up, up and away

This morning as I was getting dressed to leave the gym, I noticed a guy who was, despite all Social Norms, wearing a denim shirt and jeans.

Of course I started to dissect this man because I write a blog and it is my duty to ponder the irrelevant things in life.

My first impression of this man was that he is the do or die type.  Black or white, yes or no, go big or go home.  There is no “gray area” for this man.

He knew that today was Jeans Friday, and he took Jeans Friday and punched it in its face.

I imagine he woke up this morning, strutted to his closet and decided that today was the day he’d finally show everyone at work What He Was About.  Other Jeans Fridays had come and gone, and he was always left with feeling as if he could’ve done so much more.

So today, when his alarm went off, he slipped on his jeans (stonewashed, of course) then slipped on his button-down denim shirt (business casual), and made sure that today would be regret-free.  Well, as regret-free a day as a man who wears denim head to toe can have.

My second impression was that this man is a super hero, and Fridays just happen to be Denim Man’s busiest day, so he has to get an early start.  But that doesn’t really make sense.

Or does it?


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81 responses to “up, up and away

  1. idontliketoread

    I have on denim panties today.

    Of course you do, it’s Friday.

  2. Maybe he works somewhere where he can wear jeans every day so he decided he’d be ironic and wear it head to toe today.

    Wait…that’s not ironic. That’s just stupid.


  3. I bet he waits all week for Friday.

    I have feelings of fear mixed with distanced admiration for those pro-denim people. They’re a little extreme, but they sure are ballsy.

    Admire from a distance, that’s my best advice.

  4. He was just on his way to buy his new jean jacket and wanted it to know that it would not be alone in his closet.

    Or he was just going to Canada. Who really knows.

    So he’s a caring sort of man.

  5. honksterr

    i imagine this gentleman is canadian.

    I had no idea full denim was Canadian.

  6. There’s a photograph of me in my parent’s living room dressed as Denim Man. It’s a shame, too, because it’s otherwise not an embarassing picture.

    I believe that was the last time I wore that shirt. Or I want to believe, at least. It never gave me any super powers.

    Keep thinking that was the last time, you don’t want to remember if it wasn’t.

  7. If only he had a denim jacket too.

    I know, but sadly, it was a normal jacket.

  8. But did he put on a denim jacket as he left? That would be the icing on the cake.

    Nope, sorry.

  9. Gah! MrsTwink beat me to it!

    Okay, then… denim socks! Was he wearing denim socks?!

    Yes! Nice save – and dude, how uncomfortable would denim socks be?

  10. Kate

    Okay, I just saw your Twitter post about the new Real World and I have to disagree. This season is awesome…they’re actually real three-dimensional people who aren’t just caricatures of stereotypes. And to be honest, I’d rather watch people actually talk and connect than watch coked out whores make out in hot tubs.

    I realize I might not be in the majority on that last one.

    WHAT??? They’re not stereotypes? Chet is the “repressed guy from the midwest who hasn’t been exposed to things,” Ryan is the “fun immature guy,” Kat is, well, Kat is a bunch of stuff, Scott is the “guy who grew up poor and now has made something of himself,” JD is the “gay dude who takes things too seriously,” Sarah is the “woman who thinks she’s better than everyone else,” Devyn is the “black girl with an attitude,” and Baya is the “cute quiet white girl.” It’s completely the same! And really, the only reason I watch is to see people act like idiots, if I wanted to watch boring talk about real issues I’d put on the news.

  11. Deb

    I don’t really care why Gym Boy wore head to toe denim. I’m just glad YOU care. I laughed so hard reading your pondering on the subject that my mouthful of overpriced coffee nearly came out my nose. (All over my denim shirt.) KIDDING. (About the shirt, not the tasteless fit of laughter.)

    Yeah, maybe the problem is me.

  12. Matt

    Nobodys gotten a handjob while wearing a denim jacket since the 80’s. Someone should tell that guy…

    But why would anyone want a handjob?

  13. What about denim shoes? Did he have denim shoes? It would just MAKE the outfit.

    I wish!

  14. Dude, it’s Jeans Friday, not Canadian Tuxedo Friday.

    I had no idea this stereotype existed.

  15. I rocked that outfit when I was in 6th grade. Except mine was even more impressive with an American flag and sunflower on the shirt pocket.

    Much more impressive!

  16. I’ve often wondered if I could pull that off again. Maybe we should come up with a future date and declare that All Jeans Day Friday.

    Yes, and then have all of our friends hate us.

  17. I can’t help but notice the number of people who consider this a Canadian’s uniform. Slowly but surely, I’m understanding why I don’t always feel like I fit in when in my native land.

    To the denim store!!

    I didn’t know this either – good luck!

  18. denim man. hahaha. you’re crazy.

    No, he’s crazy.

  19. At a party once, I saw a girl wearing sparkly jeans and a denim, off the shoulder, button up top. Maybe she’s this guy’s soul mate.

    I think you’re right.

  20. I want to know about his hairstyle.

    I feel like it’s important.

    It was boring. I hope that doesn’t disappoint you.

  21. Maybe every day is casual at his job (construction worker, steel worker, etc.) and today he was dressing up for court or a hot date…

    Imagine what his date is wearing…

  22. it’s a mexican tuxedo!!! i hope he had on a carhartt jacket as well.

    Now Mexicans and Canadians? You people are racist! Or something like that.

  23. What kind of shoes do you were with and all denim ensemble? And did his coat have any fringe? I feel like fringe would be appropriate.

    No fringe, and all white high-tops. Makes sense.

  24. saratogajean

    What would Denim Man’s super power be? The ability to slip unnoticed across the border to Canada without a passport after May 31st?

    Or maybe to create a blog post in a single motion.

  25. deutlich

    If he was sporting a mullet it woulda made it THAT much better.

    I know, it wouldn’t have been so odd then.

  26. Was he lost? Did you give him directions to the nearest Wal-Mart?

    I felt like he was lost too.

  27. jay grochalski

    he’s going to be the guy who brings demin shorts back this summer, just you wait and see.

    He’s fashion forward.

  28. Hmmm I see your readers have ethic association with the nomenclature of this particular ensemble. In California, we called it, simply, the Denim Tuxedo. That’s because we are very concerned with people’s feelings to the point of eliminating humor.

    I wouldn’t make it very long in California.

  29. so you’re saying the denim shirt with the embroidered kitten i am wearing right now is NOT cool?

    Well, no, you look amazing and pretty.

  30. My boss is wearing a denim shirt today. I’ll assume he’s off to fight crime after the budget meeting.

    He is!

  31. Oh, that’s just Canada man. He has the super ability to be nice and laugh at Mike Myers movies.

    I’m kidding – who doesn’t love “So I Married An Axe Murder” – maybe we all have a little Canada in us.

    I don’t. I hate every single movie Mike Myers has made.

  32. Denim socks, shoes, jackets, I’m surprised no one has asked about a denim hat! Was he sporting a denim hat with fringes?

    Now that would be something to write about.

  33. Ben

    “he took Jeans Friday and punched it in its face.”

    Thank you. Just…..thank you.

    How do you feel about all the Canadian stereotyping going on here? Or maybe you’re wearing denim right now!

  34. rbmmom

    thinking about acid wash jeans makes me a little sick. If that fashion comes back in style I’m home schooling Diana….

    Good idea.

  35. Today’s Blog Post from Denim Man : “Why Dudes Check Me Out in the Gym Locker-room and Other Fashion Forward Advice”

    I bet his blog is awesome.

  36. Ben

    Um hi there, bloggites.

    Where did this Canadian Tuxedo thing come from? While yes, denim bottoms are used appropriately, the denim uppers remain reserved for hillbillies, farmers and cropsies. I believe this is a proper stereotype that transcends the confines of geography and state.

    And please…do you really want to start a stereotype war with people who are at worst summed up to be over-polite and adorable?

    No. No you don’t.

    Now if you don’t mind, I’m packing up my denim mousepad and leaving.

    Well said.

  37. Don’t lie Chris, this “guy” was actually you. You’re just checking to see if you will be ridiculed if you show up at the meet up demined out.

    Well, it’s either that or my velour track suit.

  38. I feel similarly about my mother’s electric blue sweat outfit. She insists on wearing the top and bottom together, and even inside the house it’s too much for me.

    My mom does the same thing.

  39. I’d rather hear about the Real World some more.

    With denim.

    that made no sense.

    Or maybe too much sense.

  40. Now that’s just carrying casual Friday too far. Him and his boombox (come on, you just know he’s still got one) need to stay hidden from the public eye.

    I hope he’s got some Run DMC in that box.

  41. do men in denim shirts get laid? i feel very strongly like they wouldn’t.

    I don’t think they do. Or at least they better not.

  42. Hatin’ on the Texas tuxedo is so 2008.

    Now Texas too? Wow – Canada, Texas, Mexico – it’s all over the place.

  43. I bet he’ll meet up today for lunch with Pleather Man and they’ll have a contest to see who has more dedication to their chosen fabrics. Pleather Man will just barely edge out Denim Man because he will annex the pleather seats at the diner.

    But what about a sneak attack from Spandex Man?

  44. “he took Jeans Friday and punched it in its face.” HA. HELL YEAH!

    man, I wish I had jeans Friday…I think I would punch it in its face, too.

    You and me both.

  45. I didn’t even get past the denim on denim.


    It’s enough to chill you to the very core.

  46. H.Golightly

    Add a jean jacket and you’re got yourself a Canadian Tuxedo. He must have had an important meeting today.

    I had no idea, Canada we think you are covered in denim.

  47. S.

    All jeans…I hope this was a result of a lost bet.

    I do too, for all of our sakes.

  48. Have you ever seen when entire families do Family Portraits in this kind of get-up? Everyone wears denim everything! HOORAY!

    Maybe you haven’t seen it because you didn’t grow up in rural ND. But if you had, boy oh boy, you would’ve seen lots of it.

    I’m glad I didn’t.

  49. Mmm … I wonder if “This Is How We Do It” was playing in the background as he got dressed this morning?

    No way. Too good of a song.

  50. Lissa

    I also wonder if he has jean cutoff shorts, you know for the summer.

    He must, right?

  51. Well, now I’m thinking about how it’s been over two years since I’ve had a real out of the house job and how I own over twenty pairs of jeans and nary a single dress pant and how happy this makes me.

    That is all.

    Not one? That is impressive.

  52. Attending AFC championship game

    maybe he’s the construction worker from the village people,.. what powers would denim man have? a Stone wash ray shooting from his eyes would be cool!

  53. I bet it felt good to punch Jeans Friday right in the face.

  54. Super Hero Denim Man…lol That’s funny. I’m curious as to the super powers one with jean clad bodies would have myself.

  55. My jeans kept falling down today. It made me feel frustrated and angry and like I’d like to kick Jeans Friday in the crotch and then spit down it’s neck.

    (I think this is one of my favorite things you’ve ever written, btw.)

  56. k8

    Well, being of the female persuasion, I cringe even more at the long sleeved denim shirt under the denim jumper that seems to be way too fucking popular in SD.

  57. oooh denim and denim? yikes. stacy and clinton would not be pleased.

  58. No way! You go to the gym w/ my Dad? Sweet! Denim Dad rules. Well, he at least makes us giggle.

  59. Toe

    Denim Friday is nothing, just wait until Corduroy Wednesdays. Corduroy Man could kick Denim Man’s ass. Corduroy Man has got the power of epic zippy zip noises and he could start a fire with his thighs.

  60. Zoe

    I am Canadian and really did not know that we were know for our denim outfits. I actually have yet to see anyone wear head to toe (or jeans and a denim shirt) before. Maybe I just walk outside with my eyes closed.

  61. Ah, the denim on denim look…such a fashion no no. So entertaining for the rest of us. I like how people think that if they’re different shades of denim it’s ok. LIke “hell no that does not make it excusable!”

  62. good assessment. i’m wearing jeans too and i’m black and white.

  63. I gotta say, I’ve heard it called the Iowa Business Suit… (Sorry Iowans– *I* didn’t call it that!)

    So this denim look is all over the place, and out of control!

  64. bwp

    I admire his dedication to Casual Friday, but denim shirts are never okay. They don’t make superheroes like they used to.

  65. I don’t see what the big deal is. I think my demin shirt and jeans are quite in style.

  66. CapriceClassic

    I’m late again, but Chris? You’re still a nut.

  67. I’m learning a lot from this post. I too was unaware of the Canadian stereotype behind over-doing the denim. Can I admit something to you though? I was once like this man. I wore a denim jacket with jeans… maybe several times. The shame!

    OH and p.s. I saw a guy at the bus stop yesterday (seven degrees) wearing JORTS! WTF, Pittsburgh?

  68. One day I was rushed to leave for work and I accidentally left the house in a Canadian tuxedo–jeans and a denim jacket. I almost committed suicide when I realized this mistake.

  69. tia

    the only thing that would make that better is if he also had a denim jacket.

    and those denim converse.

    and a denim baseball cap.

    then he’d be like the denim version of the tin man.

    i just discovered that if you look at the word “denim” for too long it looks like it’s spelled wrong.

  70. wow, so many people are interested in his hair…..denim man is popular here

  71. Ahhh the good old denim tuxedo. Good times and a good Friday for Denim Man.

  72. hautepocket

    I’ve tried to explain to my father, on numerous occasions, why some denim on denim action is not hot but I just can’t seem to get him to understand. Apparently he thinks working all week means he can do whatever he wants on the weekends: and what he wants is to wear denim on denim. 🙂

  73. My gahd, you are popular. My finger got tired trying to scroll to the end of the comments. And the posts all came in so quickly…are you hard-wired into the blogosphere?

    I know that all the other comments are flip and hip, but this is my first time here and I just wanted to say I love your writing. There’s a lot of stuff to wade thru in cyberspace, but your blog is fresh and interesting. Is that too weenie to say?

    I’ll be back.

  74. If I could get Levi’s or Wrangler to sponsor me, I’d wear denim all the time. Note the difference between me and your denim man: he does so voluntarily. I would do so only if handsomely compensated.

  75. “Denim man, we need your help! Somewhere, someone on the street is wearing a perfectly sensible outfit!”

    “Denim man to the rescue!”

    P.S. I’ve been to Canada many times, and not once did I happen upon this ensemble. You guys need to get out more!

  76. It would have been better if he decided to rock the jorts. Fashion statement indeed.

  77. ken

    “He knew that today was Jeans Friday, and he took Jeans Friday and punched it in its face.”


  78. you’re so lucky to work with denim man

  79. Where did you see my father-in-law out on a Friday? Weird….and yet horribly embarrassing in a secondhand kind of way….

  80. Where did you see my father-in-law out on a Friday? Weird….and yet horribly embarrassing in a secondhand kind of way….and in reference to Canada, the full denim is also known as the Canadian Tuxedo. Why? No idea.

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