I’m guest posting at Big Time Fancy today, so please go there and read my post about how hard guys have it when we want to look pretty.  I mean look special.  I mean looks spiffy.  Jesus christ, I better just stop now.

Incidentally, how cool would it be to have your name end up being a swear word/phrase?  I think that’s the pinnacle of stardom, honestly.  People have said your name so often, that eventually they start using it in anger.  Looks like I have a new goal for myself.


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17 responses to “guesting

  1. Similar to you’ve been “Munsoned” from Kingpin?

    I have no idea. Yes?

  2. Pat Boone does that. I’m serious. He’s turned his own name into a swear word.

    Oh BOON!

    Lucky fucker.

  3. Hmmm… my online name would probably sound damn good as a swear word. I mean, German just sounds mean anyway.

    Yes, yes it would.

  4. I thought the rationale behind guest -posting was to fill in for someone who would be absent from their blog for a few days; yet that only makes the guest blogger absent from their own blog (a little). So the universe is still unbalanced. I guess I can see using it as a way to introduce people to someone else’s blog… Or just for fun. Not a criticism here, just seems like a gap in logic.

    I know, but life is full of obstacles. Some small (cancer) some large (bloggers not posting), but we must somehow conquer them all.

  5. Yeah, but Jesus apparently went through some pretty horrible shit for the honor. If it were me I’d say let all the sinners burn; I don’t need the press that bad.

    Yeah, I was just thinking of good stuff happening to me. I don’t really like all that bad stuff, like crucifixes and shit. I bet that thing was heavy.

  6. There is a fine line between curse word and toilet – as John discovered.

    I wonder what he did to deserve that?

  7. You mean, you want us to start saying oh my chris or something?

    That’s a start.

  8. You mean like in Dune when Paul Atreides Fremen name “Maodib” becomes a killing word?

    See my answer to Matt.

  9. J

    I wonder if there’s someone in this world who’s ever named their kid Fuck.

    …I bet there is.

    For sure.

  10. son of a chris, I have to click over there to read you today?? what the chris is this all about!?

    Shut up, you stupid chris, just chrising do it!

  11. Do you get paid to Guest Post and liven up another blog with your presence??


  12. inaccurateninja

    I dug your post on BigTimeFancy, so I checked this out; you’re a witty dude! 🙂

  13. It’s a chrissing awful day today. It’s just chrissing down outside and if I don’t get out of here, I’m gonna go christal on a few people and they won’t have to worry about surviving themselves, if you chrissing know what I mean.

    Yeah, I think it works.

  14. I agree, your name works pretty well for this.

  15. I think for that to work you have to have a pretty unique name.

    Sorry dude 🙂

  16. ‘Christ’ does sound like the past tense of ‘Chris’.

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