three posts in one day means something

Like the video says – c’mon Nas!

I love Nas, but the man can’t pick a beat for shit. But here is 9th, hand-delivering him one of those beats that makes you yell “Oh damn!” then call your friend and tell him “Life is alright after all! I forgive you for never wearing deodorant!”

Yes, it’s that good.


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11 responses to “three posts in one day means something

  1. CapriceClassic

    Yeah, that’s kinda tight. An early 70’s throwback!

    9th Wonder is the truth.

  2. Three posts in one day can only mean one thing. Or maybe two things. You are either exceptionally bored or you really missed blogging. (I’ll go with the first.)

    It’s a combo I think.

  3. three posts in one day means you blogged three times.

    Splendid for me.

    I try and make people happy, that’s all I try and do.

  4. You put me to shame. You post more in a day than I sometimes do in a week.

    Is this the same Nas that did a duet with Lauren Hill back in the day? You can tell I don’t pay attention to rap.

    Wow. I feel really nerdy.

    Or maybe not.

    Yes he is, and yes you should feel nerdy.

  5. bwp

    Three posts in a day means something. Something awesome!

    Make a t-shirt with that phrase please.

  6. The three posts in one day is good. The beat – not so much. And I’m a drummer! Never really got into hip hop and I can’t say why. I’m gonna have to investigate properly. Suggestions?

    If you don’t like that beat, you probably won’t like anything else that I suggest. How about downloading Black Star. That is the best hip-hop album ever made. If you don’t like that you won’t ever like hip-hop.

  7. Matt


    Nas better be picking up the damn phone.

  8. It’s nice, and I think Nasir Jones will dig it cause it fits what he’s into… that classic, back to basics, throwback style.

  9. I saw a little jazz hand in there! Ha! That’s sooo not allowed.

  10. I totally get you. The man spits like crazy but sometimes the beats make me yawn

  11. Whassup?.
    I love your blog. It was very nice to read.
    I am curious how I didn’t find this blog earlier.

    I will surely share. Some of my friends will like it.

    Gracias and keep it up!

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