This card that I made sums up my feelings pretty well.


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15 responses to “true

  1. Matt

    Those two guys on your card look so happy together.

    I hope no guy ever would wear that shirt.

  2. supporting a cause on facebook is doing a lot… committing to getting emails all the time, being forced to thumbs up things… It’s too much support if you ask me.

    I hate clicking the mouse more times than I have to.

  3. Kellie: Likes this! 🙂


  4. Hahahahahaha! Kellie.

    Facebook sucks.

    But I can’t stop…

    You love my status updates!

  5. Looks like he’s trying to attack her and she’s about to slap him…but maybe it’s just me.

    And I agree with allthewine. Facebook support is a lot of support. My thumbs get tired from the thumbs-upping.

    Stop giving them support, you’ll feel better.

  6. HA. I hate being poor. And/or being lethargic about all the things I supposedly should care about…

    What can I say? Beer just takes up too many of my “priority” spots.

    And sports, well, at least for me.

  7. Red

    I love someecards motto, “When you care enough to hit ‘send’.”


  8. LMAO!

    Thats how I feel about charities right about now…

    I am expressive.

  9. Far

    lol thats wicked..

    I am a truth teller.

  10. I wonder if it’s possible to put that ecard in an FB status box….

    Try it.

  11. mel

    sometimes I wish I hadn’t supported something so I would quit getting the e-mails.

    Make them spam!

  12. LOL, except for beer. I will fight for beer’s friendship.

    I understand that.

  13. Ah! I love it! I’d send it! You are a clever, clever man.

    Now you’re just making me blush.

  14. Hey, at least you took the time out to click on it.

  15. hahaha i love it.. it’s like what good does it do to add them as your friend? oooh so you can look socially conscious.

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