hanging tough, staying hungry

I’m getting married this coming September, and my fiancee Ari and I have been busy planning the wedding, which mostly involves her telling me about things I never knew about, like “color schemes” (weird) and the fact that she needs a wedding band in addition to the engagement ring (weirder).

For the most part I’m fine with everything, but the more and more we plan, the more and more I realize that there is absolutely nothing happening for me that day.

Everyone knows that the wedding is all about the bride, but I’ve taken it upon myself to suggest to Ari on numerous occasions, that this wedding should be different.  I don’t even want drastic changes, I just want a song.

That’s all – just a song.

The bride typically gets to march down the aisle and have everyone look and think she’s great, right?  Well, that’s what I want.

I want to march down the aisle, and I want to march down it to this:

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more about “Eye of the Tiger“, posted with vodpod

That’s right – “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.  That epic fight song that fueled Rocky when he defeated Ivan Drago, will also fuel me as I walk down the aisle.

It’s the perfect song.

It’s all about rising above adversity (dating) defeating a bitter rival (psycho ex-boyfriend) and ultimately triumphing when no one thought you could (getting married means I’m finally mature, right?).

The way I picture it is the second the first note blasts from the speakers, I kick open the doors and come trotting inside the room.  As I make my way down the aisle, maybe I point at a couple people who believed in me, then get some high fives as I take my place up front.

This is something that needs to happen.  This will make my wedding unique and give me something to finally be excited about.  You know, aside from the actual getting married part and all that.


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86 responses to “hanging tough, staying hungry

  1. Daisee579

    I read, but do not comment (yes, I’m a lurker). However, today, I just have to say you made me laugh out loud. I went to a college which had a tiger for a mascot, so I heard that song tons at games. At football games, they even had this smoke machine and a giant tiger’s head/mouth for the players to run through onto the field. You should totally look into that for the march down the aisle – at least the smoke machine.

    Yes, and the tiger head! And thanks for reading.

  2. Ben

    Somehow I knew this post would come…why don’t you just hire Mr. T to do the service?

    Now you’re talking my language.

  3. I hope that Boo doesn’t read this today or he’s going to want his own song too. Crap.

    I hope he does – for your sake.

  4. I think that is an excellent idea. Make sure the officiant looks like Mickey and squirts some water in your mouth once you reach the altar.

    Perfect. Only no altar for us, we’re not the religious type.

  5. Why the hell not!
    The groom enters separate from the bride so she still gets to walk to the wedding march intrumental. Or, use “Eye of the Tiger” for when you enter the reception hall as a married couple.

    Hell, my husband wanted us the enter the reception to that “Rock-n-Roll Pt. 2” song they play at games (duh-duh-duuuh-duh. HEY!) I would have too! I hate being “normal” and I regret we got so busy we never tracked down that damn song.

    I’ve even heard of a wedding where the bride recorded a message to her man that was played over the loud speaker while she came down the aisle instead of the traditional song.

    It’s all about being creative.

  6. Coop

    May I suggest some Journey for the reception. Let’s just make it an 80s “where are they now” session. Way cooler than any cover band…unless you get a Journey cover band. *gasp*

    I’m actually not a Journey fan. Don’t shun me! I just can’t take that fucking song anymore.

  7. lissa

    You might have just started a new tradition in weddings.

    One can dream.

  8. Okay, you can do this one thing, but you do not – I repeat DO NOT – get to be one of those couples that does a choreographed “funny” dance with your wedding party.

    I will come to New York and smack you.

    I would never do that! But you can still come here and smack me if you want.

  9. Awesome! I went to a wedding last summer where the groom, and then the bride, walked out to “Don’t Stop Believing.”

    I hope you get your wish.

    But, for Ari’s sake, please don’t wear a championship belt in place of a cumberbund. Don’t Rourke this thing up.

    Yeah, the belt might be a bit much.

  10. wordpress didn’t want me to leave a comment; i’m back to write it AGAIN:

    It’s a great idea. Do it! Last summer, I saw a bride then groom walk down to “Don’t Stop Believing.” Definitely memorable.

    I’d skip the championship belt though, in place of a cumberbund. You don’t want to Rourke this thing.

    It was better the second time around.


    I know the feeling.

  12. Maybe Ari can put the belt on you during the ceremony. It’ll be your ring.


  13. I’d let you do it if I were her.

    You’re the best.

  14. Our friend Josh walked into his reception to Smack My Bitch Up.

    If that’s possible, anything is possible.

    Wow – that is one free-wheeling wife.

  15. I have a similar dream, but it involves “You’re the Best Around” from Karate Kid.

    Another excellent choice.

  16. or you could do Hearts on Fire, the wonderful John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band song that closes Rocky IV. It’s “sort’ of romantic. speaking of Rocky, i’d like to thank AMC for making January Stallone month, simply b/c i’ve now watched all the Rocky movies at least twice, plus First Blood Part 1 & 2. if only they played Cobra and Over the Top.

    I’m disappointed in them for leaving those out – who doesn’t like a movie about arm wrestling?

  17. Ron

    better yet get survivor to play it live, book them here; http://www.survivormusic.com/ …personally i tried for Stone Cold Steve Austins entrance theme, no go, but we did enter the reception to Queen’s wedding march… you know what would be totally awesome, instead of vows you and Ari fist bumped and she just says “I will break you”. and you say ” I gotta go out the way I gotta go out”… the real question is will you let your down and out brother make a buck by selling ad space on your tux?? … ding, ding


  18. After you kiss a bell should ring and someone should squirt water in your mouth. It’ll really help to add to the effect.


  19. I watched the Duggar wedding last night and he sung to his bride…on the alter. It was awful. I was scared you were going to suggest that.

    No need to do that to everyone.

  20. Hmmm….somehow I don’t see this turning out the way you want it to.

    But let’s say it does, can you guys have someone film Ari taking the first punch at you?

    I think we could arrange that.

  21. Chelsea

    Best idea ever. I totally support it. I will take pictures and video.

    I knew I could count on you. Make me look pretty.

  22. I met a girl who wants to walk down the aisle to Rammstein’s “Du Haste”. Your idea is less terrifying and ironic, but still top notch.

    I would have run screaming out of the wedding.

  23. I think she should come out to Eye Of The Tiger – for girls, dating is a lot like that scene where Rocky is punching the giant piece of meat.

    No way man – that song is mine!

  24. my cousin, his wife and their whole wedding party entered their reception after the wedding to this song. it. was. amazing.

    do it.

    A brilliant plan.

  25. CapriceClassic

    I absolutely LOVE that idea! If the bride can have a march song upon entrance, why can’t the groom? Yes, yes – I say GO FOR IT! And while you’re at it, add some flair to the wedding cake as well. Perhaps a tiger figurine standing between the bride and groom figurines? Or maybe a a pair of boxing gloves instead of wedding bells!

    Oh, well, I am getting a mini cake made with the Steelers emblem, so that’s cool.

  26. Whether or not you get to do this, I highly recommend getting a pair of American flag satin boxer shorts to wear under the tux.

    You’ll still get your Rocky moment, but it will be in the form of a bow-bow-chicka-bow moment. I suggest playing “Eye of the Tiger” softly in the background as you make sweet, sweet married love to your new bride. She’ll never forget it.

    Yes! Bow-chick-bow moments are my favorite kinds of moments.

  27. Totally agree with Meghan.
    Sugest the song, the bell ring and water squirt and also see if you can get away with having a giatn aces boxers robe on.
    She can only say “no” so many times.

    Good luck.

    Thank you sir.

  28. Oh, Chris. You’re never gonna win on that one, darling. Unless…

    We used songs from Vitamin String Quartet, so I got to walk down the aisle to Incubus. Ari might hate me for saying this, but I bet you could find a string version of Eye of the Tiger. I know, kinda defeats the whole oomph of the song, but I’m betting that’s the closest you’ll get.

    Hmmm… I might have to look into this.

  29. CapriceClassic

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say…
    I listened to that song you spoke of: Blessings by the Visionaries. One of the guys sounds just like Q-Tip to me, but otherwise, the song is pretty dope!

    Not a Q-Tip fan? Yeah, aside from his Tribe work, he’s kind of sucked. I’m glad you liked the song though.

  30. …Ya know, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that actually. I mean, I could see why your fiancee may not approve, but hell, you should get some little part of the day as yours…

    And if one day I get married and my guy asks for the same, this response never happened.

    Or maybe I’ll keep this and use it as blackmail? For some cookies or something.

  31. I vote yes. Only if y’all run up the aisle with boxing gloves on though. That’d be hot.

    That could work.

  32. Jess

    lmao are you serious!?

    I’m guessing Ari didn’t agree to it?

    I’d totally let my boyfriend walk down the aisle to it, it would be funny, and people would remember it.

    Film it if it does happen please :p LOL

    I would love to catch the moment on film, so I’ll try.

  33. ctoan

    “the fact that she needs a wedding band in addition to the engagement ring ”

    I had to read this sentence (clause) twice, because the first time, I couldn’t figure out what musicians at the reception had to do with her engagement ring.


    Right, see this is why I’m not writing for the Times. Yet.

  34. This is do-able. I once attended a wedding in which the groomsmen danced down the aisle to Sly and the Family Stone and the bridesmaids to “Goin’ To The Chapel.” Later the mother of the bride recited spoken-word “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News…after the first verse of lyrics, the music for the song started up and the whole wedding party started singing along. It was fucking awesome.

    Man, that is fucking awesome.

  35. Hey, at least it isn’t Another Bites The Dust. I say do it!

    Very good point.

  36. Maria

    Please do this! It would be EPIC!!!!

    I know! Epic sums it up quite nicely.

  37. ML

    a) i’m surprised my boyfriend hasn’t already thought of this for our wedding. oh crap.

    b) smoke machine. spot light. fake cheering in the background if you have to.

    Smoke seems appropriate.

  38. um, have you seen any of the wedding shows on WE? this shit has been done before. one couple walked out to Free Bird… awesome!

    No, I don’t watch much WE lately.

  39. oh yah, and Eye of the Tiger was my HS fight song so it never strikes me as “tough”

    Really? That song is amazing.

  40. I’ve seen men like you at weddings. You’re a ball of emotional putty. You are so going to cry, tough guy.

    Oh I’m going to cry, that’s for sure. I never said I wouldn’t. I’ll be weeping like a baby.

  41. Matt

    I cant think of a better song to get married to.


    It’s a song that just makes people happy.

  42. I think you should also get a few flash pods and smoke machines in there by the entrance to really give your walk – nay, strut – the proper power and gravitas.

    I like the flash pods idea very much, more of a spectacle!

  43. deutlich

    But you’d have to really, really strut down the aisle wearing a 70s style light-blue tux..

    for Ari’s sake, I’d make it a tear away with the REAL tux underneath.

    but you can’t walk down the aisle to a song like that w/out looking the part.

    Done and done.

  44. If this happens, you must post the video on your blog immediately afterwards.

    Cross your fingers!

  45. this has to happen. but if ari won’t let it happen in the church at minimum it has to happen for your reception hall entrance. for shiz.

    I know!!! Man, it’s my one life dream.

  46. That is exactly what was missing from my wedding. I’ll have to keep that in mind for #2.

    See? I could have told you that.

  47. I think it would be cool. Besides, why does the wedding have to be all about the bride. Aren’t you getting married too? I would have let my hubby do it.

    That’s the spirit!

  48. rs27awesome

    Please tell me I’m invited to this. I’ll buy a present and everything as long I don’t have to spend more than ten dollars.

    Oh yes – I’m excited about your present of a six pack of Coors Light and a single serving of Ho Hos.

  49. Arielle

    A few comments:

    1. The girls who said they would let their boyfriends do this are so lying.

    2. We aren’t walking into a reception; otherwise I’d totally be down with doing it to this song.

    3. You forgot to mention the sword.

    4. Chelsea, you are in big trouble my friend.

    1) No way – maybe they just love me in a way you don’t! Why Ari, why???
    2) Well maybe we could leave and come back.
    3) I couldn’t figure out a way to work it in, I’ll use it for another post.
    4) I’ll protect Chelsea.

  50. Jodi

    Chris, just out of curiosity. Do you need to lift heavy, random objects in your barn in order to prepare for this? I mean, is your boxing training really enough?

    –Concerned in MD

    Not nearly enough. I fully intend to punch hanging sides of beef as well.

  51. Give her a choice of songs to pick from. I recommend Barry White’s “Can’t get enough of your love babe” for your list, we came out to it for our wedding.

    I will give her a list that includes Eye of the Tiger, Eye of the Tiger and Eye of the Tiger.

  52. GM

    When I got married it worked out and was scheduled that at 3:30 the Penn State football game came on the big screen at the reception. I threw open my shirt to my PSU t-shirt and sat down with my buddies to watch the game. The wedding started at around 11 and the reception at around 1 so I figured that was plenty of time for her to get all the dancing and what not in!


  53. i was just at a wedding where the bride and groom were introduced at the reception to eye of the tiger and it was AWESOME. absolutely hilarious and everyone knew that she gave in and let him have the one song. 🙂

    I’m feeling it!

  54. longredcape

    The idea of having “funny” songs at weddings is totally underrated. More people should do it.

    Of course, I might feel a bit differently when *my* wedding day comes along. (Ha. Me? Getting married? Ha. Excuse me while I go laugh hysterically and then cry in the corner.)

    I’m sorry, I don’t know how this comment went awry. I need to say something positive now. CORNBREAD!

    Hahaha – awesome.

  55. I used to have a Myspace account I made for God (in the form of Paddington Bear) and his profile song was “You’re the Best Around”.

    It was awesome.

    My God liked broccoli because it looks like little trees.

    And he was obsessed with the Emmanuel movies.

  56. You have to do this. Have to. Don’t take no for an answer. (Sorry Ari!)

  57. You NEED to do this. If she’s meant for you she’ll let you. Or at least, she’ll forgive you afterwards. 🙂

  58. I played piano for a wedding once and, after being notified of several requested pieces 2 weeks in advance and receiving no compensation but a Santa Claus picture frame, vowed never to play another.

    But I would play “Eye of the Tiger” at a wedding for free. Gladly.

  59. Why not? I think it’s cute and it will be FUN for those attending the wedding! You will definitely get laughs and it will start things off on a fun note! One of my friends got married last September and all the boys came out to the Superman theme song, it was so funny and it was so perfect for the groom who is a huge Superman fan! I thought it was great and personalized the ceremony!

    I would fight for the song dude.

  60. that would probably be the coolest groom entrance ever. come on ari, let him do it! 🙂

  61. I am planning a wedding for August 2009, and I don’t see a problem with it!
    Unless you are having a formal church wedding, and then maybe it should be your recession song instead 😉
    I planned a wedding completely four years ago (and am so glad now for calling it all off three months before the date) and learned that way too much stress gets wrapped into how things ‘should’ be to please others,
    and how things ‘can’ be to please the couple getting married.
    But that is just my experience and opinion.

  62. OMG, so I’m a complete lurker but this post made me laugh so hard I almost piddled! My husband had similar thoughts that involved a Johnny Cash song but his church vetoed it. Good luck with it, I would totally agree to it! Lol!

  63. Kez

    The hubby and I entered our reception to Eye of The Tiger!
    I let him have that one because of the comedy factor and the fact that he had watched many Rocky Movies while avoiding my pre wedding stress!
    So could a deal be struck on the reception as opposed to the classy ceremony?

  64. If she lets you wear the outfit too, you really got yourself a keeper.

  65. i had a friend who wanted to walk down the aisle to “Maneater” by Hall & Oates.

  66. I got to pick the songs at our reception but not the ceremony. At the reception, the parents and bridal party was announced to the opening of “Dreams” by Van Halen. My wife and I were introduced to the instrumental opening from “I’m Shipping of to Boston” by Dropkick Murphys.

    It rocked 🙂

  67. I pictured you doing the very same thing walking down the aisle before you said you wanted to. I saw the song and I was like, “Chris is going to be The Man walking down the aisle.”

  68. Larissa

    I love it!

  69. There better be a video of this…

  70. tia

    maybe you can walk into the reception to that song?

    i dunno. you should probably give up.

  71. That would make you wedding better than all of Jlo’s wedding combined.

    I so hope there will be a video to this event.

  72. Im laughing so hard, I can’t help myself. This is insane! I love the idea, why didn’t anyone ever think of this?? Nice song.

  73. KT

    Wow that is an awesome idea. My fiance and I are thinking about starting our first dance to “It’s Business Time” from Flight of the Conchords. You gotta mix it up!

  74. I can totally picture you “trotting” down the aisle, all right…


  75. More details on the psycho ex-boyfriend, please. I just love those.

  76. Does Ari know yet?
    she is gona KILL you…
    hee hee….

  77. I’m just getting caught up on my blog reading & I haven’t laughed this much at a post in a long time.

    To be honest though, if the bride don’t want it to happen, it won’t happen. It is a great idea though & I fully expect you to use your creativity (& power of influence) to incorporate this song somewhere in your big day! Good luck!

  78. Ummm…

    I actually know someone who entered her wedding to this song, instead of that Bridal walk thing…

  79. I didn’t know you were getting married. I could say one of two things to you right now:

    1) Congratulations


    2) What the hell are you thinking.

    Actually, there are three:

    3) Run. Do NOT look back, just run.

    ha. I think I’m going to go with #1, I like to brag about how polite I am 😉

  80. Hattie

    At the very least, Chris, you and Ari could have your attendants walk in as couples, and the dudes could give you a high-five as they took their places next to you. If Ari won’t let you have your song, suggest that. That’s what one of my friends did. Rather amusing. 😉

  81. In a strictly traditional wedding, The Eye Of The Tiger has no place– but, if you and your fiance have personalities that cannot be contained in a traditional setting (I don’t know anything about her, but judging from this post alone, that seems to be the case for you!), I really think you SHOULD push to have The Eye Of The Tiger included in the wedding. Maybe not walking down the aisle to it, but you could at least use it as your entrance music for the reception. (A friend of mine used the theme from The Muppet Show as her reception entrance music, and it was PERFECT.)

    After all, this is your wedding. Why not personalize it?

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