the more things change the more they stay the same

On Friday I let my best friend J.P. guest post here and in the comments, some people requested that he post a picture of us during high school.  Well, let the record show that I have heard the people (yes, both of them) and I have given the people what they demand!

The following picture is of J.P. and I during our senior year in high school.  

If you think we look dashing, you’d be right.

If you think we look like two Amazing Dudes, you’d be right.

If you think we look like two guys who asked their friend to take a picture of them after they finally scored some more pot even though they clearly are already baked out of their minds, you’d be right.



Friends. Unfortunately.

Friends. Unfortunately.


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49 responses to “the more things change the more they stay the same

  1. jay grochalski

    is this your house? dude, i think i smoked a decent amount of pot there on trips down to visit your brother. christ, i think my buddy doug even got stoned there.

    Yup it is. And yeah, you and Doug did.

  2. That’s some fancy hair you got there.

    Haha – right. Fancy and terrible.

  3. Dashing. Amazing. Baked.

    I think that about covers it. ^_^

    Yes, me too.

  4. i’m just going to go with baked.

    Good decision.

  5. you upped the color saturation didn’t you?

    or is that just the effect of marijuana smoke on a camera lens?

    No, it must just be the oldness of the thing. And yeah, the pot.

  6. dude this picture makes ME crave some cheetos.

    Go get some!

  7. i get the award for ‘loser who comments twice’

    or three times..

    I deleted the second one, I got your back.

  8. That is awesome. I love the look on your face. Priceless. 🙂

    I look ridiculous.

  9. Ben

    The dreads are still shocking to me. SHOCKING.

    Me too. My mom HATED them.

  10. Oh seeing this is by far the best part of my day today.

    In a way that makes you glad you didn’t do this same kind of thing, right?

  11. bwp

    Oh my god.

    God can’t help you now.

  12. idontliketoread

    dude, I fucking remeber this day! that was for sure a celebration of more weed pic… I wish people told us we looked like crazy people back then tho… Dreads?Mustach? WTF!

    I am so proud of myself for remembering what was happening in it.

  13. Hahahahahaha!!!


    I like your hair better now.

    I do too.

  14. I’ve been trying to come up with a comment for the past five minutes. I got nothin’.

    Well isn’t this something?

  15. That is amazing.

    We look dumb.

  16. Matt

    HAHA. That shit is classic.

    We had some crazy times dude.

  17. did you also like 311 and think black lights were the coolest?

    I hated 311, but I did like lava lamps.

  18. Dreads… Seriously? Wow man.

    I know.

  19. Wow. That’s all. Just WOW.

    Hey, we all make mistakes.

  20. I feel stoned just looking at that.

    You’re welcome.

  21. woah (air guitars)


  22. I am unable to type because I am too busy laughing.
    This comment is a figment of your imagination.

    I understand.

  23. Finally, someone with a more embarrassing high school picture than me!

    I like to help people.

  24. jay grochalski

    one last…i remember getting stoned with you and mike and doug, and then he and i went inside your house and i watched doug eat an entire bag of cheetos. his face and hands were covered in that electric orange powder…i don’t think i’ve had a cheeto in over 10 years because of that.

    Hahaha – that is awesome.

  25. meagank

    I won’t lie to you… you look like my old dealer.

    Also Ari is a lucky, lucky lady.

    I look like a lot of people’s dealers, it’s true.

  26. I would never have guessed you were stoned. Never.

    I bet my teachers felt the same way.

  27. Am I the only one in favor of bringing back the dreads? I heard Korn is looking for a new…anything. They need some help.

    I used to like Korn! Their first album, nothing else. I know. Shameful.

  28. kylestackblog

    Holy crap.


  29. Senior year?

    You should have at least lied and said it was freshman…

    Hindsight is 20/20.

  30. you should grow out those dreads again, bleach ’em blonde and then rock a dreaded skullet like that dude on Maxie’s blog

    because That’s Hot.

    Oh yeah, I bet Ari would love that.

  31. SO HIGH.

    Also, it’s weird how much you resemble Dane in his early twenties in this picture.

    We are kindred souls.

  32. I think… I just snorted too loud. Chris, you’re going for extremes… Dreadlocks or full baldness??

    I’d go for the second. All the way.

    Yeah, I know, it’s not much to choose from.

  33. This picture made my Monday so much better, thank you.

    Also, you should grow your hair like that for your wedding.

    Done and done.

  34. I love being heard. 😉

    Yes, y0u fellows do look quite dashing. I’m digging the hair.

    Alright! That’s a vote for the dreads! Unless you’re being sarcastic. Which is probably the case.

  35. I’m getting a contact high many miles away and over a decade later.

    Put on some Bob and chill out.

  36. I feel my eyes drooping just looking at this photo & I’m suddenly feeling the urge to go eat all the Doritos in my pantry.

    Whew! If there is even a shred of this boy left…well…good luck Ari! You are a lucky, LUCKY woman!

    So lucky!

  37. High school pictures are always problematic.

    True that.

  38. Wait wait wait. You had dreads? That’s taking the stoner stereotype to the next level.

  39. haha yes. this picture is amazing.

  40. Holy shit, now that I’ve met you in person that photo cracks me up even more. Awesome.

  41. buahaha! nice dreadlocks 😀

  42. i’ve seen your dreads before. haha. i love it.

  43. It looks like you need some fancy tool to pry your eyes open… I want to go back in time and Vizine you up.

  44. I just realized that sounded dirtier than intended.

  45. My two favorite bros! Ahhh… I miss the good ol days….

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