on your way then



How does that picture make you feel?




I feel all of those things when I see pictures and hear stories about Amy Winehouse.  The latest story on this troubled singer is that she has been charged with assault.  Apparently she beat up some woman who asked for her autograph.

We’ve heard it all about Winehouse, haven’t we?  She’s depressed, she’s angry, she’s got issues, her hair is home to a tiny village of people who weave the finest silk boxers.

And the talk probably won’t stop, unless we just let her be.  That’s right – just let Amy Winehouse do whatever she wants to do, because it is obvious we cannot stop her from anything.

If she wants to snort coke off a cop’s bald head?  Let her.

If she wants to shoot heroin and question why all the Phoenix siblings have weird first names, when having Phoenix as a last name is weird enough?  Let her.

Because she’s going to do it anyway.

Have we learned nothing as a society?  When Famous People want to do things, whether it’s a terrible idea or not, they do it.  Just look at the Barenaked Ladies’ entire career.

Let’s just forget her.  Let’s just let her do her thing, no matter how illegal, or how closely it puts her toward feeling Death’s cold, gentle touch.

You can’t stop Amy Winhouse, and I wouldn’t suggest you try.

(If you’re looking for a good story today, go to my friend J.P.’s blog, and check out his post about an encounter with old lady porn.)


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43 responses to “on your way then

  1. not surprised with anything that hot mess does. All we need is a head shaving incident now..

    I can’t wait!

  2. i agree. people care too much about celebrities. it’s pointless.

    I care, I just think we have lost the ability to stop her.

  3. Did you take this picture of Ames the other night when you two were ‘chillin’?

    Of course.

  4. actually she looks kinda good in that photo. almost didn’t recognize her without the crack pipe. =/

  5. Matt

    Amy Winehouse should do a cameo on “The Wire”.

    She could be bubbles’ lover. That would be perfect.

    Match made in heaven.

  6. As long as she doesn’t try and hang out with me, we’re all good. Unless, of course, she wants to buy me stuff. That’s a whole other kettle of fish.

    Mmmm… fish in a kettle…

  7. i have to ask…the barenaked ladies comment was completely derived from your compulsion to download mediocre 90s music into the wee hours of the night, right??

    in other related news, i know entirely too much about internet friend’s lives because of twitter.

    It is, but no way in hell I would ever listen to their songs – one of the worst bands ever.

  8. I’m not sure who’s crazier at this point: Joaquin Phoenix or Amy Winehouse? Maybe it’s Winehouse who is teetering on extra crazy.

    It’s pretty close.

  9. The only thing about AW that makes me sad is I truly think she is quite talented. It will be sad when she succeeds in killing herself.

    Yeah, what’s the saying? Pain = art? Or something like that? Like right now, my right foot is killing me!

  10. That picture makes me feel scared and I just want to go back to bed, pull the covers over my head and not come out until spring.


  11. Dude, she used to be my dream woman…Until she started doing crack and smack. Well, even then I was willing to overlook certain things. Now, just sad. Boo for you Amy, boo.

    She used to be so much better looking, it’s true.

  12. jay grochalski

    plus her album is overrated….on an aside note, if you were single and all, how much cash would it take to tap that on her worst day?

    $50. I’m kind of easy though.

  13. that picture makes me appreciate my sobriety.


  14. I’ve actually felt just how she looks in that picture. It’s called Mom Tired. Except for her, I guess it’s called heroin.

    Right, but I bet there’s not much difference.

  15. “her hair is home to a tiny village of people who weave the finest silk boxers”

    I’m a funny man.

  16. LOL! Definitely concerned and frightened from that photo. Not too much sad since we all have the power and choice to help ourselves when we need it!

    I have the power!

  17. Good lord! I’m glad I had my coffee before that. Although it makes me feel sad for her.

    I should’ve put a warning up.

  18. That picture sent shivers down my spine. Gross.

    Makes your hair stand up on the back of you neck, right?

  19. Your friend J.P. is a hottie…

    The ladies love my man.

  20. … for some reason I now want to go watch a Zombie flick.

    I completely understand.

  21. Zoe

    She is like the one celebrity that if I saw I would sprint away from. I’d have to let her beat me up if she did see me just to say “Amy Winehouse beat me up” but I still have a little bit of that self preservation shit.

    You better run fast, look how longs those legs are – she’s like a gazelle!

  22. Why you gotta go talking shit about Barenaked Ladies? I heart them. Also, you best be showing up to Lacey’s party tomorrow night. Do it.

    I can’t make it, I’m sorry!

  23. EW That picture totally creeps me out.
    And I’m with you, I really dont care about whatever she does.

    It’s for the best.

  24. i always thought those little people in her beehive had a meth lab. glad to know they’re not doing anything illegal up there.

    I like your idea better.

  25. What, you’ve never had a bad photo taken of you when you were yawning or blinking or forgot to pull the needle out of your arm? 🙂 Actually, the one big difference with Amy is that she’s a genuinely talented musician. And we’re both English so I have to make *some* effort to defend her. I just hope she makes another album before she dies.

  26. I think Ms. Spears should step in and save her. Ask her to be part of her “circus.”

  27. You make a good point. Just let that women be! That pic is just sad and when it’s time to sit your kids down and talk about “SAYING NO,” use it!

  28. charmcitykim

    Let’s let her… as long as TMZ films it. 🙂

    It’s really amazing how “shocked” people act when she (or any celeb) falls off the wagon. They live a life of excess! What do people expect? I’m pretty sure if I got a ton of publicity and money from acting like a turd, I’d totally blow my money on turdy things… like leggings.

  29. ugh, every time I see a “news” story about Amy Winehouse, I immediately have to change the channel or click away. Why? Because it makes me feel as if I am living in the goddamn movie Groundhog’s Day. She does the SAME retarded shit every SINGLE day and then they always report it as if this is news. I pretty much just want her to go away forever.

  30. there’s nothing wrong with snorting coke off of a bald cops head as long as he is off duty.

  31. jay grochalski

    you’re better than me…i probably would’ve for some free food or a tallboy, or just to say i did

  32. That picture just undid all the warm and fuzzy feelings I had after thinking about peanut butter Cap’n Crunch.

  33. I was going to say what Melissa said. I look almost exactly like that by about 8pm. Except my hair doesn’t look as good as hers.

    Have another baby Crissy!


  34. Is this tiny village of which you speak the ghetto part of Whoville? Is it made up of the Whos who were too hardcore for Dr. Seuss and started reading William Burroughs instead?

  35. Damn she is one hot mess. I was going to dress up as her for Halloween but we didn’t end up going anywhere where anyone was dressed up and I didn’t want to be known as the coke whore of the party.

  36. You’re going to get so many weird searches for this post after including words like “heroin” and “old lady porn.”

    Happy Friday 🙂

  37. Am I the only one wondering HOW she beat someone up? I could take Amy w my eyes closed, drunk and both arms tied behind my back.

  38. Kez

    Oh Wino.
    Wino, Wino, Wino.

  39. oh amy….you would think with all the money she has made she would fix that missing tooth of hers…

  40. amy winehouse seriously concerns me. i don’t think i would ever want to be in the same place as her ever, shudder.

  41. Not at all..this picture…inspiring…makes me feel gorgeous! and sober…

  42. Lifestyle aside-she has always kind of reminded me of a kangaroo.

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