talking points

I’m as hungover as Nick Nolte after a trip to Vegas, so I don’t have much for you today.  But I do have some points of discussion that I think need to be addressed.

First Discussion:

The best ad from the Super Bowl was clearly this spot that pretty much sums up how I feel every day.  Yes, even the koala punching.

Second Discussion:

Michael Phelps was caught smoking some pot, but he is still someone who every American can be proud of.  As you can see from the picture, Phelps is taking a bong hit, which clearly indicates he knows which form of smoking pot is the least harsh.  I don’t know about you, but if my Olympic athletes are going to be smoking, it makes me happy knowing that they have the knowledge not to smoke blunts or something ridiculous – instead sticking to the smooth, bubbly refreshment of a bong.

Nice and smooth - just like his backstroke.

Nice and smooth - just like his backstroke.

Third Discussion:

I’m a Normal Man, so of course I like Michael J. Fox.  But what I don’t like is people saying that Back To The Future is better than Teen WolfBack To The Future is by far the sexy pick, but look closer at Teen Wolf and you’ll see:  Fox is at his best as a teen just trying to fit in who happens to also be a wolf and a pretty decent basketball player.  Plus – Teen Wolf has Styles, arguably the best character ever.



Fourth Discussion:

The Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl last night,  making them the only NFL team with six and me a very happy man.  Now, does this mean that they are the best team ever in the NFL or – ha!  I’m fucking with you.  There’s no room for discussion here – the Steelers are the best NFL franchise ever.  No discussion necessary.

Better than your team.

Better than your team.


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60 responses to “talking points

  1. I watched, like, a good four minutes of the game last night. I cheered for the Steelers for those entire four minutes simply because of your blog.

    Look at the influence you have on people.

    I think I should run for president.

  2. My favorite commercial was the flower delivery one “No wants to see you naked!!!”

    That was a good one too.

  3. We’re from Sixburgh and life is sweet this morning.

    Fuck yes it is.

  4. thought4pennies

    And here I was thinking I was the only Teen Wolf fan.I even like number 2,with Jason Bateman.Granted,I was a little kid when those movies came out,but they’re classics.

    Oh, I can’t follow you on Teen Wolf Too. I just can’t.

  5. Maybe I had one too many Virgin Marys last night, but I have nothing to contribute today except to say that I like Michael Phelps more now than I ever did.

    Those will go right to your head.

  6. RB

    I fantasized about punching that koala bear many times this morning on my commute. That is powerful advertising..

    They knew what they were doing.

  7. ML

    ‘Tis good to have a six-pack.


  8. They made WAY too big of a deal with the whole Michael Phelps thing. News people need to stick with Lindsay Lohan stories.

    Much more exciting. Plus, Lohan is hotter. Well, in her Mean Girls days at least.

  9. No way, the Doritos commercial where the guy throws the snow globe into the other guys nuts was by far the best.

    That was a good one too, but I liked this better.

  10. Congrats on the Super Bowl. They made you work for it – can’t ask for a better game.

    Enjoyed the CareerBuilder commercial but was underwhelmed with the ads as a whole. Very few stuck out to me. Maybe it is just because we work in advertising so we get to be elitist pricks about ads – but there were only 2-3 I thought were very good.

    When Fitz caught that long TD I thought I was going to die. But in the end, like he always does, Ben pulled the win out. Best QB’s in the game, in order: 1) P. Manning 2) Ben 3) Brady

  11. Matt

    Look at phelps…going to town on that bong.

    what bothers me though, is how you know he has a smooth “backstroke”

    Hey, a gentlemen doesn’t kiss and tell.

  12. Ohhh I see. I thought he was caught just smoking a roach (do the kids still say that?) but no. Pulling out the graphix bong (that might have just been a SoCal thing) and taking a major hit, well I can see why that would be a big deal.

    You’d think he’d have the lung capacity for a three footer at least.

    Graphix was everywhere. And yeah, imagine the hits he could take!

  13. I didn’t watch this “Superbowl” that you mention, so I didn’t see the commercials, I find Michael Phelps disturbing to look at, I’ve never seen “teen Wolf” or “Teen Wolf 2”, and again- what is this “Superbowl” thing everyone seems to be in a tizzy about?

    I’m just going to assume it involves unrequited gay love and lots of high-fiving. Am I close?

    You nailed it. I can’t believe you haven’t seen Teen Wolf.

  14. Yeah, the lady screaming in her car in that commercial was hilarious. An earlier commercial where the guy at a meeting suggested they stop buying beer and was tossed from a window was funny as hell, too. Other than that, the commercials were cheesy and not much effort went into them.

    The Transformers Revenge of the Fallen teaser turned me on! GI Joe was nice, too but Transformers 2 made me tingle…

    GI Joe actually looked pretty cool, I was surprised.

  15. deutlich

    I think I respect Phelps a lil’ more now than I did before.

    Go figure.

    And GOOD GAWD yesterday’s Super Bowl was effin’ fantastic.

    It almost gave me a heart attack.

  16. Hope they don’t try to take his medals away. Not like pot would be a performance enhancing drug for a swimmer. If anything, he should get an extra gold for adding to the level of difficulty.

    And @melissalion, it wasn’t just a SoCal thing.

    They better not, that’d be ridiculous.

  17. Red

    I feel much better about my future with my Pikksburgh boy after last night.

    You two will be together forever.

  18. I’ve always thought Phelps was a total d bag, not because of the bong hits or anything though, just because thats his personality. I live in Baltimore, I have insider information.

    I believe you.

  19. Go Phelps with your bad self!

    Also, feel slightly left out with all this Superbowl coverage going on today.

    And I’ve never seen Teen Wolf. Rarr.

    NEVER??? I just don’t understand that.

  20. I did not watch the superbowl this year so I missed out on all the commercial gems…that makes me sadder than missing the actual game.

    There weren’t that many good ones.

  21. I felt like that careerbuilder ad was directed to me… even down to the punching of that koala. Ugh. And while I don’t sit next to a guy who picks his toes at his desk, I DO sit by someone who thinks it is appropriate to clip their nails at work. Just that sound… ick.

    People clip their nails on the train here and it makes me want to vomit.

  22. AH PHELPS. never thought of it. but im not in a position to judge and he’s still a very great person ..

    Lot’s of great people have smoked pot – lots.

  23. the superbowl was awesome. I hope pittsburgh is still insane with celebration next weekend when I’m there.

    It might just be.

  24. CapriceClassic

    Those sissy-punk Stallers should have lost!! I’m mad that the Cards played like 4th grade girls during the 1st half, but they did make a nice comeback in the 2nd half, so I can’t stay mad at them. However, the Stallers did not deserve that win, damn it. The score was 23-20 Cards with less than a minute to go. That was complete and utter bullshit!

    When the Cards become a real franchise, we can talk.

  25. nic

    I too loved the careerbuilder spot. The woman screaming in her car….the uncontrollable crying jags…the punching of bespectacled small animals…AWESOME. At least somebody ponied up for some real creativity from an agency this year.

    I know, it was great.

  26. Congrats on your team winning!

    Ben Roethlisberger is dreamy.

    He is, isn’t he?

  27. I wish Michael Phelps hadn’t apologized.

    I hate America.

    There. I said it.

    I know, me too. He needs to just say, “It’s not a big deal!”

  28. I never thought I would say this, but I wouldn’t mind being hungover today.

    Club soda sucks.

    So does Teen Wolf. Are you serious?

    Yes I’m serious! And those are fighting words missy.

  29. The Michael Phelps news only makes me like him more.

    Yes it does.

  30. I didn’t watch the Superbowl. I was too busy making an apple bong with Phelps.

    Well it sounds like you had a good time anyway.

  31. Win in the end! I’m gonna win in the end!

    Boof was 9,000 times hotter than that other girl too. It’s a travesty.

    Hell yes she was.

  32. Teen Wolf?


    It’s a classic.

  33. longredcape

    Speaking of disgusting habits of co-workers, I once had a co-worker pull her chair up next to my desk and commence to use an X-Acto knife to scrape the dead skin off her feet. Why she couldn’t do this at her own desk is still a mystery to me.

    She must’ve been trying to fuck with you.

  34. Tim

    I’ve always thought it was super cool that Marty McFly shaped future generations by inventing skateboarding, but the overall theme of Teen Wolf really hits home: You don’t need to be a werewolf to hit a game winning free throw.


  35. Those last 3 minutes almost killed me though. I have three new stress pimples to go along with my headache this morning.

    I know me too. Well, not the zit, but the agony of those last couple minutes.

  36. phelps getting busted is hilarious. SO FUNNY.

    you should add another discussion about the arizona television station that had their game interrupted with porn. real porn. let me know if you haven’t seen it and i’ll email you the link. it’s ridiculous.

    It just seems like something Phelps would do, doesn’t it?

  37. I cheered for the Steelers last night largely because of/for you.

    I appreciate that.

  38. Teen Wolf all the way!


  39. Congrats on a big Superbowl win, it was a great game! I now think Michael Phelps is a hero and way less dorky after taking bong rips!

    I know, me too. I always suspected he smoked though.

  40. Before last night–and I swear to God this is true–I had never watched a football game in its entirety. Now I can say that I have. It wasn’t QUITE as awful as I thought, and that must be because I was watching the best franchise in NFL history. Apparently.

    Yes, yes it was.

  41. Kyle

    I’d still like to make a case for the 49ers. Five Super Bowls, I understand, is less than six. But the 49ers have never lost a Super Bowl, something no other team with at least three Super Bowl rings can say. And they have the all-time greatest QB (Joe Montana), WR (Jerry Rice), S (Ronnie Lott) and offensive mind (Bill Walsh) ever. So there.

    Greatness is measured by championships, so six ends the argument, but I’ll entertain this. I see your points, but I don’t think going to the Super Bowl and losing should be held against a team, if anything, making it there is better than not making it there. Also, there are a ton of all-time greatest players on the Steelers – Jack Lambert, Lynn Swann, Big Ben (on his way, 2 rings by 27!), Troy Polamalu, Joe Greene. We have the players to match up to the Niners, so what makes us better is that we have more rings.

  42. I have no idea where the Steelers are from. And well, I still don’t. but, um, I drink a beer to them!

    Now, I do have to say that Teen Wolf 2 sucks balls. It doesn’t compare to Back to the Future 2.

    Yes, I agree with you there, Teen Wolf Too is bad.

  43. Kyle



  44. Kyle

    By the way, if Phelps needs to smoke weed and date strippers to shake off the stress of his training for Beijing, I can’t wait to see what he does after London in ’12.

    He’s going to be unstoppable.

  45. 1. Totally agree. Def my fave Super Bowl commercial this year.

    2. Thanks for posting that pic. I’ve been reading about that shit since yesterday, but have yet to see the photo at hand.

    3. Back to the Future is so much better. FYI. You are wrong.

    4. And you suck. Steelers suck. Fuck you.

    Don’t get mad because Jake D threw 857 interceptions.

  46. dude… BOO & YA.

    i could slap someone i’m so happy about them stillers n@t.

    You could slap me!

  47. michael phelps should have to return one of his medals for apologizing. that shit was WEAK.

    also, that careerbuilder commercial RESONATED. and i don’t even have a job.

    Good word drop! Ad people love to say “resonate.”

  48. I think Teen Wolf was far better then back to the future as well!

    My team didn’t make it to the Superbowl this year, so I have no opinion in the matter of who won v.s. who didn’t, I didn’t even bother to watch it, I know, I know, shame on me.

    As for athletes and pot, phst. Whatever dude. To each their own.

    Whatever floats you boat. Or in his case, his body.

  49. OH ALSO

    Teen Wolf Too is better because it stars Jason Bateman.

    That is all.

    No way, that one is terrible.


    Seriously, if the Cardinals had’ve won yesterday, ever fucking paper in this country would’ve featured Ben fucking Graham on the cover. As though a punter could ever win a game of football. Ridiculous. Thank fuck the Steelers won. Stole it you might say. See what I did there?

  51. Pants

    I got worried when Arizona scored in the last few minutes…what a great game!

    Have you heard about Comcast in the Tuscon area cutting into the last few minutes with porn? HA!

  52. My favorite commercial was the one with Conan. That could just be because I have an unnatural obsession with Conan.

    Also, in my mind the Steelers only have 5 rings because they didn’t truly deserve the fifth ring. Just had to put that out there. You don’t have to tell me that I’m bitter.

  53. i must say that the game was a lot better than i thought it was going to be. and um what’s with harrison making an amazing touchdown at the half and then punching a guy in the head in the second half? i guess he was just that pumped up, haha.

  54. Teen Wolf is one of the best movies EVER!!!!!

    And also..I cant help but like Michael Phelps just a little bit more now.

  55. Teen Wolf!!

    I still love Back to the Future though…

  56. A) I put that Careerbuilder ad on my blog too, I love it and laughed hard while watching it

    B) Michael Phelps lost some points with the bong stuff but I would still have sex with him, preferrably hot, one night stand sex

    C) BTTF is way better than Teen Wolf but no judgement

  57. I was recently guided over here by a mutual reader, who mentioned your Teen Wolf promotion.

    Fuck yeah. Thank you, sir, for perpetuating one of the greatest movies of all time.

    Beavers represent.

  58. Oh, and by recently, I mean like twenty minutes ago.

    Because I’ve already written two blogs about Teen Wolf this year.

    Sorry for interrupting. Sometimes I over-justify.

  59. i’ve gotta hand it to Phelps for being man enough to acknowledge his actions and apologize — he’s still a decent role model despite the hypocritical media storm

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