now you’re playing with power

In keeping with the theme of the previous post – an ad for Gameboy when it first came out. A couple of things:

  1. If I got to fight a robot head-to-head on a spooky planet and then shoot him with a laser that came out of my finger, you bet your fucking life I’d be playing more video games.
  2. I love how the voice-over explains that Gameboy comes with “the outrageous game of Tetris!” Tetris is many things, such as mind-numbingly boring and just a bunch of damn blocks falling, but it is not, in the least bit, outrageous.
  3. I want that jean jacket.
  4. That robot must be absolutely terrible at games, he lost in about 20 seconds. I bet whenever him and all his robot friends get together, he’s always picked last.


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18 responses to “now you’re playing with power

  1. Wow… slow down son! “Tetris… the least bit, outrageous” I beg to differ. Tetris is freakin’ AWESOME!!!

    PS I want that jean jacket too

  2. Cheesetastic! I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

    Man, I haven’t played Tetris in ages. The last “block” game I played was Lumines on my PSP.

  3. I am personally still fixated on the original Legend of Zelda commercial.

  4. Ah, Tetris. I love it almost as much as that kid.

  5. pff, you can have the jean jacket chris.

    all i want is that bitchin’ hair style.

  6. bwp

    I am really fucking sad about not having the capability to shoot a laser out of my finger. FUCK.

  7. Oh man, when is THAT going to be the real Laser Tag?

  8. saratogajean

    Tetris, like Jem, is Truly Outrageous.

    Truly, truly, truly, Outrageous.

  9. Tetris may not be outrageous, but holy fuck is it addicting.

  10. Ari

    What?! Tetris was the shit!!

  11. Since I’m sort of a fashion icon, sometimes I decide to bring unfashionable items back in to style by wearing them until other people think they’re cool again. Look for me rocking a JJ in the fall on 2009. Which means they’ll be super cool shortly there after.

    Actually, if you call it a JJ it’s already cool.

  12. You’re probably just hating on Tetris because you suck at it. Admit it.

  13. I’m pretty sure I *have* that jean jacket. Jeeeeealous!

  14. Thank god someone else remembers this ad. This, and the ad where the kid plays “Simon” on a playground to the admiration of his classmates, taught me everything I know about being popular via video game achievements.

  15. ron

    I HAVE that jean jacket, seriously , I’ll wear it in Sept.

  16. Now I’m depressed. I can’t do any of that cool stuff.

    But I’m pretty sure I still have that jean jacket. Win!

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