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another time, another place

Last night I went out to meet up with some bloggers (Lacey, Arielle and The Brooklyn Boy) for trivia night at a bar in the East Village.

It was fun, but we finished third.

Which means we lost.

That will not happen again because I plan on doing A Lot Of Research beforehand to make sure I’m prepared. Or maybe I’ll just cheat.

Before I met up with them I met J.P. for a drink or five.

After some time discussing the finer points of quantum physics and how the Bullets never should have changed their name to the Wizards even though Bullets is not that great of a name for a city with a high murder rate, I had to take a piss.

I walked into the bathroom and was assaulted by Someone’s Mistake.

Some dude or girl had shit in the only bathroom. And it was a bad shit too. One of those that you can tell the person was not the same after it happened.

I don’t understand people who do this.

If you’re at a bar, and you feel A Little Uneasy Down There, it is time to go home.

No more shots for you friend – that is your stomach telling you it is not happy with your decisions.

The bar will be there tomorrow, I promise.

Lets be nice to others and go to our respective apartments when we feel like we might make A Bad Thing Happen In Public.

It will make the world a better place.



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