insomnia is not great

I didn’t fall asleep last night (or this morning really) until 6 AM.

So the fact that I had about two hours of sleep last night is why this post is late and terrible.

I can’t think of anything witty and my thoughts are all jumbled because everything feels so surreal, like maybe I’m really in a spaceship like in the Matrix minus Keanu because he’d just annoy me anyway.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more stupid crap, but for now, maybe you can just watch this (it’s okay, you don’t really have to watch it, I understand).


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23 responses to “insomnia is not great

  1. I had the WORST insomnia last night too! Must be something in the air.

    Fucking air.

  2. I feel you, dude.

    I was up every hour peeing. I fall asleep, and just as I do, I have to get up again.

    It’s been like that for about a month now. Every. Night.

    I’m totally brain dead.

    I am feeling that right now.

  3. bwp

    Insomnia is such an asshole. I’ve been routinely staying up until 4 or so and it is making me CRAZY. I took sleeping pills (yes, plural) last night and still woke up at 4:30 to stare at the wall for two hours before my alarm went off. I guess what I am trying to say is “I feel your pain”.

    Hold me.

  4. You can’t spell insomnia without Nomina! This is all I have.

    That’s something.

  5. Keanu must be destroyed!

    Or at least sent away.

  6. I had intermittant insomnia last night. It sucks almost as bad as not being able to watch the video at work.

    Almost! No, it’s not that great. But if you like Curb, you’ll like that clip.

  7. I have a baby. Before that I was pregnant. Haven’t slept in like a year. Eventually you just become stupid and nothing works right. And you get colds really easily.

    So, you might want to go back to your dreadlock days… It’ll help you sleep!

    That might be a good idea. To the gravity bong!

  8. Not sleeping is the WORST. It makes you feel hungover which is just not fair when you didn’t even get any delicious booze out of it.


  9. Why is 6:00 the magic hour? It’s the one time I can reliably fall asleep when the rest of the night has been complete crap. I highly recommend finding a TV show that you can fall asleep watching, and then develop a pavlovian sleep response to use when you need it. Or at least you get to watch Matlock reruns, and that’s just a good time.

    Yeah, I thought about turning on the TV. Next time I will. Which might be tonight.

  10. Way to post something anyway. The Internet would’ve blown up had you shirked your blogging duties.

    I know!!

  11. I’m sorry, all brilliant people get it sometimes.

    You too, huh?

  12. jay grochalski

    insomnia blows, which is why i have about 6 drinks in the evening.

    I drank too, and nothing! Bullshit. I need something stronger.

  13. idontliketoread

    look at the bright side: enough sleepless nights will result in a Fight Club, and who doesn’t want that.

    Fucking right.

  14. longredcape

    It seems like everyone is having insomnia issues lately. I don’t know why that is. Agreed with jay grochalski. If I don’t consume at least one or two alcoholic beverages, I’ll be staring at the ceiling until the wee hours. Sad.

    You don’t have to explain to us if you don’t post. We won’t stop reading. Promise.

    You are too nice.

  15. Take drugs. Better living through chemistry.

    That’s a bumper sticker right there.

  16. I saw this show for the first time last night. I turned to my boyfriend (who is old) and said, “wow, it’s like you in thirty years. Maybe twenty. Ah, let’s be honest: ten, max.”

    My taste in everything is great, clearly.

    Haha – Ari says that I’m him already.

  17. I had horrible dreams last night. It must be something in the air.

    I hate the air.

  18. I’m virtually GUARANTEED insomnia on a Sunday night. I’m assuming its due to the fact I tend to sleep for most of the weekend…

    Yeah, I think that’s it for me too.

  19. Matt

    FIGHT CLUB!!!!!!!!

    Awesome fucking movie.

  20. Can’t watch it here anyway.

    But dude? You fell asleep right after I woke up.

    Okay, not really- I just realized I’m now two time zones away. Whatever.

    Eh, it was worth the try.

  21. God, I hear you. Let me know if you find out how to fix it. I don’t think Deutlich is going to let me steal any more of her pills.

  22. You take that back about Keanu!

  23. Clever blog. Thought you might like mine:

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