cook it up

Okay, one more guest post and I’m done for awhile, I promise.  Today I’m at Culinary Couture, where I disclose two recipes that have been in my family for generations or maybe just since I was in college.  Either way, please go read the post because it will make me happy and that’s what your Mondays are really about – making sure a guy you’ve never met is in a good mood.

Speaking of Mondays, I bet psychics are probably the only people who don’t really care much about Mondays. They get up on Sunday and already know exactly what is going to happen on Monday, so it’s never a big deal.  So if one sees that he’s going to have a really bad day at the office (a client knocks over the crystal ball) then he just opts to stay home.  Of course the psychic would still see what would happen if he stayed home, so there’s no surprises there either.  Actually, now that I think about it, being a psychic means you never have anything out of the ordinary happen to you, which really just means that you’re bored all the time. Psychics must be the most bored people on Earth.

See that?  You learn something new every day.  Unless you’re a psychic.  Now go read my post please.


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13 responses to “cook it up

  1. Even three year olds hate Mondays.

    Last night before falling asleep Char said “Daddy, I hate Mondays like a lot and a lot.”

    It’s an asshole of a day.

  2. Nah! My life isn’t boring at all. 😉

    Would you like some lotto numbers?

  3. You’d think they would be billionnaires!..predict the lotto?…I don’t think so.

  4. that bit about psychics actually made a whole lot of sense

  5. I wouldn’t want to be a psychic. I would, however, like to be a mind-reader. That would be way more interesting.

  6. i love that you get more comments about posting on someone else’s blog than i get when i actually post. you sir are amazing.

  7. I was about to post “why were you chosen to guest blog on a food blog.” Then I read the posts.

    These are recipes I attempt frequently. Little note: Expired cheese does not taste better when made into a grilled cheese.

    My dog and I can attest to that.

  8. Dane and I like Mondays but that is because we work for ourselves. WHEE!

  9. I think it’s every blogger’s duty to try and make Mondays more tolerable for everyone else. It’s just our cross to bear.

  10. sometimes I think I’m psychic because I’m always fucking bored.

  11. HAHA physics do get money though! :p although they just stay at home do nothing like you said 😀 Many people will pay for whatever they say..

  12. Jo

    NO! I’m not going to read it! BAHAHAHAHA!

    Ahhh, I love being anti something, even if it is anti-guest blogging.

  13. I forget who said it, but an old standup comedian once said, “Why should I have to call a psychic? Shouldn’t they call ME?”

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