tuesdays are melancholy at best

More words probably coming later, but for now, sit back and embrace your inner hipster by listening to this song by We Are Scientists. I’m a total hip-hop head, but this track is amazing. Try it, you’ll like it.

Oh and yes, your t-shirt is Hipster Approved if it has a logo of something you “like” but don’t really “like.” I know. I don’t get it either.

(hat tip to JP for introducing the band to me)


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20 responses to “tuesdays are melancholy at best

  1. jay grochalski

    hipsters still suck.

    I know.

  2. I still don’t really get what a hipster is. I did the research, I just don’t get it. I know this: I am NOT a hipster!

    A friend found this site:

    Yup, not a hipster!

    Yeah, I’ve seen that, it’s like a walk through of commute home every night.

  3. “tuesdays are melancholy at best”


    damn right

    i’ve decided to boycott this day of the week.

    Good idea.

  4. In that case, I’m breaking out my Jimmy Buffett shirt. Then later tonight I’ll drink Pabst at the local dive.

    That’s the spirit!

  5. Tuesdays can go to hell.

    I think they’re already there.

  6. Not as busy as Monday with the catch-up work, and not over the “hump” to the homestretch for the weekend.

    We should just get rid of Tuesdays. Especially cold rainy ones…

    Yes. It is fucking cold and rainy here and it sucks.

  7. Tuesdays should be optional… When I work from home I’ll make it an unofficial weekend day. Wish I was back in bed right now…

    You and me both. Not together. That’d be weird. I mean, we hardly know each other. What’s your favorite food? Do you like The Big Lebowski?

  8. I love that y0u’re a hip hop head!

    Thanks, it’s the best.

  9. Me likey We Are Scientist. That doesn’t make me a hipster does it? Because I don’t like the “iconic eames” furniture. So I’m pretty sure I can’t be a hipster. You’re a hip hopster! And I’m obviously a dork.

    Yeah, that was pretty bad.

  10. idontliketoread

    Today is Toblerone Tuesday.

    My man just keeps trying, but no one is responding! No one has any love for your Toblorone Tuesday!

  11. Don’t let the hipsters win.

    I will fight to the death.

  12. Matt


    hip hop.

    hip hop anonynomous?


  13. props for posting this. i didn’t know you were into the mellow stuff too. we are scientists are nice!

    Yeah, I can get down with a lot of different shit.

  14. saratogajean

    Yeah, but it’s Cinco de Mayo on a Tuesday. Nothing melancholy about Cinco de Mayo!

    Not if you do it right, anyway.

    Yes, I agree.

  15. I don’t know how i feel about their name. Are they saying they’re better educated than us? Yes? Ok then.

    I think they are. Let’s fight them!

  16. ugh that makes me miss indie 103.1 so terribly. this made me sad. you are right about tuesdays. thanks.

    I’m frowning right now.

  17. This song is OK , but it’s making my already melancholy Tuesday even more depressing.

    You said you’re a hip-hop head? Have you heard of Jedi Mind Tricks?

    Check them out man their pretty good, although not as indie as they used to be.

    Yeah I have. They’re def not as underground as they used to be, but you’d be surprised how many people still have never heard any of their tracks. Thanks for linking that.

  18. I have no idea you’re a hiphop head, I finally found something that I have in common with you after all. 😀

  19. Well, I like to say that the good thing about Tuesday is it’s one day closer to Friday.

    And I liked the song enough that I promptly ran to my emusic account to see if they had We Are Scientists among their available artists. They did, but I didn’t see the song you posted. However, the album they did have seemed to have some pretty decent songs, too.

  20. idontliketoread

    What if i farted.

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