I’m not going to be around today, but I wanted to post something real quick thanking everyone who voted for me for Funniest Blog on 20 Something Bloggers.  This is how my Sunday ended:

  1. Drank and yelled a lot about the Steelers game.  Also, punched the couch at least six times.  This is how Intelligent Men prove a point.
  2. Saw the Steelers clinch the win with an interception by the best safety in the league, Troy Polamalu.  You read that right Ed Reed.
  3. Got a text from Alexa telling me that I won Funniest Blog.
  4. Drank and yelled more, only this time about happy things.  Decided to leave the couch alone, figuring it learned its lesson.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who voted and everyone who reads my crap, I appreciate it.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more hard-hitting analysis of the discovery of methane gas on Mars and what it means for the future of the automotive industry.  Or maybe I’ll just talk about how Paul Blart: Mall Cop was the number one movie over the weekend which clearly indicates The End Of Days is upon us.


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31 responses to “thanks

  1. Ben

    Congrats sir! Well-deserved!

  2. kat

    Congratulations. I hear that first prize is a BJ from Jeff Bridges.

  3. mistressmom

    Congrats on being named funniest blog!

  4. Congratulations. You’re not going to pull a Cuba Gooding, Jr. and start sucking now, are you?

  5. deutlich


    Seriously excited for you!

  6. I say we round up the winners and make everyone buy us drinks at the meetup in June….I just really want free booze

  7. Congratulations! Now get back to the movie review of Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

  8. I’d congratulate you but since you beat me in funniest blog and your team made it to the Super Bowl and mine lost in the first round I would rather drink, yell things and punch your couch.

  9. Wordy Ninja

    The Steelers go to the SuperBowl and you win funniest blog, truly this is your year…I say I give you a couple hundred bucks to buy some lotto tickets and we split the winnings.

  10. or go to Atlantic City…It’d be like Rain Man!

  11. Congrats on both wins!

    I don’t know about you but I’m in a bird killing mood.

  12. Congrats! Not about punching the couch but that you won funniest blog. 🙂

  13. well deserved my dear, well deserved. both on your awards and your steelers.

    and that’s coming from a browns fan.

  14. jay grochalski

    CONGRATS! and i’m sorry about the Paul Blart thing. i’ve been off since Friday, and I got paid, and logic lost a really strong battle against the desire to see Paul Blart 16 times before the end of the Bush Administration. that aside, GO STEELERS!

  15. Jo


    I didn’t vote.

    Will you still be my friend now you’re all popular? Will you do a speech and cry like Kate Winslet?

  16. CONGRATULATIONS and a toast will be raised in your honor! Woot!

  17. Polamalu is an animal.

    Congrats on the win! You’re a funny dude. 🙂

    (I am not even going to mention that I am bitter that I have to work today…)

    (Until now.)

  18. S.

    Congrats. And uh hope the couch is alright.

  19. JenBun: Troy Polamalu isn’t an animal. He’s a freaking Savage.

    Go Steelers! God I’m so pumped.

  20. Congrats on the award!

  21. Way to go, sir. I voted for you in spirit, by which I mean I drank spirits and yelled at an imaginary ghost.

  22. Nice job. Keep the funny coming. We’ll keep the inane commentary coming.

  23. Good going sir! You are a funny f*cker so it was well deserved.

  24. Congrats on winning funniest blog and on the Steelers win! I hope your couch survived the beat down.

  25. abigail

    i have to say that i have been reading your blog for quite some time now, but i am going to need to take a hiatus as a result of your ed reed comment. it is intolerable and personally hurtful. it made me bleed purple blood onto my computer which my computer did not appreciate. also, i’m drunk.


    abby from baltimore

  26. I don’t think anyone was surprised at the results.
    Congrats! 🙂

  27. Glad you gave the couch a break. Don’t go all Ike Turner on it all the time. It’ll start thinking it’s not hot shit anymore. Pace the beatings. Just saying.

  28. I really liked you. That is, before I found out you were a Steelers fan.

    Luckily I’m a grown up (or something) and I will push my ego and pride aside and continue to read your stuff.
    Even though my latest post was about my heart breaking when WE (clearly you can tell I’m a Ravens fan) lost on Sunday.

    So I’m not congratulating you for winning some 20SB award. Instead, congrats on sweeping my team this year.

    …now I’m going to sob through the rest of the blogs on my reader.

  29. Congrats! See, I’m always telling people that you’re not REALLY a loser.

  30. Aaaww so proud. Congrats. Well deserved.

  31. Superbowl = Michelle vs. Chris. Steelers going down!

    Poor Chris.

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