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I’m leaving tonight after work to go to Charlottesville, Virginia, for the weekend, so let’s just say that my mind is not really here right now.

Because I’m not really feeling very insightful (yes, all of my posts are insightful) today, I thought I’d post some polls that will no doubt say a lot about who you are as a person and what you think this world can be.

I have a guest post lined up for tomorrow, so please come and check it out, but in the mean time, take a minute out of Googling pictures of “snake bites dude” (seriously, you should click that link) and answer these polls.  You’ll be a better person because of it.


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30 responses to “share with me

  1. Weirdest post ever. Kudos.

    I have succeeded in life.

  2. Jason Bourne, Batman, Shadow Puppets Are Fun.

    I just made my voice heard TWICE.


  3. And now I want to go home and watch movies.

    You have my permission.

  4. jason bourne, batman, shadow puppets are dumb.

    i win.

    You win!

  5. bwp

    I voted for Bauer, which I know you won’t agree with but I’m biased. Bauer bit a man in the neck one time! Come on! I also chose Superman and sand sculptures that look like dead people.

    I expected Bauer from you, so no worries. I’m surprised at Superman, but not by dead people.

  6. Very interesting….

    As in I’m awesome?

  7. I want to meet the three other people who think making sand sculptures of dead people is fun. I think we should go on vacation together.

    Please take pictures.

  8. What does it mean that I voted in the minority every time?

    I think it makes me Very Special.

    I agree, of course.

  9. Also, I like to make Penis sand sculptures but I had to pick dead people because it was closest.

    I make vaginas.

  10. My friend Joanna said it best, so I’m just going to quote her:

    “I think if you had a pal with a camera conveniently ready to get that shot, then you were knowingly standing too close to that snake and deserve to get your face eaten.”

    Can’t argue with that.

    Very true.

  11. Matt

    I hardly ever click links…

    but this time was worth it.

    I told you.

  12. you’re coming to Virginia and it’s to the LAND OF THE HOOES?!?!

    This Hokie is sorely disappointed.


    I don’t know Hooes. I don’t get it. I’m sorry!

  13. I wish I had friends.


    I do too.

  14. These polls are a bit more telling than I thought…

    I’m like a therapist or something.

  15. Very insightful…I think.

    Oh it is, it is.

  16. why on earth C’ville? seriously, why?!
    trust me on this, there’s nothing here… NOTHING.
    you’re better off going to WV

    but really, why?

    First I went to college in WV – so watch it buddy! And second I might be moving there eventually. So if there’s nothing there, I’ll have more time to blog!

  17. I just…I…how can I even read a blog that dared to question Jason Bourne’s awesome winningness?


    I was just being polite – of course Bourne rises above all.

  18. Jack Bauer doesn’t do his own laundry because the corrupt American government used all his Tide to make a subatomic nuclear bomb that will be diffused in 21 hours.


    I’ve been trying to get that Tide recipe right for years now.

  19. Yeah so um, you should also make your way up to DC because there are some cool bloggers here. Just sayin’.

    I know, this is what I hear.

  20. Teresa

    We go through about a bag of jolly ranchers a week at our house, but no one will eat the grape. If you see Superman, tell him he can come get them. We have a whole bowl full right now.

    I just emailed him.

  21. going to charlottseville, va the land of the sorry-ass cavaliers is bound to put any normal person in a funk….so i understand completely how you’re feeling.

    go hokies!!!

    Do I have to drink sweet tea and say “y’all” when I go there?

  22. It’s funny how each successive question has two less answers than the question before it. How terrible is the attention span of those people that they couldn’t spend 4 seconds answering the next question?

    I know, I was thinking the same thing. It’s like “Nah, I just can’t see lifting my finger one more time.”

  23. Also, there is no way to answer the first question. Jack Bauer doesn’t do laundry, he just has Chloe upload the location of fresh clothes to his PDA.


  24. who is this notsojenny person that is bashing WV. WE WILL KICK HER ASS.

    you should eat at that crazy mushroom restaurant… it’s delicious.

    p.s. do not eat at lil jon’s unless you are drunk. it tastes like shit if you haven’t had at least 5 drinks.

  25. Shadow puppets…just creepy. You know they try to eat your face off while you sleep.

  26. Jack Bauer is so much more of a badass it isn’t even funny. He beat heroin! He is like Jason Bourne and Steven Adler mixed into one.

  27. Charlee

    I’m a little disturbed by the lack of shadow puppet appreciation!

  28. I can’t believe how close the last two are. Really, everyone? These are tough choices?

  29. I voted with the majority on all but the last one and that’s only because I’m not terribly artistic. I find I actually have to kill people, then make sand castles out of them. Otherwise, it just doesn’t look right.

  30. You know Bourne and Batman totally hang out, eating grape jolly ranchers and making shadow puppets of dead people, right?

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