

  15. legend

    major dad, not as good as My Two Dads!

  16. Matt

    Gravity defying boobs is definitely going to be a quality I demand from women I date here on out.

  17. Chris, I think the saying is actually, “there’s nothing like a woman who will bang you sky-high”. I believe it refers to having sexual intercourse on a plane. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  18. I truly miss 80’s hair. And Major Dad.

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