excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is a crime happening.

Okay everyone, announcement time.

For awhile now I’ve been thinking of ending the blog.  I feel a little burned out and like maybe my heart isn’t in it the way it once was.  So I’m going to take the week off and see what happens during my time away. From there I’ll decide the fate of Surviving Myself.

Unless of course Kim Kardashian demands that I come back and I get to write the new Robocop movie. Then I’ll come back with bells on. Okay maybe not bells. Wait, yes with bells. I look stunning with bells on.

But for now, let’s talk next week (aside from Twitter, I’ll still be there).

Oh, and if you need some guy blogs to read, check these out during my hiatus.

White-Collar Redneck

A View From 5280 Feet

The Wordy Ninja

Save Your Generation

No Ordinary Rollercoaster

Your Beard is Good


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56 responses to “excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is a crime happening.

  1. Ben

    I feel like blogging is dying. I, for one, am pretty much over it but Arjewtino was the first to take the plunge. But seriously…what the bloody hell do we do now?

  2. Just A Girl

    Ok, 1) I’ll beat you up.

    2) What, I’m not a dude?

    3) You shut your ass Ben. It is not. I don’t deal well with change.

    and 4) No, seriously, I’ll beat you up.

  3. Ben

    Okay…”blogging is dying” was a pretty big thing to say. But maybe it’s all cyclical or something. Bloggers are falling like flies all over the place!

  4. What? First Arjewtino, now this. Jeeeez. Maybe Ben’s right…

  5. jay grochalski

    why not just do it a few times a week?

  6. I’ll assume between the insomnia and the burn out you forgot to put my blog on that list. It’s okay, if you come back in a week we’ll be cool again. But if not….

  7. Thanks for the linking.

    I feel ya on the blogging thing. As much as I enjoy it – I also hate the pressure of putting up posts and all the time it takes. If I wasn’t an attention whore I would have ended it all a long time ago.

  8. Well, that’s one more moment of relief from the pressure I’m feeling of not having the time to visit and comment on blogs that I love.

    But on the other hand, that means you’re not blogging, which sucks. Is blogging dead?

  9. i hear that all the cool kids are dropping their blogs… i refuse to be trendy, you should too

    (are you sure you’re not just starting a secret wedding planning blog? c’mon, you can tell us)

  10. idontliketoread


  11. Oh Christicles. Part of me is dying inside for sure.

    Survive yourself, dammit!

  12. bwp

    1. I have been feeling the same way, which is probably becoming increasingly more obvious with each post.

    2. With that being said – IF YOU END THIS BLOG I WILL RUN TO NEW YORK (yes, run – it’s more dramatic that way) AND BEAT YOU. Seriously, I’ll do it. New York is pretty small so it shouldn’t be hard to find you.

  13. Jo

    A week off?


  14. If you stop blogging, I hope you continue to do some kind of public writing elsewhere. Have a nice break!

    (Don’t stop blogging!)

  15. Kez

    Don’t go! I’m sure it’s just a phase!
    Enjoy your break. Live life…then come back and blog about it 🙂

  16. Ben’s crazy. The blogs you read are dying. Branch out, homeboy.

    Totally can’t believe that I said “Homeboy.” I’ll never say it again. IF THIS BLOG DOESN’T STOP!

    But only if.

  17. No, Chris, noooooo! Come back. We’ll make RoboCop happen; Brody Jenner is TOTALLY ON BOARD.

  18. Kat

    I have it on good authority that Kim Kardashian will commit suicide if you don’t return to blogging. What are you trying to do, Chris? Destroy AMERICA?!!

  19. sexist linking!!

    kidding, enjoy your week off.

    i’ve been contemplating doing something similar. hell, the title of my post today was “i don’t want to write a recap” – yeah, that could be a sign.

  20. As I’ve just started my blog really, I’m still fairly into it and, even though no one reads it, I do sometimes find it hard to be bothered, so I understand wanting to have a break. You’ll be back though. The pull, you can’t resist the pull.

  21. i understand. makes me kinda sad but we’ll always have tumblr….unless you’re dropping that too. in which case i’ll have to rethink a visit to ny.


  22. KT

    Instead of quitting you could only post when you get the urge……

  23. I’m sure it’s a phase, don’t let blogs burden you. Write when you feel like it instead of deleting it entirely. You’re a really good blogger.

  24. I agree with several of the fine commenters – blog when you feel like it. You are very good. Do what you need to but….think about it.

  25. Dammit! But you’re one of the good ones. Original, too! And you never “complain” here, which is a huge plus.

  26. I hear ya on this. It can take so much time and then I feel guilty when I don’t have time to post or have time to comment on others blogs. Enjoy your blog vacation.

  27. Eh, take some time off.

    But…uh….come back.

  28. I’ve seen a bunch of people go through blogging phases. Quitting the blog, coming back, changing platforms etc., and burn out makes total sense when you’ve been doing something for such a long time.

    Whatever you decide, I’d love to have you write an article for HandsIn.org. I have a few funny ideas that I think you’d rock the hell out of, so let me know if you’re interested! Maybe you can become a professional guest blogger.

  29. I don’t believe you. I think you need the attention.

    There. I said it.

  30. This makes le two of us.

    (Adding “le” in front of things makes them sound exotic.)

  31. Stephanique1

    Now what am I going to do to waste time at work? THANKS A LOT.

  32. Everyone seems to be wanting to take a blogging break right now. Let’s just call it Spring Blogging Break, shall we?

  33. The benefit of not having built much of a readership is that I never feel precious to post. If I don’t feel like writing, I don’t write and only a few people are dissappointed. Which I think was great strategy on my part.

  34. *rings bells*

    Dude. They’re calling your name.

    Strap a bunch to your belt and jet on back here.

  35. Sometimes a blog vacation is necessary otherwise it can feel like it is sucking the life right out of you. So take a break all you want but if you don’t come back I will hunt you down and break you. Seriously Clark. Don’t mess w/ me. I take kickboxing.

  36. Deb

    Chris . . . this is. so. not. good. news. Sure, you’ll be just as funny without a blog . . . but that won’t help those of us who, you know, know you as a writer but not as a friend. Very. bad. news. And unlike the plight of the polar bears, your absence from cyberspace will actually affect my daily routine. Heavy, heavy sigh.

  37. I know I don’t know you and whatever, but I bet this partially wedding planning related (even though I am sure Ari is doing most of it)…. because I have been feeling burned out by all my fun hobbies because of planning and organizing the wedding.

    Your motivation and energy and inspiration will come back! I know it!

  38. I SO totally feel you on the burned out thing

  39. lexi_m87

    NOOOOOOOO I refuse to believe ur leaving I’ve been rading this blog 4 such a long time and secretly I always had this fear ud stop (all good things must come to end?) and just when I was thinking let the fear go he loves blogging it’ll be ok *wham* I get sucker punched n the face with this post, u better come back or ill stalk u on twitter until u do!!!! I mean it!! I work from home I have the time!!!!

  40. The Australian

    I love reading your blog every morning — you will be missed!

  41. Boo. The one guy blog I read…now going away. I hope it’s just a phase.

  42. jay grochalski

    have you not read your side bar on your blog? you’ve won awards! sure, so has Carrot-top, but that doesn’t matter. the world needs you, as it does another Kim Kardashian spread in Playboy.

  43. I know the feeling. Handle your bizness son!

  44. You’re a real jerkball, you know that?

    Actually I know the feeling. As you know, my heart hasn’t been 100% into blogging as of late either. It’s sad when it becomes more of a chore.

    Maybe a nice blog vacation will help. Or maybe commit to writing only once a week or when you feel like it. Like me!

  45. Kate

    And just where am I supposed to get my daily dose of finely-tuned sarcasm?

    Dude, I love you, and I’d miss the hell out of you. But I understand.

  46. Well. If you go, I will still expect gchat-based conversations. Just sayin.

  47. ok chris…enough fucking around.

  48. You know what this means, don’t you? It means you have a life.

    So, take a break. Blog when you feel like it. Why do we make ourselves feel obligated?

    Someone should totally do a study on this.

  49. That’s really sad, I hope you don’t go through with it. But I suppose that’s easy to say if you’ve only been blogging for a few months.

  50. Dude, you need a break. Five times a week is inhuman.

    Just remember: Know when to say when. Apollo Creed came back for just one more fight and it didn’t work out so well for him, but then blogging isn’t quite the same as stepping into the ring with a seven-foot ‘roid-raging Russian. Or maybe it is.

  51. 5 times a week is quite a load, especially when your analyzing hard-hitting topics like pirates vs. ninjas or which Boyz II Men song was the most career defining.

    However, we the people are speaking and we don’t want to you to go anywhere.

    There is inspiration everywhere. I mean, Ashton Kutcher just punk’d the entire nation and Matthew McConaughey is STILL making movies. (I know, I can’t believe it either).

    Chris, we need you to lead us into this brave, strange new world.

  52. All snark aside, I will be truly saddened if you drop out of the blogosphere. I, of course, understand if you have a lot going on, but I hope if you decide to leave, you will still be around via other internet mediums.

    Your observations really brighten my day, and I would hate to lose one of the (very, very) few blogs I actually look forward to reading.

    (This is Tumblr’s fault isn’t it?!)

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