this is the best news since your friend told you he thought no one would notice your left eye is bigger than your right

Tonight is the Oscars, so I’m going to be live-tweeting it (until I get bored at least), and I’m hoping all you other Twitter people will be too.  Just tune your TV to the right channel at 8 PM (though I’ll probably start with a little red carpet stuff before), drink a ton and let the fun begin.  Okay, you don’t have to drink as much wine as I will, but I promise Mickey Rourke would want you to.

I’ll see you or tweet you or whatever tonight.

I hate saying “tweet.”


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20 responses to “this is the best news since your friend told you he thought no one would notice your left eye is bigger than your right

  1. Will keep an eye on your tweets 😉
    I hate sayin it now too!!!
    damn u…!! 😀

  2. I am the first commentor..!!
    cheers to that!

  3. yeei! I’ll also be live-tweeting the Oscars, but I have the impresison your live-tweeting (?) will be better than mine.

  4. I hate hearing you say “tweet,” if that helps. Still, I look forward to your unique brand of 140-character reportage.

  5. lookin forward to your real-time social messages!

    (hah! i didn’t say tweet! oh, shit. )

  6. I will be drunk while watching the Oscars and holding my phone, so there’s a distinct possibility that I’ll drunk-tweet as well. No promises though, since I will be in an apartment surrounded by 3 dogs, and, well, I am easily distracted by their cuteness.

  7. My friend never told me that. In fact he pointed it out when he saw a picture of me, and went “Uh, why is your other eye so much smaller?”

  8. Crap I forgot the oscars were on tonight…..Thanks for the reminder….

  9. Jo

    I hate the word tweet too.

    Doesn’t stop me feeling thoroughly down with the cool kids though.

  10. bwp

    twitter sounds so dirty

  11. I can never figure out if it’s tweets or twitters or whatever.

    Either way I’ll be 1) drunk 2) at my computer. It’s a party.

  12. Mickey Rourke kind of scares the shit outta me, but I’ll watch anyway.

  13. I’ll be watching the Amazing Race.

  14. hahaha I feel like i dont have to watch it since people tweet about it.

  15. until you get bored? is that what happened during the grammys?

  16. Once again I’m safe from Twitter 😛

  17. maussie

    Haha… have fun!
    I have not (yet) caught the twitter fever 😉

  18. Kyle

    I don’t understand why women wear the ugliest possible dresses for the Oscars.

  19. sid

    I’ve never watched the Oscars …

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