another step toward nothingness

I guess it was only a matter of time, but last Friday I started a Tumblr.  I don’t know why I did it, other than this Tumblr inspired me by always posting great music for me to jam out to, and so that was that.  Now I have yet another thing to explain to people, which is always pure joy.

With the blog it was difficult.

Me: So, you know, I just write about stuff that I think about.

Friend: Like what?

Me: Well, maybe I hate how I have to eat with a little fork. That could be a post.

Friend: And people read that?

Me: Yeah.

Friend: Why?

Then there was Twitter, which was a little harder to explain.

Me: I use it to write about small things, that can’t form a complete blog post.  Oh, and I can comment on what other people say and stuff like that.

Friend: So you read the thoughts of a bunch of people you don’t know about such trivial things as what they ate for lunch?

Me: Yeah.

Friend: Are you okay?

Now, with my Tumblr, I really don’t know what to say.

Me: Yeah, I post videos and links and re-post cool stuff other people post about.  It’s kinda cool.

Friend: But wait, can’t you do that with a blog and Twitter?  I mean, what’s the difference?

Me: Uh, well, it was fun thinking up a title for the Tumblr.

Friend: You do realize you have problems, right?

I can’t wait to have that conversation.  But anyway, if you’re looking for more stupid crap to read on the Internet, or if you have succumbed to The Lure Of The Tumblr, come follow me or whatever it is and we’ll all promise not to ever ask each other why we started a Tumblr in the first place.


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36 responses to “another step toward nothingness

  1. I love your tags.

    And I’m saying that because I don’t know what a Tumblr is and that makes me feel stoopid and so this is an avoidance tactic.

    Not that your tags aren’t great.

    Because they are.

    I’m just saying.


  2. I’ve given up trying to explain why I blog. Especially when all I post are pictures of manatees.

    Essentially, I’m the best combination of exhibitionist and voyeur. The best.

    That’s not a bad thing to be.

  3. This is a mistake. You heard it here first.

    So you hate yours?

  4. as i mentioned on friday, i’m flattered to be your inspiration.

    and i decide not to explain tumbling to anyone….they just see my awesome videos and realize just how cool (and weird) i really am.

    Cool and weird make for a good combination.

  5. My answer to why I blog/tweet/tumbl is “because I like it and don’t want to do my actual work. Now bugger off you wanker.” Seems to usually shut people up.

    They don’t ask you what “bugger off” means?

  6. I must be in the slow internet group because I don’t even know what tumbl is.

    It’s better that way.

  7. i didn’t know of Tumblr before i read this post–the world currently feels less than it was before.

    True words my friend.

  8. Okay, I’m on board for the blog, then the twitter. I am drawing the line at the tumblr though, can’t do it. Brain is overloaded.

    I completely understand.

  9. I have yet to succumb to the Tumblr.

    So far.

    So good.

    We’ll see…

    Stay strong. It’s the only way.

  10. what’s next friendster? don’t do it chris, you must stop at some point!

    So you’re saying you don’t want me to friend request you?

  11. I like Tumblr because you don’t have to know CMS or HTML or any of that crap to make a pretty page.

    But I’m still wary of their censorship issues.

    Tumblr friends foreva!

  12. Matt

    Dude you really are on top of this internet shit.

    It’s not reallly a good thing.

  13. I created a Tumblr a couple years ago, and got bored with it, mainly because I constantly break your rule re: writing as many words as possible about any one thing…but have started to think about reinvigorating this art form after enjoying some other’s Tumblrs as of late.

    As for people who ridicule my Twitter…it’s like they have no SOUL.

    I know!

  14. The only reason I now like Tumblr is this hot ass afro pic I saw. Smokin’!!

    Ha! How about that hemp necklace too? I made that you know – I’m so talented.

  15. idontliketoread

    dude I love all if it, the blog, face space, twitter, now tumbler, emai,l txting, shouting in the streets, smoke signals… the world must know what’s on my mind!!!


  16. I think you explain it to people by building on one of the things they didn’t understand in the first place. So you have a blog, which people don’t understand. And then you describe twitter as microblogging, which they also don’t understand. And then you describe tumblr as content too big for microblogging, too small for blogging.
    They will stop asking you after that.

    I think that’s a good plan of attack.

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  18. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and now Tumbler – if I follow you on this I think I have to become President of your fan club.

    Let’s charges some dues.

  19. You’re really invested in this aren’t you.

    I can’t allow myself to get involved with Twitter (I already waste enough of my work day reading blogs) I know it would become an addiction.

    Thankfully, I have no idea what a Tumblr is…It sounds dangerous.




    It is, believe me.

  20. arielle

    I think Mike might be spam.

    You’re welcome.

    No way, that’s my boy Mike from college – he’s crazy like that.

  21. I don’t speak tumblr, but the blog and twitter conversations were quite familiar.

    It’s pretty much the same every time.

  22. I could click the link, but that would ruin my comment:

    What the fuck is a Tumblr and can I buy it a vowel?

    But the missing vowel is so cool!

  23. I dipped my toe into the Tumblr waters briefly….

    *shrugs shoulders*

  24. Wow, I am so out of the loop.

  25. I can’t get behind tumblr. I don’t think I have the attention span for it.

  26. I think your own personal hell would be if you could only communicate using the Pony Express. Get up-to-the-minute updates then sucker!

  27. (Said the Twitterer.)

  28. Do you use Flickr as well?

  29. hmmm I think I’ll pass on Tumblr. that’s just too much crap to keep up with….

    yeah, I’ll probably be on it here in the next few weeks.

  30. Kristin

    I’d like to know how you feel about The Real World Brooklyn.

  31. I find it hard to get behind things based on a creative misspelling.

  32. explaining twitter to non-twitterers makes absolutely no sense and sounds ridiculous i’ve decided. i just lie instead, haha.

  33. I REFUSE to join Tumblr. I will not be tempted to the Dark Side. Even if you DO have cookies.

  34. Dude I’m totally following you on Tumblr. Get excited. I have one too, everydayadventures (original, I know!) I hear a rumor I might get to meet you on Saturday too. I promise to shower.

  35. LOL I dont need new addictions. But that is tempting i might not care 😛

  36. Sid

    The very minute people hear that I have a blog they want the url. There is no explanation required about what I write about. People just get excited and spend hours trying to find it via google. It’s weird.

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