i’ve got a bad feeling about this

Cooler than you.

Cooler than you.

Thoughts on my second favorite (Chewie is first obviously) Star Wars character, Boba Fett, in honor of today – Star Wars Day:

  • Everyone knows Episodes I through III are absolutely terrible, but here are the reasons: 1) Boba Fett is like ten in Episode II and all he does is watch his dad get killed. Lame. More Boba Fett equals more Good Stuff. 2) Jar Jar Binks. Enough said.
  • One of the things that made Boba Fett so cool was all the gadgets he had. Also, the cup on the outside of the pants, which is how all people wore them in the past. Yes, Boba Fett was a fashion icon.
  • I just feel like the cape is unnecessary. Way to go overboard there Boba.
  • That’s definitely an antenna on his helmet. While Boba Fett was hunting down people for money, dude was listening to talk radio. That’s how gangsta he was.


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36 responses to “i’ve got a bad feeling about this

  1. When I was young, C3PO was my favorite character.

    Clearly, something was wrong with me.

    Yeah, that is weird.

    “Protocol? Why that’s my primary function.”

  2. dude. i could make out a Chinese street sign better than any of that you just typed.

    Go watch the movies! Yes, at work.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again, Star Wars 1-3 NO WHERE near as good as the original 4-6.

    No where near.

  4. bwp

    I wish I had a Chewie costume so I could have worn it to work today.

    You could wear it tonight for your boyfriend!

  5. Matt

    Is that 6 leathermens on his belt??

    or maybe six different cell phones?

    what could it be?

    I’m going to go with four cells, a pager and a leatherman.

  6. Alice

    Chewie is definitely the best… hell, my dog’s nickname is Chewie (mostly because when he talks, that’s EXACTLY what/who he sounds like)

    That’s awesome.

  7. I’m with you on the cape. It’s just too much.

    Besides, everyone knows that a guy in a cape is un-dateable, so it’s not going to get him any action with the ladies any time soon.

    Haha – that is a fucking fact of life right there.

  8. saratogajean

    In my short career as a bounty hunter, Ira Glass was my constant companion.

    He really helped even me out.

    Yeah, the memoirs and stuff don’t add much to up your intensity when trying to hunt people.

  9. I could be mistaken, but there is absolutely no Chewbacca in the suckisodes, right? It’s been a while since I’ve put myself through the pain and torture that is episode II.

    Well, I don’t think so. But the one there are all those wookies helping fight the war, so maybe he was there.

  10. Dude, you crack me up! I love it!

    We should make a national holiday- Wear Your Cup Ouside Your Pants Day… I’m thinking August 6th or something… there are no good holidays in August…

    Done and done. I’ll call Obama on my lunch break.

  11. rachel

    I agree on the cape thing–wouldn’t it get caught in the jet pack thruster on his back?


  12. jay grochalski

    every time i watch the “prequels” it depresses me. i don’t even count them as part of Star Wars. i don’t understand how Lucas could look at those films and think “gee, i really did my saga some serious justice here.” Jango is no Boba…WTF is a Jango anyway?

    I know. How anyone let those three pass off as finishing up the saga is beyond me.

  13. i want to read about Man Love 09!

    I don’t really do “recaps,” but I will tell you this: there was lots of cuddling.

  14. If I had known today was Star Wars day and that there would have been nowhere to hide from things I don’t understand, I would have planned better.

    In other news, I need my eyebrows waxed.


  15. I look like the bastard child of Chewie and Jabba the Hutt when I take off my shirt. I’m not allowed on beaches any more.

    That’s probably good for everyone.

  16. As a teacher I will only instruct in Star Wars references today. They may take away my teaching licence, but never the force!

    You are the best teacher ever.

  17. You just nerded out your blog more than I thought possible.

    I know. I have stepped to new levels today.

  18. Listen, knowing the significance of the post title is not enough to warrant rock status. The tag should be “If you don’t know the significance of the post title, you’re condemned to fucking suck forever. Tupac fo life.”

    Tupac has nothing to do with anything.

    But you didn’t actually say what the significance was!

  19. eleise007

    Maybe Boba Fett is really a girl? And the cup is just a decoy! It’s the vibrator-looking thing on the back that makes me wonder…

    Hmm… you make a strong argument, but he is a man. But it could still be a vibrator. Maybe he was kinky.

  20. star wars sucks.

    I’ve already forgiven you for saying that. That’s how nice I am.

  21. Pretty sure we have a Boba Fett helmet laying around somewhere in our basement. My dad and brother are Star Wars nerds.

    Pics with you wearing it are now in order.

  22. Talk radio huh? I’d like to think he was an NPR listener.

    Yes, of course. That and ESPN – he’s a big Knicks fan.

  23. I don’t speak Star Wars.

    That’s a shame.

  24. I always loved the ewoks. Probably because they resembled teddy bears, only seemingly less cuddly.

    And I can’t believe i have to share my birthday with star wars day…i’m going to have to have a talk with someone about that…

    Happy birthday! I hope an ewok cuddles you tonight.

  25. 4-6 were the best! I have great memories for all 6… my uncle showed me the first ones (4-6) before I was totally old enough to get it. But I remember skipping out of school to watch 1-3 the days they came out! Which for some reason I think the 2 & 3 were birthday gifts from my parents to skip school and see them.

    That’s awesome.

  26. I liked the teddy bears with spears. Yeah. They were cute. Then again, I’m a girl, so of course I would like those.

    It makes sense.

  27. Today is “Star Wars day”? Wow! I better call my brother because he is OBSESSED with those movies. (Even the crappy ones!)
    I totally agree about Boba Fett. He was one of my favs too!:)

    I bet he already knows.

  28. Star Wars is for nerds. I am so not a fan. Maybe because I am cool and enjoy getting laid.

    You know how many times I’ve got booty from looking a woman up and down and reciting the classic Darth Vader line, “Impressive. Most impressive.” TONS. Okay, maybe that’s a lie.

  29. You know I actually thought you were a pretty cool dude, but questioning Boba Fett’s cape? C’mon man – you just punched your ticket to Deathville with that one.

    Deathville sounds kinda nice. Can’t be worse than my job.

  30. I wear a cape in private…to make myself more like BF, of course.

    Do you wear the jet pack too?

  31. My favorite was always Obi Wan Kenobi. The Alec Guinness version.

  32. i clearly don’t know the movies very well/don’t pay attention because i do not remember this character at all.

    i’m okay with that.

  33. Nothing says “gangsta” like talk radio. I bet he was TOTALLY tuning in to “This American Life”.

  34. I’m not sure if I’m totally pumped or totally skeeved that Star Wars Day is the same day as my birthday.

    (thinks a minute)
    Yup- I’m going with skeeved.

  35. A cup on the outside of his pants? Way head of his time! lol

  36. I do not disagree with this blog post…

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