meeting of the minds

I’m over at Cleveland’s a Plum today, which is cool because I’m meeting Alexa (the writer behind that blog) tonight.  So of course I wrote about how meeting bloggers in real life is awkward, which will only make it more awkward when we meet.  Let the record show that I am brilliant.

Now please go read the post, because it is Friday the 13th and you know as well as I do that if you don’t a black cat will eat your baby.  Yes, even if you don’t have a baby right now. Black cats are very patient. They will wait for their baby feast.


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19 responses to “meeting of the minds

  1. Awkward squared! That’s hard to pull off. Give that hooker a hug for me. (She doesn’t know me IRL, so that makes it Awkward Cubed. The things I do for you!)

  2. Black cat fever!

    Happy travels 🙂

  3. I actually headed over to her blog before coming to yours. Don’t cry.

    Enjoy the meet up!

  4. But you know what I like to feast on?

    Black cat babies.

  5. Enjoy your meetup! Just try not to get arrested this time. 😉

  6. Black cats are the sneakiest of sneaks.

  7. Baby feast!!! Funny.

  8. Black cats are the new pugs.

  9. longredcape

    “They will wait for their baby feast.”

    I am cracking up at this.
    On the inside.

  10. With the hordes of Black Cats and Dingos it is amazing any babies survive.

  11. Threats will get you nowhere mister.

  12. I did read it, nice post! Blog about meeting her later, I know she’s so cute!:)

  13. If I had a baby, I’d let the black cats have it. Ugh. Babies.

  14. A black cat. Will eat. Your baby.

    I love this so much, I can’t even tell you right now.

  15. I know a black cat. Every time I see him he chews off my fingers.

    Good thing they regenerate. I am fucking magic.

  16. Thank God I read it…and my baby has not been eaten…oh wait, where is that kid?

  17. “Black cats are very patient.”

    Haha, freak.

  18. I’ve actually done that meet when I was on another blog site and really, it’s only awkward till the beer goes down.

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